divided union

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chapter 35


“Where are they?” Helen (Tyler’s mother) asked

“I don’t know; CATALINA,” Catalina didn’t answer because she was not supposed to be in the house on weekends.

“Catalina goes back home on weekends honey,”

“Sidney and Vincent please go find them,” Marco said

“Okay” they both walked up the stairs to nowhere the knew in particular

“Look at how neat this place is” Helen commented

“Siobhan,” Sidney said out loud “Tyler and Siobhan, where are you guys?”

“Oh my God they are here already” Tyler got off Siobhan and started dressing again, he buttoned his shirt. He started helping Siobhan get ready as well, he pulled her hair back then braided it so it won’t look as messed up she pulled on her stilettoes then looked at him

“Do I look alright?” Siobhan asked Tyler

“Yes” he took her hand then led her out of the room to meet Vincent and Sidney headed their way

“There you guys are, what were you doing?” Sidney asked

“Nothing” Siobhan blurted out a little too quickly

“Okay” Sidney dragged on “let’s go downstairs”



“This is amazing, I thought Catalina didn’t come on weekends,” Christian said

“She doesn’t, Siobhan made dinner,” Tyler said as he put another fork of food in his mouth, I looked up to see my brother staring at me.

“What do you want?” I asked and he shook his head and looked down, I looked at Tyler who also quickly looked away from me.

“Siobhan, I see you and Tyler are getting along pretty well,” Christian said.

“Of course”

“So Siobhan why do you have a hickey or are we all just planning on ignoring the huge red mark on her neck” Sebastian spoke up and put his fork in his mouth, this is one of the many reasons I hated him, always looking to publicly humiliating me. My hand flew to my neck.

“Well they were until you opened your big mouth” Sidney raised her eyebrow, I guess that was the green light to talk about my sex life.

“I just noticed it,” Sidney said. I looked at everyone and they were staring at me for answers even the bastard that gave me the hickey. I glared at him.

“I don’t know, I burnt myself with a curling iron”

“Yeah... like you own a curling iron” Sidney said and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Come on we all know you are not a blithering idiot why do you have a hickey share the recent update on your sex life,” Vincent said

“Oh my God I remembered something” Sidney exclaimed

“What? ” everyone chorused

“Siobhan and Tyler came out of the same room and look at how messed up Tyler is right now you guys were having sex when we came, I shouldn’t have used came”

“Is this true?” My father asked

“No, Tyler back me up”

“We did not have sex”

“Then why does she have a hickey?” My mother asked sipping her wine in amusement if I could smack her face.

“Probably a mosquito bite”

“As engorged as that, son; try again,” Christian said

“Can we not talk about such a disgusting topic as you know on the dinner table?” I said and they kept quiet.


“Hey wake up” I opened my eyes and saw a shirtless Tyler looming over me

“Couldn’t you wear a shirt”

“Does it bother you?”

“Yes it does, you might as well be naked ugh... it’s Sunday what the hell do you want”

“Someone’s cranky”

“Yes I am cranky” Tyler slipped under the blanket with me and draped his leg over my waist, Oh my god, can I have my personal space? “why must you be such a walking teddy bear?”

“Walking teddy bear, I don’t think I understand what that means"

"You are clingy" he frowned "but clingy, not in a bad way. Clingy is good but not all the time, I like to cuddle too but sometimes I need my space"


"Yeah, but you can just stay for a while" he grinned "if I haven't said so already, good morning" I whispered against Tyler's chest

“Good morning, my dear”

"I mean a shirt would have been fine, what if we had a visitor"

"Then they get to bask in the joy that my abs bring"

"Yes, I am basking in it" I shifted, then put my mouth on his stomach "I want to see if I can blow raspberries"

"You can't, I am ticklish and there is no room for you to blow raspberries"

"Ticklish, ay," I said and straddled him

"I will hate you if you..." Too late I was already jamming my fingers into his ribs (in a non-painful way of course) Tyler immediately started wriggling and gasping for breath "sio... bhan... stop it" Tyler yelled between laughter. Delivering a series of semi-hard jabs to his side Tyler jerked slightly on the impact, I took it as a hint to stop when he hit his head on the headboard.

"I am so sorry" I cradled his head and he was closing his eyes tightly

"I hate you" he finally said,

"What are you going to pretend that you have a brain tumor now" he laughed with his eyes closed.

"I am very sorry," he nodded and opened his eyes.

"It's fine"

"Get off me, I want make breakfast"

“That’s unlike you, do you want help?" I climbed off his body

“Don’t worry about it” he walked out of the room.

I smiled to myself. Yep, I am definitely in love with that man, I don't know why, but I am. I took a quick and refreshing shower then went to the kitchen.

“I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world” I scrunched up my face. Tyler was shirtless and dancing all around the kitchen in all his muscly sexy glory, reveling in the thick intense addicting smell that was his cooking. He had earbuds in his ears so I don't think he noticed when I entered the kitchen. I sat on the island table and continued watching his little show, I giggled, but pressed my hand to my mouth to stifle it

“come on Barbie let’s go party ah; ah; ah yeah” he screamed making me burst in laughter, I then slipped from the table falling on the floor almost tripping him.

“Holy shit” he exclaimed and removed his earbuds “Siobhan, what is wrong with you” I just stayed on the floor laughing, there were tears spilling from my eyes

“Stop laughing” Tyler groaned and went back to frying the eggs

“I can’t....it is just” she burst out again “I’m sorry” I stood up and grinned, I almost started laughing again but I swallowed it and cleared my throat

“How much did you hear?” he asked looking over his shoulder

“Only all of it Barbie girl” I teased

“Oh my God”

“I can’t believe it Tyler Douglas world-renown ruthless billionaire was caught in the early hours of today singing a Barbie song Tyler what do you have to tell the world about this” I pointed the imaginary microphone at his face.

"Firstly, I am not ruthless and secondly shut up" he smacked my hand away and flipped the eggs unto two different plates, he also went to the microwave and brought out flap jacks. I wrapped my hands around his waist.

"I am kidding you big baby"

"I know you are" Tyler turned to me and smiled

“I didn’t get my good morning kiss ” I held his neck and pulled him into a soft kiss, just when I was about to move away he grabbed my waist to kiss me again.

"You are so beautiful... let's go and eat our breakfast"


“For a one-person job, you did really good”

Tyler pulled out a chair for me beside his “well”

“Well, what?”

"You did really well"

"Oh thank you, you did really well" he smiled

“Sit down”

“Bossy” I sat in the chair


"Why are you looking at me like that?" he shook his head


"Here" I placed my fork of eggs near his mouth, he opened his mouth to take it, "there you go barbie girl”

“Will you ever let me hear the last of this” he asked

“No, Tyler. I mean it's not every time a girl such as myself sees a man of your caliber singing a song like that"

“Its not my fault veronica was born she made me watch these things”

“But you are singing the Barbie girl song”

“I like it okay, the fact it has some hidden messages I think only I can hear”

“You are dirty”

“Obviously, I haven’t showered”

“You know what I mean your mind is dirty”

“Is it?” he laughed

“Yes it is”

"What are you planning to do today"

"Kick back, look for a book to read, and pray to God to make my cramps bearable"

“You can just go to the library I will leave you alone,”

"I find that hard to believe" he raised his eyebrow "you don't know what personal space is"

"I do, I just enjoy cuddling... come on let me show you the library"

“I’m not done with breakfast yet”

“Let’s go” Tyler got up then went behind me to hook his arms underneath my armpit then proceeded to pull me off the chair, then to the living room, then to the stairs.

“Chill” I pulled my arm from his grip then ran back to the dining room to put another fork of flapjacks drenched in maple syrup in my mouth

“Come here” he held my waist then took me to the door by the stairs

“I think I am free to eat Tyler, I am still hungry and there was still some on your plate”

“Do you want to see the library or not”

“We have all day”

“When I show you; you will wish I showed you in the middle of the night”

"Show me and I swear, If I don't orgasm I will hate you" he laughed

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