divided union

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chapter 24

“When I saw his wine cellar, I knew looking for the vinegar was going to be the hardest thing I ever do. I finally found it, I used it to make fruit chutney, then I used that to season some chicken.

I was making some sauce when someone traced their hand up my bare thigh, to say I was frightened would be an understatement.

“Hola” What now, if I had a pot of boiling water beside me I would have thrown it on his face. I shoved him off. I turned the cooker off then faced him completely

“¿Qué diablos crees que estás haciendo Ricardo?” I asked angrily (what in the world do you think you are doing Ricardo?)

“Me gusta que me llames Ricardo, es sexy, pero me gustaría aquí gritándolo.” (I like you calling me Ricardo, it’s sexy. But I’d like to here you screaming it)

“Disculpe?” (Sorry?) he grabbed my hand and that scared the shit out of me

“No me gusta que me agarres así, hazlo de nuevo y te vas a ganar una bofetada” (I don’t like you grabbing me like that, do it again and you are going to earn yourself a slap.)

He grabbed my hand again and this time he kissed me... ON THE FUCKING LIPS. I pulled away immediately and slapped him

“¿Estás loco? ¿Qué parte de no me agarres? ¿No entendiste?” (Are you out of your mind? what part of don’t grab me did you not understand?)

“Pain only arouses me” he whispered and grabbed me yet again

“Déjame ir, ahora” (Let go of me, now) I yelled, he just smirked and started groping me I just wanted to cry and I just stood there calling Catalina’s name for God knows how long, I think he was already unbuckling his belt, he had me trapped and I didn’t even know how “Catalina; Catalina” Catalina came running into the kitchen, finally.

“Let her go” She used some kind of superhuman strength to pull him away from me.

I was dumbfounded, I sat in one of the stools near the island table and thought about my life.

“Did he hurt you?” I looked at Catalina

“No, thank you” she dropped a glass of water in front of me “thanks”

“No problem”


“Hey Tyler,” I said and dropped the bag in front of him

“You made it” he smiled

“Yeah” he opened the dish

“No way chicken in chutney, my favorite” he took a bite out of the chicken and moaned in delight. “this is delicious” I smiled

“Uh you have something” I pointed to my lips

“Let it be, I am eating,” it’s like something clicked in his body “are you alright?”

“Yeah... no” I shook my head, he immediately got up.

“What happened? tell me now” he crouched down beside me, I felt like a kid... his kid, the way he was concerned about my well being it made me feel like he was my father.

“Ricardo... tried to rape me”

“RAPE YOU! what do you mean rape?”

“What else will I mean by rape, he tried to have sex with me without my consent” his jaw clenched and he looked very angry.

“Did he hurt you?”


“I will handle it don’t worry, he got up and wrapped his arms around my head, giving me a hug?. It was kind of nice either way, the last time someone promised to handle me being sexually assaulted they didn’t but the comfort was nice. I almost feel bad leaving Catalina with that monster.

“I promise to take care of it” he whispered, I just hope Tyler does not end up killing someone. He went to his seat “I am so sorry”


I have never seen so much red in my entire life, he is going to fucking pay for touching her. He would wish he was impotent.


I reached out and took one of his chicken after work is going to be fun.


I couldn’t wait to stab someone in the chest with a ballpoint pen, ”CÓMO TE ATREVES” (How dare you?) I grabbed Ricardo’s collar and yanked him up from the couch

“Why are you yelling?”

“Why am I yelling, because this is my fucking house and I feel like yelling” I shoved him to the nearest wall and there was quite an impact.

“Let’s uh not do something we will uh regret”

“No, no me arrepentiré de lo que estoy a punto de hacerte” (no, I will not regret what I am about to do to you.) I shoved him to the ground, then proceeded to punch him in the face.

“Lárgate de mí, bastardo” (Get off me you bastard)


I heard the sound of yelling and bones cracking and I heard a loud crash like someone broke a glass, I looked at Catalina who was getting ready to leave and she was looking at me as well.

“Mr. Douglas stop it”

We both ran to the living room to see what was going on, and to my complete horror was Tyler punching the living daylights out of Ricardo. There were some of Tyler’s drivers trying to tear him apart. Tyler looked mad and I was certain if I tried pulling him away he would punch me too. I looked around and the vase was broke and all the furniture was in disarray. I gasped, his jacket was shoved off somewhere.

“TYLER STOP IT” I pulled him away but he just shoved me off and continued punching Ricardo’s face “Tyler you are going to kill him” I pulled him and wrapped my arms around his torso to keep him from going anywhere.

“Siobhan let me go, I want to kill him, this isn’t the first time he would do it” he wiggled violently but I kept my arms around him, what did he mean by that. “it was my mistake letting you into my home” he spat, “if you ever touch a woman that is not your wife and I hear about it you are going to regret your life”

I looked at a bloodied Ricardo, he was trying to get up.

“Catalina could you help him to his bedroom”

“No, he is not sleeping in my home tonight, I won’t feed him” I nodded at Catalina to take him upstairs.

“Come on,” I said and led Tyler up the stairs after picking his jacket from the floor.


“Tyler, I think you overreacted,” I said as soon as the door was closed

“Trust me, I wasn’t overreacting” Tyler started unbuttoning his shirt. “you did say I should punch him”

“Yes punch, a singular punch, you almost killed him and I guess you used the vase on his head too”

“I didn’t... I shoved him unto it” he smiled “I need to shower”

“Thanks for doing that for me, I am really grateful”

“You are welcome” he walked to me then stroked my cheek “I hope you know that telling me your problems makes life easy,” I think I may be falling for you, and that is one of my problems. I pulled my head away from his hand “I will go and have a shower now” he placed a kiss on my forehead.

“Don’t kiss me again, Tyler”


“Because I don’t like you”

“It was a friendly kiss”

“Don’t do it again, a hug is fine I never gave you permission to kiss me, you don’t want to be like him” I could tell this pissed him off because of the way he clenched his jaw.

“Fine” he raised his arms in surrender “I won’t kiss you”


“Siobhan, le pido disculpas por lo que hice y espero que pueda encontrarlo en su corazón para perdonarme.” (Siobhan, I apologize for what I did and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me) I was ready to forgive him as long as I never had to set eyes on him again. I nodded my head

“estás perdonado” (you are forgiven)

“Gracias” (Thank you), he got into the car that was taking him out of the house and to the hotel.

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