divided union

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chapter 21

“I will see you later gentlemen” he waved his visitors off and they nodded in response when he entered his office I looked to the secretary for a go-ahead to enter the office.

“You may go in”

“Thank you” I got up and walked to the door, I knocked lowly

“Lucy I don’t want any disturbance right now” he called out from inside. My name wasn’t Lucy so I entered the office anyway.

“Hey” I smiled and he looked up. He was wearing glasses black thick-rimmed glasses, that was something I didn’t see coming, I held back my urge to burst out in laughter, he smiled softly and pulled off the glasses

“Siobhan, I was not expecting you, ware you here?”

“You like a bug,” I remarked

“Very funny”

“But a smart-looking bug” I sat on the table and smiled when I dropped the bag on the table

“What’s that?”

“I uh, thought maybe you would be hungry, so I bought you lunch and your black card, thank you” I dropped it on the table and pushed it to him.

“Lunch, that’s very nice of you thank you” he took the bag from me and opened it up, “a burger, well...”

“Are you watching your weight, or something or maybe you are on a strict diet”

“None of those things, it’s just that there’s one burger”


“Are you not going to eat with me?” he asked turning off his laptop

“Uh no I already ate”

“We will share mine”

“I really should not” I protested but he was already tearing the burger in half

“I feel like this is going to be the messiest thing I ever do”

“Yup” I replied then he handed half of the burger to me with a paper napkin “thank you”

“You are welcome” he bit into his burger “yeah that’s it, I haven’t had a burger in so long” I leaned back and watched him eat while eating my share, I wondered how half the burger was going to satisfy someone as big as he was. “here” he gave me the sprite

“Stop it”


“Nobody is a gentleman all the time, I bought it for with your money but still for you”

“I am glad you think I am a gentleman” he smiled, he had a beautiful smile he had dimples and the smile seemed to reach his eyes all the time. “I want you to have it,” he said then sighed. Tyler picked a clean paper napkin then proceeded to wipe the burger grease of his hand before opening the drink and taking a huge swig out of it. “happy?”


“I drank it, now I am full have it”

“I will only take it if you drink it to half,” I said, he put his lips on the bottle and drank out of it again

“Meta” he gave it to me and I drank it (half)

“Siobhan thank you for lunch, I have a meeting very soon”

“Okay, I will go”

“You make it sound like I am chasing you away” I got up

“Aren’t you?”

“I am not” he got up with me “let me escort you to the door”

“I got up here I can get down”

“But it is only the most gentlemanly thing for me to do” he opened the door “after you”


“Siobhan; Siobhan” Tyler bumped into me

“Why are you yelling?”

“I have an important client in the car right now”

“Why are you telling me this”

“Because he came all the way from Spain his name is Ricardo Rodiguez and he is staying with us for a few days I would like you to put on the best fake wife façade you have ever put on do you hear me” he put his hands on my cheek and put his forehead on mine

“What are you doing?”

“Will you do it?”

“Yeah, but you are invading my personal space”

“I am very sorry” he pulled away from me, just on cue a Spanish looking man walked into the house, and one of Tyler’s drivers was bringing his luggage in.

“Lo Siento Sr. Rodriguez, por hacerte esperar, Esta es mi esposa Siobhan Douglas” (I am sorry, for keeping you waiting, this is my wife Siobhan Douglas)

“Encantada de conocerte” I am Spanish so... ( nice to meet you)

“El placer es todo mío” (the pleasure is all mine) I outstretched my hand and shook him, it was weird how he held on to it for a long time and he had this look in his eyes but then it was gone as soon as it came “Uh Tyler why don’t you two get a seat I will get you something to drink” I patted Tyler’s back softly with my palm.

“What about Catalina”

“She is no longer a live-in remember”

“Oh that’s true” he replied ”De esta manera Sr. Rodríguez” (right this way Mr. Rodriguez)

I went to the kitchen then put ice in two glasses then scotch, I placed it on the tray then took it out to them


“si necesitas algo no dudes en llamarme” (If you need anything don’t hesitate to call upon me)

"Te sostendré" (I will hold you to it). I closed the door of Ricardo's bedroom then walked to the west wing where Tyler's room was

"Do we need to sleep in this room together?" I asked Tyler

"Yes Siobhan, we don't want to raise any suspicion, Ricardo is known for his... well snoopiness and he is probably listening in to this conversation right now, please bear with me"

"I didn't know you could speak Spanish"

"You didn't know my father is from Spain, what a bad godson you are"

"I know he is from Spain, I just didn't know you could speak the language"

"What about you, aren't you Italian" I sat on his bed, it was hard, too hard for someone of his attitude, I expected he would have a softer bed.

"I learned it at the university, can't be a good businessman if you can't speak a few languages" he started taking off his shirt, I was drawn to the ripples on his abdomen, the tiny shade of chest hair and his v-line. I just wanted to run my fingers up and down them, in slow motion. He was in every bit created by God, carefully he probably took a lot of time to mold too, how else would he have such a chiseled sharp jawline

"Do you see anything you like" definitely "you are staring dear annd drooling too"

"I am not drooling" I touched my lips to make sure I wan't "I am not" he laughed, and I chuckled crying insida, he caught me staring at his body "I have seen better abs"

“No, you haven’t”

“Yes I have the ones on my former bedroom walls are better than yours”

“I don’t know” He dragged on then started unbuckling his belt, the sound of leather dragging through iron shocked me slightly. OH MY LORD

“What are you doing?”

“Undressing, giving you a show"

"Dinner is ready,"

"But I have to please you first right" he pulled out his belt and unbuttoned his pant, I wonder why I am still watching his lower waist area, I was waiting for what would happen, that's why.

“I love that you are still here" he pulled his trousers down "won't you leave?"

"I have seen a penis before Tyler, you are nothing too special" oh he was special, I could see the outline of him through his black boxer briefs, he was big and he filled his underwear perfectly

“Suit yourself then” Tyler hooked his fingers at the waistband of his Calvin Klein boxers and started to pull it down slowly.

"What's wrong are you afraid" maybe I shouldn't taunt him like this "I am joking, I will leave" he laughed

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