divided union

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chapter 25

Two months later.

“Hey, can I go for a run with you?” I asked Tyler, he jumped slightly

“Where the fuck did you come from?”


“I mean... ugh fine whatever” he walked out of the house and breathed in some fresh air I did the same, I packed my hair up.


“Seriously, you have to be tired” I said and stopped holding my knees.

“I run for forty minutes” he stopped beside me still jogging on the spot, he yanked the airpod from his ear, I wish I brought mine then this would have been easier.

“Hey can we just start jogging back since I am with you and all that?”

“You are a baby” he started jogging in the direction of our house and I followed him.

“Hey wait for me” he didn’t “can I have one of your AirPods” he pulled it out of his ear like he was irritated then gave it to me.

“Are you annoyed”

“No, but I will be if you don’t keep your mouth shut” I was taken aback and I bit back the urge to laugh, but it came out anyway.

“Why are you laughing”

“You are funny when you are annoyed”

“They sent you from hell didn’t they, when you get back tell them you didn’t find me”


Tyler was lacing up his work shoes beside me and I was trying to get him to make him chew a chocolate bar. “Eat it” I shoved it in his face again

“I swear, I will never forgive you if that chocolate touches my face by mistake,” he said and looked at me, “I told you I have to eat before taking something sweet I will end up having a headache and I wouldn’t be able to do anything at work”

“You never eat breakfast”

“Because no one prepares it for me, they all think I don’t have a heart and I live off red apples and coffee,” he said and sighed.

“I am sure if you asked someone would prepare it for you, besides don’t act like you don’t know how to make your own breakfast”

“I am running late for a meeting with my father and your father and I have to prepare for two other important meetings... later” he shoved it away

“Just one bite” I urged

“Did you poison it?” I glared at him “what? you are forcing me”

“I didn’t poison it” I bit out of it “see... normal” I clutched my heart and started choking.

“You are very funny” he got up then dusted his suit “What are you doing in my room anyway?”

“Giving you chocolate, it is perfectly harmless I swear”

“Siobhan” he warned.

“Just a bite come on you know you can’t do without it” I urged again and again

“Yeah it is such an addiction” he rolled his eyes “later” he went out of the room

“Stupid guy...”

“I heard that” I shut his car door.

“Good morning Catalina”

“Good morning Siobhan”

“How was your night?”

“It was good, and yours” I raised my eyebrows, why was she so happy.

“Cool, you seem excited” I said “what’s the news

“Of course, Mr Douglas birthday, I am sure he would want to celebrate it with you around” come again, I hope she was talking about Christian. “you look confused”

“Yeah, I am”

“You aren’t planning anything for Mr Douglas’s birthday this Saturday?” she said and grabbed a rag then walked to the parlour, I followed her and watched her as she started dusting some books


“His birthday is on Saturday his thirtieth birthday didn’t you know your husband’s birthday was this weekend”

“I didn’t know” I shook my head

“You are married to him and you didn’t know that August 19th is his birthday, how long did you date? three days?” I have never gone on a date with Tyler.

“We never talked about it,”


“You said he usually doesn’t celebrate?”

“He doesn’t really like his birthday”


“I rather not say”

“Come on tell me” I urged

“That was when he caught Eliza in bed with his best friend bad stuff happens to this guy, he is a magnet and he is just so nice, he’s polite, and he is caring too, and people just don’t see that and it hurts me for him” I understand her.

“I should throw him a party, with all his best buds and I will pay for everything, it would be a surprise and he would have his favorite cake”

“He loves chocolate cake” and the bastard made me finish my chocolate this morning.

“This is going to be perfect, but how to plan it?”

“That would be easy, if you tell one of his friends to distract him, he won’t suspect a thing”


“Siobhan did you use Mr. Douglas’ deodorant”

“No; his body wash... can you tell?”

“Of course I can tell I have been his caretaker for over nine years”

“Is the pay that good?”

“Of course I am the only person that works in the house the others are the drivers the pool cleaners and the gardeners so he pays me a lot to take care of this huge house but since you are helping now it is easier plus he doesn’t even use most of the rooms so it is when we have visitors I clean the guestrooms”

“I wish I was a maid”

“That is a horrible thing to wish for”

“Why you do it you’re happy and you are paid well”

“Yes but it is disgusting when you are cleaning after people who don’t know your last name you might not be fortunate to find someone like Mr. Douglas”

“You are right; but what is your last name though?”

“Méndez” she replied after laughing

“It has finally come to me”


“What I will cook with the monkfish”

“And that is”


“Rice?” Catalina asked

“Yeah I never cook rice I’ll make some basmati”

“Where did you learn how to cook?”

“The maids at my parents’ house”

“Hmm I need to get lessons”

“What are you talking about? Your cooking is amazing I like it”

“What will happen when you leave?”

“Excuse me,” I asked

“Don’t get me wrong I mean when you go for personal vacations”

“Oh; well he would learn to stop being lazy and cook hos own food right”


“Siobhan” I looked at my father who was standing in the lobby of Tyler’s company

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