divided union

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chapter 34


“Hey, uncle Marco” I hugged him and sat down in front of his desk “Thank you for seeing me on such short notice ” he settled down.

“You don’t need to make an appointment to see me you know that right, you can just swoop in anytime you want to. Where is Siobhan?”

“With a friend” I replied.

“Which friend?”

“Does it really matter? she is not a baby, uncle. She can take care of herself” I said, making sure he knew that I was actually scolding him.

“You said it was urgent?” he asked

“It is, it’s about Siobhan”

“Is she okay... wait is she pregnant?” Marco raised his eyebrow at me.

“No of course not I came to talk to you about her problem”

“Her problem?”

“I just hope I am wrong, uncle. Siobhan acts weird, and I would say she was a victim of something and you know what I am talking about, you know that you know uncle. She is insecure, she doesn’t sleep with the lights off, she is sometimes very stiff, is there something that I haven’t been told yet?”

“Well you are not dumb, so lying would be useless” he groaned

“So was she raped?”

“She wouldn’t want me to tell her story for her Tyler, because only she can tell it with the best adjectives, verbs and facial expressions. But yes, she was” I closed my eyes and leaned back.

“Oh my God” I feel so horrible, and I don’t even know why, this just explains everything, I have had these questions for months and it just links it properly. I just wanted her to tell me, I feel like she doesn’t even trust me at all.

“She was homeschooled and she hasn’t really forgiven me, honestly I won’t even forgive myself for what I did to her”

“What did you do?”

“That’s for her to tell you, I don’t have the place, and I don’t think I could say it if I wanted to. I love her Tyler, and I want her to be cherished and taken care of and that is why you are her husband in the first place” uncle Marco said.

“So you want me to fall in love with her”

“Don’t get mad”

“I am mad, what can I say. You manipulated me, Marco and you know well that you are only hurting her by giving her to me, I can’t love her, more than I loved Eliza and she deserves to be someone’s big love, I won’t be a pawn in your game to destroy her life”

“I am not trying to destroy her life, I know you and you won’t promise what you can’t keep, I know you are the best person to be in charge of her”

“Uncle Marco, you see that’s what you do that makes me angry, Siobhan is not property, I am not in charge of her, you told me she was raped this is big. She didn’t tell, if she hasn’t told me that HUGE detail, it means... it means she isn’t comfortable, Siobhan deserves to be happy”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I am not going to sleep with her, and I will figure out a way to end our marriage. I can’t be married to her”

“At least, just think straight first”

“You don’t think I am?”

“You are angry, just think okay” I’ve never felt this way and all I’ve been doing is hurting her. She is right I am stingy. “you know what? we will come for dinner today and I will figure out if she is comfortable or not, asking her won’t be so hard

“Like Siobhan would want to...” I cut myself off, talk to you. “never mind, I will expect you tonight uncle”



“Hey you are back, where did you go to?” I asked Tyler, but he completely ignored me “hey, I am talking to you”

“It’s none of your business really” I nodded, maybe he was with Eliza

“Oh, I think we should talk,” I said

“About where your scars came from” if I ever heard abrupt, where was that from, he never said things like that.

“No? About last night”

“I do not want to talk about last night, it was not really a landmark for me” oh, but I thought it was, Tyler started walking up the stairs and I followed him.

“Are you good?”

“I am cool, very cool even. When does this conversation end?” now he was just trying to hurt my feelings, but he couldn’t

“It ends right now, you’re so cool right, what happened last night? big mistake, you’ve been demoted, you are not allowed to see me naked, allowed to kiss me, hell if I had my way, I would ban you from looking at me

“A mistake? It was a mistake to you?”


“You didn’t like it?”

“Not in the slightest bit, I thought this conversation was over. I don’t even get why you are annoyed”

“Are you keeping any secrets from me?”

“No, but I know you are, you went to see Eliza didn’t you?” he kept quiet “as I thought”

“Are you sure you aren’t keeping anything from me?”


“About your scars?”

“A simple accident”


“Yeah... I am done with you and this conversation, you have yourself to thank” I walked to my bedroom


“Your parents are coming for dinner today” he knocked on my door after an hour, my eyes shot open and I ran to the door to peek out

“What do you mean my parents are coming today for dinner”

“Just that”

“Did you invite them?”

“Yes I did your job”

“You know how I feel about them”

“No, not really,” he said leaning against my door post

“You are being a bitch, I hate you right now”

“Siobhan there is absolutely nothing wrong with me inviting your parents, you are overreacting for no reason”

“You of all people in the world” I slammed the door in his face but he jammed his foot in and after realizing that wasn’t a good idea he limped to my bed and cursed me before he sat down.

“Siobhan” he was removing his socks “they are your parents, they fucked each other to bring you to this world, can you imagine what sex with your father would have been like for your mother?” I fought the urge to laugh while fighting the urge not to think about it, my father fucking my mother, ugh “they want to see how you are doing”

“Is your foot okay?”

“She’ll manage,”

“I wonder why you were prancing around the house in only socks”

“Like you don’t do it, I wanted to see what the fuss was about, Eliza also did that” I bent down and examined his foot

“That’s bad, I may have broken your foot, we should get it checked out”

“My foot is fine, I can walk”

“You haven’t tried it yet” he got up and immediately sat down “why’d you sit down?”


“Let’s go and make dinner then”

“You go ahead”

“Tyler, we have to be sure you are fine, get up” he got up slowly and held my shoulder.

After a lot of effort, I got Tyler to the car, and he went to sit at the back seat. Oh hell no. “Disculpe senor, come to the front seat, what do I look like? your driver” he rolled his eyes then limped to the front seat.


“I didn’t even know Tyler could come to the hospital, he doesn’t believe in that sort of thing” Tyler rolled his eyes “his foot is fine,” the doctor said shooting Tyler an amused face.

“You are the shittiest cousin there is”

“His foot is okay, I mean after a few bottles of milk and maybe after he stops pretending he would walk fine” I looked at Tyler but he was looking away.

“Do you want to tell me what is going on?” I knew that he was exaggerating the limp. He got up.

“Well it was nice seeing you doctor” he walked to the door.


“You tricked me and wasted my time, Tyler” I closed the door of the house after me “I have to cook dinner”

“Okay I am sorry, I realized I was being a bitch when I got home so I am sorry, do you forgive me”

“Yeah sure”

“I like kissing you” he leaned forward but I ducked.

“Seriously, where did you go?”

“I went to visit your dad”

“Why?” I asked.

“No reason” he replied and I raised my brow at him

“Okay, but you are helping me since you made me drive to the hospital”



I wore a gown that Gwendolyn got for me, the dinner table was ready and so was the food. I was happy with my choice of outfit, it was a sweater material dress that landed right below my mid-thigh, I wasn’t a fan of heels but that is all Gwendolyn got for me and I was sure that the sandals and flats that my sister bought for me weren’t going to fit the dress.

“You look beautiful” Tyler ran his arm along my side making me jump.

“What is wrong with you?!!!”

“What is wrong with me...” he bent down and started examining my mouth, he pushed his finger into my mouth, then started feeling around. He finally brought out my gum

“And you are asking me if something is wrong with you, how do I know you wash your hands”

“I do wash my hands... I don’t like gum” he disposed of it.

“You are weird”

“Makes two of us... as I was saying, you look beautiful”


“Yeah” he went behind me and whispered against her neck

“What are you doing?” I whispered then he kissed my neck “My parents will soon be here”

“We have time”

“For what exactly?”

“For having fun” he pulled the dress over my head “beautiful woman” Tyler’s hands skimmed over the of my body curves making her shiver slightly, I don’t even know what I am doing. I turned around and pulled him into a kiss unbuttoning his shirt in the process. Tyler assisted me then pulled the shirt off his shoulders leaving him bare-chested I started running my arms over his biceps my tongue still wrestling for dominance with his.

“What are we doing?” I pulled away from him

“I don’t know but I like it” he kissed me again

My hand went running over his crotch, he was semi-hard “please don’t do that I won’t be able to control myself” he whispered as he caught my hand and put it back on his chest. In a matter of seconds, my feet left the ground and my back was on my bed, with legs around Tyler’s waist

“Oh baby” he whispered and attacked my neck, kissing and kissing

“Tyler” I moaned and tangled my hand with his hair

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