divided union

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chapter 27

I don’t know why I was sitting on Tyler’s bed, but I knew my heart was pounding, I was just wondering what in the world that man was cooking for me in his head. Along the line, I think I started putting Catalina’s suggestion into consideration, but then he would think that was a green card and he would take it too far thereby leaving me broken inside. Tyler’s door opened and on reflex, I jumped off his bed then landed accurately in his front.

“Hey, you are back from work,” I said and he raised his eyebrow at me, clearly confused, I was in the guy’s bedroom, he was bound to be weirded out. “so how was work” I pulled his jacket off his back and held it to my pounding heart. Tyler wasn’t replying, he just scowled at me briefly then started pulling his tie off.

“I got it” I started helping him get it off, but he smacked my hand away. “hey I’m talking to you... oh I get it now my punishment for leaving you like that is the silent treatment... I think you are mad” he shot me that ‘you think’ face “you have to understand that I wasn’t going to do it in your office for the first time” he snapped his neck in my direction “of the both of us doing it not that I am a virgin or anything”

The following day

“I came with your lunch Tyler” I dropped the dish for him on his desk, he was typing something “it”s chicken Yassa you’ll like it; it is my recipe” Tyler waved his hand telling me to buzz off. I frowned. “pay attention to me” I unplugged the computer and he shot me the nastiest look I have ever gotten. “you don’t have to be a bitch Tyler,” I said “okay I didn’t mean to insult you, at least just say something even if it is the word ‘something’” He waved me off again making me grumble in annoyance.


“Tyler I baked you cupcakes” I pushed the tray in his face, “there’s chocolate cake, there’s red velvet, vanilla, come on I know you like chocolate cake, come on” he still ignored me, “what do I have to do, I mean I never do this for anyone and I am doing it for you the least you can do is acknowledge it in the slightest bit” I peeked upward and I saw a hint of a smile on Tyler’s face before he masked it with an angry expression again, he pointed his nose upward and folded his arms. I wrapped my arms around his torso.

“This is nice” he whispered, Tyler placed his chin on my head and hugged me back, I couldn’t be falling for my husband, no way. “That’s enough” he whispered and she smiled. “I’ll have one of your chocolate cupcakes please”

“Here” I took the chocolate cupcake and gave it to him

When he bit into it he moaned and I swear to God it was the sexiest thing I had ever heard, not that there was a long list of sexy things I had heard in my laugh “hmm delicious... thank you”

“More on the way when you tell me when your birthday is” I planted my hands on my waist. Tyler dropped the cupcake on the tray.

“I was going to tell you, I would have told you

“When? after? so I would feel like the worst wife that ever trudged the earth”

“Siobhan, I didn’t want it to be that big of a deal”

“Tyler you know me, I was never going to make your birthday that big of a deal ever, but I like you now and it’s your thirtieth birthday and it is a big deal a very big deal”

“Siobhan, there is one thing I want you to know, I don’t want you interfering in my life this way, I care about you I do, I want to hug you always yes but I don’t want to fall in love with you I won’t fall in love with you”

“Noone ever asked you to fall in love with me”

“Siobhan I don’t want any celebration for my birthday, I will be very upset if you throw a party”

“No, this was never about the party this was about why you didn’t want me interfering in the first place,”

“I don’t like my birthday, okay, is that so hard to understand?”

“If you would just tell me why” this needed to come out of his mouth.

“Siobhan, get out of my room, I don’t want you here anymore”

“Okay” I took a cupcake and walked out of his bedroom.


“Hey Siobhan,” Tyler entered my room and knocked in the door, well that concept is stupid. I looked up from my phone, guess who I was stalking, my husband, I pressed the power button and set it on my nightstand. He closed the door.

“What’s up?” he said

“What’s up? seriously you are asking me what’s up”

“I owe you an apology, I should have talked to you about it”

“Tyler you don’t owe me an apology, I understand that’s why I am not mad at you,”

“You are not?”


“Cool” he nodded and turned in his heels

“But... you don’t have to go just yet,” he turned around and he had one eyebrow up “I want us to talk not that I want you to sleep here or anything”

“What do you want to talk about?” he asked

“I want you to know I know what happened between you and Eliza, how she was sleeping with your best friend”

“And how on my twenty-sixth birthday I walked in on my wife fucking my best friend”

“Yeah and that, are you okay?”

“It was years ago, I am fine, I just didn’t expect to still be seeing her everywhere”


“Are you crying?” I asked Tyler, we both finished watching a movie.

“Yes, the movie was sad, it was meant to make you cry, are you not crying”

“I was crying but I wasn’t expecting you to cry”

“Yeah. cos I am not a human being, I cry too you know,”

“You? cry?” I asked.

“As a matter of fact yes, you better go and sleep” I stifled a laugh

“Okay good night”

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