divided union

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chapter 28

“Catalina, I will be the most honest with you, I don’t know how to plan a party, even if it meant my life, I would fumble,” I said leaning over the kitchen island.

“That’s okay, I will handle everything, all you have to do is invite Mr. Douglas’s friends” Catalina replied.

“That I can do” That I cannot do, I don’t have access to his friends, and I don’t think I want to call Alisson or Eliza or any of his other friends for that matter.

“Okay” Catalina took out her phone and started checking something

“What are we doing?” Tyler asked when he entered the kitchen, he was ready for work already. I looked at Catalina, and she was looking at me as well. She turned her phone off slowly.

“Uh, we were actually just talking about you”

“About me? What about me?”

“Uh, Catalina was just telling me how handsome you are” he raised one of his eyebrows “and how you are the best boss ever.”

“I see”

“You will be late for work if you don’t get going, darling” I started pushing him through the door, but he just wasn’t budging, he pressed his hand on my forehead and pushed me away.

“I was thinking breakfast, Catalina, who the hell are you calling”

“Her husband” I replied.

“You see, Catalina is not married, so where could she have gotten a husband from?”

“Don’t mind him, I am married,” Catalina said, and I placed my hand on my chest for a brief second, ” do you want to eat breakfast, Mr. Douglas?”

“You know what, never mind, I will have breakfast at work”

“You do that” I gave him a thumbs up

“See you later”

“Yeah, you too” he walked out of the kitchen “well that was close”.

“Tell me about it... so how many people are coming to this party”

“I don’t know”


“Does Tyler have that many friends?” she laughed,

“Yeah sure, I have to steal fifty people’s numbers, yay me,” I said


I slowly walked into Tyler’s bedroom, he was sleeping peacefully, and the lights were turned off, the only thing illuminating his room was the new York lights outside, that was going to bite him in the ass in the morning. I closed the door gently, then walked to his bedside table.

I hit my leg on something, and all I wanted to scream was ‘dammit’ I stopped for a while to see if Tyler would wake up, but he didn’t. I crept slowly to where his phone was on his bedside drawer.

“What... is happening?” he whispered sleepily, and I dropped his phone immediately as if it burned me.

“Nothing, you are dreaming this” he sat up slowly and looked at me

“Siobhan, why are you in my bedroom, what time is it?”

“It’s three in the morning, go back to bed, I will go away now” I took his phone, whether he saw me or not, I really didn’t care at this point. He caught my hand.

“Why did you come here?”

“I just wanted to sleep here for a while, I didn’t think you would wake up” I lied


“Don’t worry, I will go away now”

“You can sleep here if you want to,” he said. You see, that’s not what I wanted him to say.

“Um sure”

“And remove my phone from your pocket first” I sighed and slipped into the bed with him after putting the phone back “what did you want my phone for”

“Your phone number”

“You could have asked”

“It’s too embarrassing”


“Yes,” I replied.

“How about you tell me the real reason” I turned around and looked at him

“Promise you won’t get mad”

“I won’t”

“I want to collect Gwen’s number”.

“Siobhan, that would be very dangerous”.

“I promise to keep my mouth shut”

“Okay, fine” he reached over me and turned on his phone.


“I am so glad you helped me plan this Gwen, and thank you for coming,” I said after hugging her

“No problem, I guess the ice I could sense between you two when we first met has been broken”

“I guess so too, we are friends now”

“Just friends?”

“What else would we be?” I asked

“You both are married Siobhan, you aren’t just friends you are husband and wife and let’s not forget that you have two years to give him a child so you are obviously sleeping with him right”

“First of all, I need you to pipe down, if he hears you, my head will be on a stick secondly we aren’t having sex okay, I am not ready for that yet”

“Are you a virgin? shut up”

“I am not a virgin, you shut up. We are not just doing it yet okay, we are at the weirdest point in our relationship”

“Okay, what kind of weird a good weird or a bad weird?”

“Look I don’t know, can we shut up about this now and enjoy the party”

“Whatever you say, ma’am”

“And don’t tell Derek anything I have told you”

“You see, I already did”

“WHAT?!!!!” I yelled

“I am kidding Siobhan, relax my mouth is sealed what comes to me stays with me”, she said

“Are you sure?”

“Totally... let’s play beer pong with the guys over there”

“I don’t drink”

“Loosen up a bit” she pulled me up

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