divided union

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chapter 32

I had been thinking about it for a while and I just needed to do it as a gesture of politeness and humanity, I took my phone and called Tyler. It rang once, twice, and three times before he picked it up.

“Hello,” Tyler said and I smiled to myself

“Hey Tyler,” I said

“Siobhan, are you alright” I loved how he felt that there had to be something wrong with me before I decided to call him

“No, I just wanted to check on you to see if you are comfortable” I heard his breath hitch.

“Am I safe?”

“Of course you are safe, what kind of question is that?”

“I am scared, did you... hit your head on something?”

“No, I just wanted to see how... where are you again?”

“Venezuela” he replied

“Is Venezuela nice, you are staying at a hotel right”

“Yeah, Venezuela is cool... I guess, do you need an ambulance” He asked

“I would have dialed nine one one first if I needed one, Tyler... I don’t have to be in trouble to call you”

“Okay, I have to go now to lock my window and maybe request security... I uh will talk to you later”

“No you won’t” I cut the call, I wanted to hear his voice and all I got was a slightly-stunned and intimated voice”


“Gwen, hello” we exchanged a hug and we entered the car

“Hey I’m glad you called” She replied

“Well, there’s nothing else to do with Tyler out of the country... Derek dropped you here?”


“Where do you want to go Mrs. Douglas” I raised my eyebrow at Gwendolyn

“I just want a burger, so mc Donald’s would do thank you”

“Of course” Jeffery started driving


I ordered a big mac while Gwendolyn ordered a double cheeseburger, we both went to sit down and I was actually starting to gain a real girlfriend who didn’t stick to me because of my status and my best friend. But how would I know if Gwen was different from them? She has kept your secret this far.

“So you mean to tell me that he was with Eliza till two o’clock” she shook her head in disbelief

“Yeah” I replied

“Wow, she never knows when to quit does she, she is already engaged to Brendan what more could she want”

“She kissed him too, and I have the sneaking suspicion that Tyler locked his door because he didn’t want me going in”

“Wait she kissed him”

“You sound surprised, with all I told you, you can’t believe she kissed him?” I asked after sipping my dr pepper

“Tyler wouldn’t do that,”

“I honestly don’t know anymore, I can’t help but think he would go back to her the second she says she wants him”

“Why do you care” she winked at me

“I don’t know, because I do”

“Someone has a crush on their husband”

“No, I don’t, Tyler is not really...” she cut me off

“Your type, Okay I hear ya but if I hear so much as a jealous tone from you again I will raise this topic again” she replied

“Tyler is wrapped around her finger, Gwendolyn. He is like her little perro faldero

“Perro faldero what’s that” Gwendolyn popped a fry into her mouth

“Lapdog he acts like he is her lap dog he says what he wants to do with her is none of my business that I should stop caring about him”

“Siobhan, you have a crush on him”

“I don’t”

“You do” she countered

“I do, I do like him and I don’t want to, help me get rid of it”

“I don’t know how to get rid of crushes but I can turn it to love”

“I don’t want to love Tyler, okay”

“Okay” she looked down, I couldn’t help but notice the hint on a smile on her face.

“Gwen?” I warned

“What, I said okay”

“Why are you smiling,”

“Because I think he likes you too, but what do I know”

I think I would know if Tyler liked me that way” no I wouldn’t, I am totally oblivious to such things.

“I once dated Tyler and I know when he likes someone”

“Of course you have dated him, Tyler is a literal slut”

“I can’t argue, but he likes you and if you know him as well as you think you do”

“I don’t think I know him at all”

“Anyways... Tyler would take years before he tells you he likes you okay so, to speed up that process I can help you”

“Gwen let’s go”

“You are not giving him any chance”

“Ugh” I can’t believe I am doing this “what do you suggest I do” she smiled


The following day

“Gwen I don’t like this”

“Why not... oh this will make Tyler have a boner immediately” my mouth gaped open

“Gwen I don’t like that we are here, Tyler is coming later this evening and I need to get home to prepare dinner”

“Oh honey, you are the dinner tonight” she patted my head “this is cute too” she placed the flimsy piece of lingerie over my clothes and examined.

“I don’t need it, I have one like this”

“But we have to get you a brand new one”

“I haven’t used it”

“Jesus girl, you are giving me virgin vibes. Are you a virgin”

“No I am not, shut up people are staring”

“Nobody is listening to us; are you virgin”

“NO, but I haven’t had sex in nine years”

“According to my calculation... you had sex when you were thirteen? hmm, I hadn’t even had my first kiss” I whispered the truth into her ear and the articles of clothing fell out of her hand “What?” I nodded “I am so sorry”

“Yeah it’s not your fault” I smiled at her

“Does Tyler know”

“Nope and let us keep it that way okay” she had a worried look but she nodded all the same.

“Wow, that explains a lot of things”


“It must be terrifying staying under a roof alone with only men”

“Can we drop it”

“Fine, fine” she picked the clothes she dropped on the floor taking frequent glances at me, this is one of the reasons I don’t tell anyone, they always start feeling sorry for me, for no reason “maybe we should...”

“Gwendolyn, I said I am fine. let’s continue shopping”

“Okay... do you like this one or this one”


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