divided union

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chapter 29

I never thought I would succeed in getting so drunk, I was not really thinking straight so I decided for my own safety I would go and sit by myself and sober up. I was wondering where Tyler was, I hadn’t seen him since the party started and I didn’t even know why I was as concerned as I was. I was murmuring the lyrics to the song that was playing.

“Siobhan,” Tyler said and I turned around “what are you doing?”

“Oh, there *hiccup* you are I was thinking about you” I drawled, I didn’t mean to say that.

“Are you drunk?”

“Well, obviously Tyler are *hiccup* you blind”

“Siobhan how much have you had to drink,” He asked

“I don’t know Tyler, five or eleven” I smiled and he widened his eyes

“Let’s get you upstairs” he grabbed my arm

“Tyler I have warned you not to *hiccup* grab me”

“I am sorry” I yanked my hand from his grip

“The party is still going on anyway, don’t be such a spoilsport” he lifted me and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom.

“Siobhan I can’t believe you got drunk under my watch” Tyler rubbed his face and looked at me

“I am an adult I am free to get drunk, and you don’t have to watch me, I am not your child” I put my hand on his wet chest, he probably just came out of the pool.

“Oh not again” he whispered. He took my hand and held it tightly “stop it, Siobhan”

“I am ready,” I said to him


I released her hand then looked down at her, she was serious. Siobhan’s hand started trailing from my chest to my groin area, I didn’t want to take advantage of her but she was making it so hard to resist. I caught her hand in time “Siobhan we don’t want to do something we would regret tomorrow” I whispered

“That is tomorrow’s problem today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow”

“Siobhan?” I dragged on “I can’t”

“I am sure” She pulled me down and put my lips on hers, I had never felt something like that before, I knew half of it was knowing that she finally trusted me enough to kiss me, even if she was drunk out of her mind. I just couldn’t resist her, I put hands on her slim waist that was covered with the material of her sundress and rubbed up and down. Siobhan wrapped her arms around my neck then pulled me closer.

I ran my hands up and down her side we did not break the kiss until we were completely out of breath. We stared into each other’s eyes for a while then we resumed the kiss if Siobhan remembers this tomorrow she would be so embarrassed. My hand left her waist then went to the straps of her short dress. I hooked my fingers with the straps then pulled it down slowly making sure to caress her soft skin sensitively, I wanted her to shiver I wanted her to wake up tomorrow and still feel my hands on her body.

Siobhan’s hands were tugging my hair, any harder, and she would be pulling my scalp out. I carried her to my bed and put my lips on her neck before I pulled away from her completely

“What’s wrong? don’t stop” she said

“I wish I didn’t have to stop, but Siobhan we can’t do this,”

“Why not, don’t you like me?” she asked,

“I like you, Siobhan, in a ‘you are my friend’ kind of way, you know we can’t do this not when you are drunk anyway. I could never take advantage of you, oh God this was a mistake”

“A mistake?"

"Yes Siobhan, I should have dropped you in your bedroom, instead of bringing you here" I feel like I brought her here because I wanted this to happen, I wanted her to kiss me, I wanted us to have sex "I am such a bad person" I grumbled under my breath


I will not let myself cry, this isn't the first time someone said I was a mistake in their life, the man that raped me probably thought 'this was a big mistake' when he was finally sober. He said what we did was a mistake and I should appreciate that, but I didn't, not in the slightest bit.

"I will see you in the morning"

"Where are you going?"

"Don't worry about me, just go to bed okay" he walked out of the room and closed the door, I ran to his bathroom and threw all the contents of my stomach into the bin. Why did I want him to be attracted to me?

The following morning

I want to die!!! woke up with the feeling of annoyance and irritation, there was this banging in my head and my eyes hurt. I groaned, I knew that if I opened my eyes and saw the sunlight, I was going to die of headache, maybe that won't be so bad, since I previously mentioned that I wanted to die. I slowly opened my eyes and met regulated lighting in front of me. Tyler was sleeping beside me, I looked down and saw I wasn't wearing my clothes anymore, I was wearing one of his. I couldn't recall last night, probably because I was drunk through the majority of it.

"Tyler, wake up" I tapped him "Tyler, wake up"

"What?" he mumbled

"What happened last night, why am I in your bed, in your clothes" he turned around and covered his head with the blanket "Tyler... answer me"

“What?” he groaned

“Did we have sex last night"

"No... I changed you into my clothes because you messed up yours and fell asleep in the toilet"

"How much did I drink?"

"Five or..." he drawled "eleven... Siobhan, I want to sleep its Sunday"

I got out of the bed and just as I started walking with every step I took, I remembered the events of last night how Tyler was kissing me, I looked at him if he says nothing happened, nothing happened, I trust him. Maybe it was a dream.

I looked into the mirror "I look like shit" I washed my face, then dried it with a towel, I need to brush "Tyler"

"Siobhan, shut up and leave me alone" he muttered

"I am going to my bedroom"

"Whatever... hasta luego"

"Okay?... are you sure we didn't have sex or were you too drunk to remember"

"I kissed you and stopped, we didn't have sex, pinky promise" he raised his hand I nodded then walked out of his room.

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