divided union

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chapter 23

I stood in the kitchen taking the morning air through my nostrils, I hadn’t expected to stay when I found out Tyler was sleeping beside me with his arms around me but I did, I might have snuggled closer to him which was something I wanted to stop doing, no matter how nice it felt, I couldn’t like him, I hated him and I must hate him

“Good morning Mrs. Douglas” Catalina dropped her things on the island table and smiled at me, I smiled back and blew away the smoke floating at the top of my coffee mug.

“We have a guest today and Tyler is still in bed, you don’t have to make his bed for another thirty minutes or so”

“BED, he is not supposed to be in bed by this time, he is supposed to be down to give me orders and right now he is going out the door and he is entering the car and he is off to work” I was surprised by her outburst “I am sorry for yelling but he will be late” I poured some coffee into a mug and put two cubes of sugar and some cream.

“He drinks coffee at work and he likes black coffee” okay? I feel like there are less rude ways to say that, maybe she is threatened that I am taking her job from her, or I am doing it for her.

“Catalina, it’s fine”

“He doesn’t allow food upstairs anyway”

“Catalina give me a break, okay? I know what I am doing and besides this is my house now you don’t work for Tyler anymore you work for Tyler AND me” I rolled my eyes and walked up the stairs to Tyler’s bedroom, I was so happy to find him getting out of the shower with his boxers on, I was also grateful that he was not naked.

“What’s this” he asked, he wasn’t angry that I brought coffee for him at least I wold not deal with the embarrassment of Catalina whispering ‘I told you so’ into my ear every five minutes

“I brought you coffee, because I didn’t wake you up and now you will be late for work”

“It’s alright, I’m the boss” he joked “You didn’t have to”

“I didn’t?” I asked

“I drink coffee at work and black next time, thank you” he took the cup and placed it on his bedside.

“I didn’t get my exercise today”

“I mean, it’s eight o’clock when do you get up normally”

“Weekdays, five” that explains the loud ringing in my ear this morning, I thought I was dreaming it until he reached over me and turned it off, then I thought someone pranked him by making his alarm go off that early, my day usually starts by six- fifty and I do everything in one hour then use ten minutes for breakfast.

He started buttoning his shirt. “why do you always look at me like that” I didn’t even realize I was staring.

“Like what”

“Like that, with that look in your eye” he went to put on his trousers

“I never have a look in my eye, your coffee is getting cold” I remarked and he took a sip

“Hmm, I like that, it’s sweet” he said “how has your morning been”

“Normal, pretty normal I guess,”

“Any plans for today”

“Nope, none I was just going to nap all day”

“See, that’s contrary to what I have in mind dear” I shook my head, I didn’t like him calling me dear when we were alone it was weird “Siobhan” he added

“What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking you could maybe come to my office like yesterday

“With food?”

“Yes with food, but with food that you cooked,” he said, what?

“No way in hell. I am not going to be bringing you food every time like a jobless air-headed wife” I replied

“You bringing me food doesn’t imply that you are a jobless air-headed wife, it just means I really enjoy your company and I would like to enjoy it over office food”

I sighed “alright fine” He smiled

“But don’t think I have a crush on you or anything”

“I won’t” he was grinning like a fool, he took another sip of his coffee then started putting on his shoes. “Do you need my card today?”

“I don’t need your card at all” I glared at him, he clearly realized that I was pissed off at his question.

“I am only trying to be nice”

“And you are nice, you don’t have to offer me money it’s weird”

“Okay, okay I won’t offer money to you again... Siobhan, when do we finally consummate our marriage” I frowned

“When I am ready, I am not ready to sleep with you” he got up and took his phone and his coffee from his bedside.

“I understand” he sipped his coffee “can you help me hold my briefcase” he nodded toward it and I picked it

“It’s heavy”

“I know, I was supposed to sign a lot of papers yesterday but I was interrupted” by me ”I usually don’t bring it home at all, it stays in my office always. We walked out of his bedroom. I took a glance at Ricardo’s bedroom door on the right wing.

“Is he going to work with you today?”

“No, but he will be joining me for a meeting tomorrow” I frowned as I watched him drink his coffee

“Can’t he like... go with you or something or at least send someone to give him a tour”

“If I were to send someone it would be you, you are my wife after all, you probably won’t see him at all you’ll be fine Siobhan,”

“Good morning” Tyler called as soon as he entered the dining room. Ricardo was already eating the breakfast that Catalina made for him, I just wanted to smack the spoon right out of his hand.

“Buenos Dias Tyler, Siobhan” (Good morning)

“Buenos Dias, Espero que hayas dormido bien, y la habitacion haya sido de tu agrado” (Good morning, I hope you slept well, and the room was to your liking)

“Fue perfecto, Gracias” (It was perfect, thank you)

“Eso es bueno” (That’s good) “No me reuniré contigo para desayunar porque ya llego muy tarde al trabajo.” (I won’t be joining you for breakfast as I am already very late for work) I narrowed my eyes

"Bueno" Ricardo replied

"Siobhan come on" I followed him out with his suitcase and put it in the backseat "You'll live" he finished off his coffee "have a nice day"

"Yeah, you too"

"Don't forget my lunch"

"I won't" I stuck my tongue out at him.


"I swear" I outstretched my pinky "better take it, I don't trust many people with my pinky" he wrapped his pinky around mine "see you later" he entered the car and I quickly dragged the pad of my finger against the glass, which made him scrunch his face.

I ate my breakfast then went to the kitchen "I will make the bed, you just start with the dusting"

"As you wish"


“Catalina?” I called out.

“Yes Mrs. douglas” she asked

"Just call me Siobhan, mrs douglas is kinda weird for me"

"Okay then Siobhan what do you need?"

“I can't seem to find the vinegar, where do you keep the vinegar?"

“Vinegar is kept in the wine cellar”

“That's weird"

“Eliza used to like giving Tyler that to drink instead of wine”

I stifled my laughter “oh my God”

“He used to fall for it every time and make this face that will make her laugh even more” I frowned, I realized I wasn't supposed to enjoy his help talking about his ex-wife “that was insensitive of me I’m so sorry”

"It's alright" I walked to the wine cellar

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