divided union

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chapter 26

“Hey dad” I frowned and walked to him, he wanted to hug me but I pulled away from him.

“Are you still angry at me for marrying you off?” he asked, looking hurt that I refused to hug him why he knew the obvious answer, even though Tyler and I were friends I couldn’t forgive any of them for putting my life on hold the way they did, he knew I wouldn’t answer so he skipped to the next question“Darling how are you today?”

“I am good,” I replied

“And what are you doing here?”

“I brought Tyler his lunch”

“Why didn’t the maid do it?”

“We eat lunch together” I replied


“Yes, can I go now?”

“Let us go then”

“Us?” I asked with my eyebrow up.

“Yes, I am heading to the same floor” ugh whatever, I followed him to the elevator and pressed the top floor button.

I had never experienced such an awkward silence in my life, the tension could be cut with a knife “I understand that you are angry about what happened a few years ago”

“Look, I don’t want to talk about this with you anymore okay, you fucked up and not everyone can be a perfect father”

“It was an accident”

“What part? you firing him and letting him go and rape the next girl the moment he got drunk? or him pressing a knife to my neck while he did it? or you forcing me to abort a baby that almost killed me? or you letting me live in fear through out my childhood” the elevator door dinged open and I walked out.

“I am sorry, you know I am sorry”

“Dad don’t you get it, sorry doesn’t really cut it” I knocked on Tyler’s door.

“Come in” Tyler’s voice rang and I opened the door

“No you can’t just let someone in when I am still discussing with you” Tyler didn’t look too interested in the conversation, His elbow was on the handle of his chair and there was a look of boredom on his face that was leaning on his palm his face lit up when he saw me “hey” Uncle Christian looked at me.

“Siobhan, what are you doing here”

“I brought Tyler lunch”

“You called her to bring you lunch”

“Did you see me calling her?” Tyler asked I dropped the bag on the table

“Should I go home then?”

“No they have been here for an awfully long time they will leave

“Are you seriously sending your father and Godfather out of the office” Christian asked

“Tyler it’s fine”

“No it’s not I don’t like seeing wrinkled faces all the time, our meeting ended a long time ago and I am trying to wrap my head around why you both are still here”

“We will talk later” my father and uncle Christian walked out of the office

“You can sit down”

I contemplated whether I should bring up the conversation about his birthday that was coming up “are you alright?”


“Where’s my kit Kat?” he rested his head on his palm

“I ate it”

“But I said later, you have to provide it, I won’t have that”

“Who’s the baby now, I made rice for you”

“Did you bring chicken?”

“You like chicken a lot”

“I won’t mind if my whole diet was chicken and if you made me chicken I might soon start to reciprocate your feelings”

“What feelings”

“You have a crush on me don’t you”

“No, I don’t have a crush on you” maybe a little crush but that was it, a tiny little crush “And no I did not bring you chicken I brought monkfish”

“Monkfish what the hell is that”

“Just eat it you didn’t know you liked octopus until I cooked it for you” I opened it for him

“Smells nice... Siobhan, why did you use my body wash?”

“Taste the food,” I said quickly

“And you say you don’t have a crush on me”

“I don’t, I have a crush on your smell, different things”

“I smell nice to you” Tyler raised his eyebrows at me

“Tyler shut up” My fingers were fidgeting like crazy in my lap and I was playing with my nails. I looked down and stopped them from moving but on their own they started moving again.“Okay fine, but just because I am hungry”

“Do you have any meeting after this”

“Yes two more and I will have a lot of things to sign and a lot of people to speak to, I am very busy this week”

“What’s with your secretary?”

“She can only do what she can and a lot of thins require my assistance”

“That’s too bad”

“Did you have something in mind?”

“No, I didn’t” he started eating his food “will you be going out with Derek later?”

“Derek? no, why?”

“No reason”

“You are scaring me” I shook my head.

“Nothing I just wanted to know okay, there’s no need to be scared... we were meant to share that”

“But I don’t wanna share”

“You are being stingy”

“Stingy me I’m stingy” Tyler widened his eyes “I am not stingy,” he said and continued eating.

“For real you aren’t going to give me out of it, I made it for two of us” he ignored me, I scowled at him and the idea just came to my head. Getting up from my chair I walked to the back of his desk where he was sitting, he looked up.

“Um... what are you doing”

“Oh nothing” I stroked his shoulder making him jump a little in his seat “relax” I whispered and sat on his lap, he was taken aback no doubt about it, I was taken aback, I had never done such a thing but I wanted to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

“Siobhan” Tyler whispered and the sound of the fork dropping was heard

“hmmm” I traced a finger on his jawline and placed it on his lips

“What are you up to?” he asked

“Isn’t this what your, what will I call them? sluts do; seduce you make you feel good”

“But you are not a slut or my slut so get off my lap”

“What if I want to be your slut” I moved my leg over his so I was straddling him, I held his head in place then put my forehead on his letting our breaths mingle

“You don’t want to be my slut, you are Siobhan and Siobhan hasn’t started letting me kiss her” true, I bit his lower lip making him groan

“Stop it” he stated calmly and swallowed hard

“But I don’t want to stop it and you don’t want me to stop it” I nudged his chin with the bridge of my nose “you want me,” I said

“No” I pressed my lips on his and ground against his groin “Oh God,” he pulled his lips away from mine “Siobhan stop it”. The look in his eyes was that of desire lust and hunger. I felt him getting harder and harder under me as I moved against him I just took it as a cue to stop. I put a finger in Tyler’s mouth “it isn’t good to be stingy” I unmounted him

“What the fuck” he cursed

“That was to teach you a lesson next time you share your food with me”

“That didn’t have anything to do with the condition you’ve put me in” he groaned

“But it does I won’t share with you my body if you don’t share your food with me”

“Siobhan you are in so much trouble” I don’t know what trouble was, but trouble was not something I think I would like in the slightest bit.


“Oh yeah as soon as I figure out how to get rid of my boner I’m going to figure out the punishment for you sweetheart so get ready for anything”


“Catalina I’m screwed”

“What happened what did you do”

“I did something very bad, like very very bad”

“Oh my God, who did you kill where is the body?”

“What, No Catalina I went to Tyler”s office today and I got him hard... you understand what that means right?”

“Of course I know what that means I wasn’t born last night”

“After I got him hard I refused to have sex with him because we were in the office and he said that he was going to get me back for giving him a boner” Catalina started laughing “don’t laugh, it isn’t funny should I cook for him”

“Cooking doesn’t solve all your problems”

“So what do I do?”

“You have to...” Catalina whispered into my ear

“No; no; no; no that’s disgusting oh my God Catalina” I smacked her repeatedly “no”

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