divided union

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chapter 22

`“Sra. Douglas, estas son las enchiladas más deliciosas que he probado en mucho tiempo, como solía hacer mi madre,” Ricardo said and I smiled (Mrs. Douglas, this is the most delicious enchiladas I have tasted in a long time just like mother used to make)

“Gracias” I replied (thank you) “¿Qué pasa con los términos formales? No dudes en llamarme Siobhan” (what’s with the formal terms feel free to call me Siobhan)

“Bueno, no dudes en llamarme Ricardo llamarme Ricardo tambien” (okay, feel free to call me Ricardo as well)

Tyler was sitting at the end of the table giving me the look that said, ‘good job just keep doing what you are doing’, his phone rang beside him and he looked at it

“This is work I have to take it, disculpe por favor” Tyler pressed his phone on his ear and started talking in some language I did not understand then he walked out of the dining room.

“Entonces Siobhan, cuéntame sobre ti” (So Siobhan tell me about yourself) Ricardo said and I looked up, why he wanted to know about me, I didn’t know but it was just weird.

“Realmente no hay mucho que decir... soy ama de casa” (There is really not much to say, I am a housewife)

“que hay de tus aficiones” (What about your hobbies)

“Aficiones; Me gusta cocinar, me gusta el diseño de interiores Me gusta todo lo que tenga que ver con lo doméstico y tú” (Hobbies; I like to cook, I like interior designing I like everything that has to do with domesticity what about you)

“Esto no se trata de mí, se trata de ti” (This isn’t about me this is about you)

“Porqué es eso” (Why is that) I slowly sipped from my glass, I was visibly shaking when he came to stand behind me and touched my shoulder. I flinched

“You are Tyler’s whore, no?” so he could speak English.

“I am not his whore, I am his wife as he formally introduced me”

“Si vienes a mi habitación esta noche te pagaré el doble de lo que está pagando por mantener esta fachada y nunca tiene que enterarse.” (If you come to my bedroom tonight I will pay you twice as much as what he is paying to keep this facade and he never has to find out)

I took my glass and tossed the contents at him, the ice cubes and all, it touched my body a little but it was worth it

“What is going on here?” Tyler came back

“¿Por qué no le haces esa pregunta a tu esposa?” (Why don’t you ask your wife that question) Ricardo pinched at his shirt as if it cost him a hundred thousand dollars. It might have but I really didn’t give two shits.

“I am very sorry, babe lets talk upstairs

“Esta bien” (It is okay) Ricardo glared at me and walked away, I got up to Tyler’s room with him

“How did I know you were going to pull off something like this?” Tyler asked me sarcastically

“How is it my fault?”

“I begged you specifically not to do this”

“He made a move on me, he offered me money for sex he called me a whore,” I said, my voice breaking “I’m not a whore”

“Why couldn’t you just play along” that’s what I expected our conversation to sound like, but it went like this instead

“What happened?” Tyler asked

“He made a move on me”


“He offered to give me money for sex, he called me a whore do I look like a whore to you?”

“No you don’t, permit me to hug you”

“Permission granted” he pulled me into his arms and stroked my hair

“This is nice”

“I hate that you are different from what I heard”

“I don’t understand” he pulled away

“Why are you nice? you aren’t supposed to be as nice as this”

“I am not nice, I am a cruel person you just haven’t seen it yet”

“Oh I have seen it”

“Can I hug you again?” He asked

“You gave up your spot, sorry”


“Okay one more and that’s it no more invading my personal space” he took me in his arms again then pecked my head, he smelt nice this was just paradise, I didn’t want it to end just yet I wrapped my hand around his waist and squeezed when he was about to pull away. “I will talk to him now, okay just sit here and stay put


I smiled goofily as I walked to Ricardo’s room, she allowed me to hug her and I noticed how she pulled me back to hug me, I was happy that there was progress, at least she would trust me soon enough to tell me what the hell happened to her and then we can get to baby-makin’ I didn’t love her as a wife or a really good girlfriend I loved her as a friend a broken friend who needed my help and who craved attention more than she would let herself know about. Well I need to be angry now, I knocked on Ricardo’s door and as soon as I heard him say ‘come in’ I walked into the room

“Sr. Rodríguez mi esposa me dice que le ofreció dinero por sexo” (Mr. Rodriguez my wife tells me you offered her money for sex)

“¿No es una prostituta?” (Isn’t she a prostitute?) That only made me angrier.

“No, ella no es una prostituta, es mi esposa y te agradeceré que no vuelvas a hacer movimientos con ella, lo tengo claro” (No she is not a prostitute, she is my wife and I will appreciate it if you don’t make moves on her again, am I clear)

“Crystal, no volverá a pasar” (it won’t happen again)

“Gracias” (thank you)

I walked to my bedroom and Siobhan was sitting on my bed now.

“So...” she said

“I talked to him he said it won’t happen again”

“Right after you punched him in the face,” she said, was I supposed to punch him in the face?

“Excuse me”

“You punched him in the face right he sexually harassed your wife you are supposed to punch him in the face”

“I didn’t know I was supposed to hit him”

“You didn’t know you were supposed to hit him, I see” I got up

“Are you angry?”

“I am angry, I thought you would punch him in the face if it was Eliz would you punch him in the face?” that seemed to get him “well I guess I am not exactly Eliza though, forget about it”


“Tyler I said it’s fine, I am not mad”


“Very sure, where can I shower and what will I wear”

“The bathroom is over there, and you can wear one of my shirts or something” he replied, I went to the bathroom to prepare for bed when I was done, I realized that I forgot to bring in clothes, I opened the door slightly.



“Can you please get me one of your shirts and a boxer, I forgot to bring them in here”

“And why in the world would I do that”

“Because I said please, please”

“Okay fine” he went into the closet and after a minute he came back with what I asked for.

“Here you go”


“Do you like the bathroom?” he asked before I could close the door, I kept trying to remind myself that I was just standing in front of him behind the door stark naked and I knew I was as red as a newborn mole.

“Yeah it’s cool, you and all”

“Me? and all, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean it is you, dark themed and masculine”

“You think I am masculine?” he said, still leaning on the door, if I didn’t know any better I would say he was trying to peek in and look at my naked body.

“Just hand me my clothes, Tyler” he pulled it away

“My clothes you mean” I rolled my eyes “what do you mean masculine”

“You know what I mean”

“Big, strong, direct, decisive, smart, sexy” he raised his eyebrow at me

“Yeah, I mean sure whatever floats your boat, I wouldn’t know if you were masculine or not, you are kinda hard to figure out and despite you talking too much it’s hard to know if Eliza really hurt you, you are like a cave only you know your secrets only you know how deep you go”

“Oh, I go pretty deep and my women know it too”

“What? oh my God, no that’s not... ugh” he gave me the shirt and I banged the door shut, I leaned on it and blushed profusely, his women.

“When I said give me a shirt, I meant something that could fit me, not something that could drown me, your shirt is too big”

“Well if you have slept in Brian’s clothes you would probably know that the fault is in your size not mine”

“My size? I am not that short, I can reach the top shelf”

“Why do I find that hard to believe” he passed me and made sure to tease my height by brushing his arm with my shoulder, he is just very tall. I AM NOT SHORT. Am I

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