divided union

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chapter 30

A few weeks later

I wonder where Tyler is, I went to his office earlier today and he didn't mention that he was coming late to me, I didn't notice that he wasn't back until Catalina pointed it out to me, “Catalina I guess you can go now, Thanks for waiting with me"

“Are you okay waiting for him alone?” Catalina asked looking weary

“Yes, I wonder where he is. He has never been this late home before”

"He'll come home okay" I watched Catalina walk out of the house with her things, I just hope he was alright, it was eight and he always comes home before seven-thirty. There had to be a logical explanation right, he was having a really late meeting, or there was a traffic jam somewhere or he was with friends. Or with a secret lover, that little voice whispered into my ear, Or he was with a secret lover. I don't believe he could do something like that, but I shouldn't be so quick to trust him in that aspect, how do I know he never stopped being a playboy.

Two AM

The door to the house opened. Tyler stumbled in his sleeves were rolled up to his forearm the first few buttons on his shirt were undone his tie was missing so was his jacket. And for some reason, he had unruly hair. Tyler is drunk. I don't know how I would handle him, I should probably run. Why am I still standing here?

“Tyler where have you been” I exclaimed “I was worried sick about you”

“Why” he mumbled then laughed “Siobhan I have to lie down for a bit then I’ll come for dinner”

“DINNER! it’s two am, you are drunk aren't you” I sighed, I have never seen him drink, I never knew he could drink too, I knew he went to the club but seeing him this messed up was kinda weird for me.

“I am not drunk just a little tipsy that's all” he slurred lowly

“Did you drive back home?”

“No, I had my driver come pick me up Siobhan relax I am in one piece you don’t have to care about me,” I shouldn't care about you, maybe I should let you trip on your own foot and watch you crush your head into the lamp and impale your neck with one of the glass shards, then you won't have a big mouth to say, you don't have to care about me. He walked up the stairs. At one point he stopped and tilted as if he was about to fall off the stairs. I rushed to him and put his arms around my shoulder “Siobhan I am fine I assure you I am not drunk”

“Who were you with?”

“That is *hiccup* none of your business” he removed his arm from around my shoulder then helped himself up the stairs. Being the nice person that I was, I ran up the stairs to ensure his safe delivery to his room.

“I want to take a shower and sleep and maybe if you love me you can bring me some *hiccup* chicken” Tyler entered the bathroom making me shake my head in disbelief, if you love me you can bring me some chicken.

What I have gathered from everything he just said was that he was with someone but it was none of my business, I want to make it my business. I don't know his password, I tried opening it more than necessary, surprisingly I typed in my birthday and it opened. Okay? that was weird and scary. I just hope I don't see pictures of me sleeping and taking a shower on his phone.

I started going through his messages trying to find traces of where he might have been, or trying to find out who he was with, I just wanted to be sure he didn't go somewhere and in all his drunken glory signed away all his assets or he didn't go to do something illegal. Nothing.

I sighed and slumped unto his bed to stare at the ceiling for a while before I decide to go to my bedroom, I heard a faint sound from his phone, I picked it up and he had a new message, from Eliza. Well if I ever saw a gold digger. I opened the message and started reading. Tyler, I had a great time last night and I hope we can do it again, in secret, of course, sweet dreams.

“What are you doing with my phone?” he walked to me

“Nothing!!!” I dropped it quickly, I cannot believe I forgot that he was still in the room, my lips parted with shock. I stood up and walked speedily to the door

“Why would you read my texts,” he asked

“Tyler you don’t leave your home till two am and expect me to brush it off, I was worried about you and you were with your ex-wife you could have at least called me to let me know that you were going to be running late you could have told me you weren't coming home early, why were you with her anyway,” I asked, and if it is because of what I think it is, I would be unhappy.

“It’s none of your business who I spend my time with and till what hour I stay out of the house okay Siobhan, you are not to meddle in my life"

"Oh... oh, that's... new I never knew we were still playing by the contract, clearly I was wrong"

"Yes you were"

“You owe me some respect Tyler," I said "even the slightest atom of it"

“I do not owe you anything, I don't understand what gave you the audacity to check my phone without my permission my consent there are things on my phone that I do not want you to see did you think of that huh?" he walked closer to me

"Tyler, you are angry, drunk and you are half-naked, please I beg you... in your best interest don't come any closer because I will hurt you" he stopped in his tracks "Why were you with Eliza?"

"Siobhan, I don't like you touching my phone, it should not repeat itself do you understand me?"

"Answer the fucking question" I eyed him

"If I am not at home it's probably because I don’t feel like looking at your face because your face is annoying has anyone ever told you that" I laughed

"It takes more than that to faze me, but you should keep doing it at this rate you'll never enter my bed or else it's by force," I said, his demeanor softened, just as I thought, he just wanted into my bed the whole time, and that hurt me more than anything in the world

"It's... it's none of your business if I spend time with Eliza or not"

“Did you sleep with her?”

“If I did?” he crossed his arms over his chest

"I will be disappointed in you, it makes you no better than Brendan, yeah you can go ahead and slap me, but if you are sleeping with her you are the worst person on the planet right now" I shut my eyes, to prevent tears from spilling "good night, Tyler, I shouldn't like you as much as I do" I opened the door and closed it behind me

The thoughts of his birthday party night came tumbling down at me like a truck of bricks I recalled how he called me a mistake and how he walked out on me. Tyler is nothing different from how he was before I met him, maybe he was a different man, he was a man I was starting to fall in love with. I bet if he could sleep with any woman on the planet right now, he would never look at my face, I am his only ticket to release, And apparently Eliza.


"Good morning," Tyler said behind me, this is the earlier he has ever come down, I ignore him "Siobhan we need to talk"

"Tyler" I whispered "in case you haven't noticed, I don't want to talk to you, okay, you can go and talk to Eliza or Alisson, yeah they want to talk always... to every part of your body" I was almost outside the door when he grabbed my hand. I spun around and slapped him "how many times before you learn, don't grab me"

"I am sorry"

"Let me go, you apologized way too much for the same crime and I should learn to stop forgiving you" I pulled my arms away from his and walked away.


“What time did Mr. Douglas come back home last night,” Catalina asked

“Almost immediately after you left” I replied

“He was just running a bit late see, there was no need to worry”



"Would it be awkward if I ask for a week off?” she asked

"I am not really the person that employed you, so I wouldn't know Catalina, are you alright?"

“Yes, of course, I will talk to Mr. Douglas" she replied and looked away

"But I could tell him I gave it to you, I will do the work around the house and maybe some re-decorating"

"Oh thank you"

"You sure you're alright?" I asked again

"I am"


Jeffery dropped me in front of Tyler's company in the afternoon, as the normal drill. Maybe we did need to talk, my head was clouded with the worry and the anger yesterday I didn't see the reason for him not wanting me to look at his phone. I greeted the receptionist with a smile and she greeted back. The elevator to the last floor could not be slower, my heart was pounding in my chest.

"Hello Lisa"

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Douglas... uh Mr. Douglas isn't... free right now"

"Oh he is in a meeting, I can wait"

"Not exactly" she seemed scared

"What's going on" I took a step towards his door and heard him laughing and there was a mixture of a woman’s laughter with his. I knocked then opened the door.

Eliza and Tyler both looked at me.

"Nobody said you could enter, Siobhan, that's a bit rude" obviously it was you who knew how rude people acted.

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