divided union

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chapter 31

“Siobhan” Tyler breathed out

“I brought you lunch” I smiled and walked in to drop the bag, "you two can continue your meeting, or whatever this is"

"Siobhan don't be a baby we are just talking"

"Yeah, I know that"

"You aren't the first to have a husband who's been divorced," Eliza said snarkily

"Do all married men laugh and hold hands with their ex-wife like that?" I nodded towards their hands and he quickly pulled his away. "I have to go home anyway," I spun on my heel

“Excuse me, Eliza” I heard Tyler say, I literally ran to the elevator after that, but he caught up to me.

“Siobhan?” He said


"Siobhan, don't be like this, come on"

"Like what" I looked at him, I was not interested in this conversation at all, and I wanted to make sure he knew that

“I'm sorry”

"Tyler why are you sorry?"

"Because I hurt you"

"You didn't hurt me, I have been hurt a long time ago, you're what I have seen before and you have no reason to apologize for spending time with your ex, in-fact I pity you, you are hurting yourself, not me, she will always go back to Brendan, for another two years at least. You said that how you spend your time is none of my business so since you are having a nice afternoon together I have backed away my business"

“I didn't know we were having lunch today”

“We always have lunch at the exact same time every day Tyler, how could you not know we were having lunch”

“I thought you were mad at me I didn't expect you”

"I seriously can't be that petty, I brought you lunch one of the three important meals of the day because I always do it, and it was your favorite too, you should go and share some chicken in chutney with her" the elevator door opened on cue and I walked out.

"Please let's talk and figure things out, don't walk out on me"

“What now, Tyler"

“I didn't mean it when I said I didn't want to look at you yesterday I like seeing you”

“You think that's what I'm annoyed about? my parents say that all the time you acting just like them doesn't take a drop of blood from me, in fact, it is nice having that feeling of nostalgia, I am annoyed because you are helping Eliza cheat on Brendan, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind Tyler” Tyler looked down at me with hurt in his eyes “Don't you have somewhere to be? Eliza is probably waiting for you so you can bang her in your office and get back at Brendan”

"I wanna know why you are affected so much"

"I am affected because I am married to you, I have been married to you for only a few months and you can't keep your dick in your pants, forgive me if I don't want the person I have sex with to have entered every single woman in America, and forgive me if I don't want my child to have a possible half-sister or half-brother out there"

“You would at least let me explain myself"

“I'm listening”

“ Eliza came to drop off her gift for me, you didn't invite her to my party”

“Where is that gift?”

"It was a watch and I was wearing it last night when I got back, Eliza and I talked then she asked if I wanted to go out"

“And you said yes because you are a baby and you cannot make your own decisions”

“I didn't want to at first”

“What if someone saw you there with her?”

“Siobhan forget about the press we both know that isn't what this is about, we went to the club"

“Tyler I can just... just slap you right now because you are talking shit you went to the club with your ex-wife God knows that if I was actually married to you I would strangle you”

“I had a lot to drink then she started making advances on me”

“Then you slept with her because you are a man you have needs you haven't gotten any action in months so the first woman that is willing to sleep with you; you say what the heck Siobhan can survive a night without me, I thought you were in the hospital or something you didn't tell me and the only thing you can say is to stop caring like there is a button I can press when I don't want to give two fucks about you"

“I swear I didn't sleep with her. She kissed me and I pushed her away that was it I swear to you,”

"I am a mistake and I am completely useless to you aren't I,”

“No you are not useless to me” he frowned “Siobhan I'm sorry I was upset that you were going through my phone without consent and I overreacted”

“I'll see you at home”

“I'm not coming home”

“Oh? okay” I walked forward and pressed the elevators the unlock button

“Not because I want to be with Eliza I'm traveling from work” he didn't need to explain

“I said okay don't you want your luggage”

“Catalina is sending it over to the airport I'm coming back on Friday”

“I will be expecting you and we can talk properly"

"You talk too much,"


“So what are you doing now that your husband isn't around?” Catalina asked

“Nothing I am bored out of my mind”

“Don't you have friends you can go out or gossip with?”

"Yeah actually I do, I will call Gwendolyn and you can head home okay since there isn't really anything to do"

"Okay, see you tomorrow"

"Yes, of course" she started packing her things. I pulled my phone out and called Gwen's number "hey"

"Whatsup Siobhan"

"I wanted to know if you were free Thursday evening"

"I am actually, you wanna go out"

"Yes, Tyler traveled and there is nothing to do really so I will see you?"

"Yes, bye"


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