divided union

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chapter 36

We reached the door and Tyler typed in a security code “I swear you’ll love it”

“Tyler I don’t trust me, what if there is a paint bucket above the door and if I enter it would dump on me”

“The possibilities of that happening are zero to none

“Why do you have a combination lock on your library door?”

“It’s supposed to be a safe room”

“Then why isn’t it a safe room?” I asked

“It still is, but nobody bothers robbing me, they tried once but didn’t succeed,” he opened the door

“Whoa” I exclaimed as we entered the huge library, the one at my house wasn’t as big as this but it was big none the less “how come I have never seen this part of the house?”

“Have you ever wondered what the huge wall space between my room and the west wing of the house was well this is it”

“I don’t think you are going to see me for the next month” I ran my hand on the spine of the book

“Are you having an orgasm yet”

“Oh yeah” I nodded

“If you want to get out the combination is zero seven-ten okay” my birthday, I gave Tyler a thumbs up


“I’ll leave you to it then,” He said.

“Where are you going to be when I get out?”

“Probably in my office so you can look for me there” he walked out of the library and closed the door behind him.

I went to the romance book section, it’s been so long since I held a harlequin novel, I was in the mood for squirming and smiling stupidly at pages, I wonder why he even had romance books in the first place.

Tyler walked back in with a blanket, a glass of wine, and my breakfast “enjoy” he dropped it on the table in front of the couch

“Why do you have so many romance novels?”

“Don’t be stereotypical, I like romance just as much as the next girl... but my mother bought them for me to read and figure out what women like" I fought my urge to laugh

“We have the same mothers only that my mother forced me to read what I didn’t like at all”

“You are going to give me a private reading”


“Yes you, but I would want you to read this” he looked at the spines of the books “ah... wicked fantasy, Nicole Jordan” he gave it to me

“This is a big book”

“Yeah it is and it is one of my favorites” he looked for another “and you are going to pick from these two”

“You are bossy, what if I don’t want to read them?”

“I would be sad... do you want me to be sad?”

“... No” I took the second book from him, wall banger “I have read this book, you dirty-minded man”

“You are just as dirty-minded as me”

“Just go, I will read it and give you feedback”

“Can I stay”

“No” he exhaled deeply then walked out of the library. I glanced at the books.


I had finished reading wall banger for the second time in my life, I was currently reading the wicked fantasy book that Tyler gave me, and let’s just say I squirmed more than I was supposed to. I think the fact that I was thinking about Tyler in the place of Trey Deverill. I stretched out my leg and continued reading.


At about five in the evening I walked out of the library, I completed an addition of two books after reading the two that Tyler gave me to read. Yup, Tyler ruined my non-existent innocence. I walked to the kitchen to wash up the plate and glass from my breakfast, yes I have only eaten breakfast today. I drank water and my stomach rumbled loudly, thinking about food makes me hungry. “not now” It rumbled again

“Hey Tyler” I entered his office


“Are you hungry?”

“I already ate I ordered Chinese takeout I left some for you in the kitchen, in the microwave”

“Thanks, Barbie bug,” I said as soon as I noticed he was wearing his glasses

“No problem”


I used my eating time to call my sister.


’Hey, How are you?she replied after a minute of staring at my phone, waiting for her to pick up my call.

‘I’m good, you went for a scan today?’

‘Yeah, I was expecting you’

‘I mean if you would have told me to come, I would have Sid’

‘I swear I told you last night’

‘You didn’t’

‘I didn’t, sorry. What did you do today?’

‘Ate breakfast and buried my nose in books,’

‘Oh God, your boringness stresses me out,’

‘I don’t think boringness is a word, Sidney’ I replied, taking my chopsticks and putting a few strands of noodles in my mouth

‘It is, to me. And the slice of sexiness and masculinity you call a husband’

‘He is not so masculine after I caught him singing barbie girl today... word by word’

‘For real’ she laughed


‘Hey, Vincent... Vincent stop that’ my sister laughed ‘I’m sorry’

‘Yeah rubbing your happy marriage in my face’ she laughed

‘Vince stop it... Siobhan can I call you back’

‘No, give the phone to Vincent’

‘Hello’ Vincent said

‘You are a child’

‘Okay?... how are you, dear?’

‘I am good you, I hope you know a child can’t take care of another child’

Now you are just hurting my feelings, I think we need space’

‘Are you breaking up with me?’

‘Yes, it’s absolutely you’ I gave a fake sniff

‘Can’t we work things out?’

‘No, I have moved on’

‘To my sister?’

‘Yes and we have a baby’

‘I can’t even talk to you anymore, I will take my revenge you hear me?’

‘I hear ya’

‘Take care of my sister and my nephew’

‘Okay, bye...’ the bastard didn’t let me tell my sister bye too.


After my meal, I walked out to Tyler’s room, I hesitated before I knocked on the door, I peeked in. He was sleeping, I admired him for a while, then he groaned “you either come in or you get out you are disturbing my sleep” grumpy much.

“Oh sorry” I hurriedly closed the door turned on the light then rushed to his bed under the blanket with him

“Why do you have to turn on the lights?” he mumbled then buried his head under the blankets

“It”s dark in here” I snuggled against him

“Are you alright?” he asked

“I’m good”

“And the romance novels I told you to read?”

“Well, they were... what’s the word I am looking for?”

“Arousing?” his raspy voice just screamed sex, and good sex at that.

“Arousing, that’s the word, I just want to cuddle with you that’s all, can you give me that?” his hand went underneath my thigh then he raised it to go above his hip,

“I can always give you that, darling” I stroked his chest, it was clothed but it didn’t matter.

“I want to tell you something, Tyler” I whispered

“What is it?”

“The reason why, I don’t like staying in a dark room,” he froze slightly but he quickly thawed.

“Tell me”

“You promise me that you won’t laugh” he immediately took my hand and wrapped his pinky around mine, I smiled

“I won’t laugh,”

“What if it is because I am still afraid of monsters”

“Is that the reason?”


“Tyler, I haven’t had sex in nine years”

“That’s a long time”

“I had this friend when I was thirteen, he was about, thirty-four or thereabout I don’t really remember. Well, he didn’t tell me his age but I assume he was in his thirties.” I closed my eyes “are you listening”

“Of course”

“This guy was my bodyguard and somewhat a family friend, your father knew him, he brought him here, Stephen”

“My step-uncle” he voice was shaking a bit

“If you say so”

“What happened”

“One night, a Saturday night, on the thirteenth of July, I remember it like it was just yesterday. He went to the club, I remember my father hiring him as a favor to your father. he went to the club and got very drunk, I was thirteen and I really couldn’t recognize a drunk person when I saw one, I...” I sobbed slightly, I don’t even want to remember it “I let him in my room, he turned off the lights and told me he was going to take care of me.... obviously he was my bodyguard so I didn’t really read into it that way... he sat on my bed and told me to help remove his boots... Me being foolish, I did it instead of running and he held my hand tightly”

The flashback below isn’t meant to offend anyone if you aren’t comfortable reading you can scroll to where the italics end, thanks.


“What are you doing?” I asked pulling at his hand, he smiled, I could see his white grin in the darkroom, he pulled me towards him.

“You are a beautiful girl, you know that” he stroked my chin I pulled away.

“You are scaring me, Stephen. Please just go” he dragged my hand again.

“I only want you to help me, I won’t hurt you, I promise” he whispered. I struggled against him but his grip was just too strong, Stephen took my hand and pressed it against something hard in between his legs. I knew what it was I wasn’t stupid.

“Don’t do this, you will regret it”

“You have better things to do with that mouth. I am only teaching you a lesson darling, and I will leave you just let me relieve myself. If you tell your parents, I am going to kill you, do you hear me?” I didn’t know what to do, I opened my mouth to scream but before I could get through the word help he slapped his hand over my mouth, quickly. Even if he didn’t, no one could hear me, the walls were a hundred percent soundproof, and my windows were locked, no guards on patrol would have heard me.

“Take it out,”

“Take what out?”

“Stop playing foolish, I know you are not dumb. Take my cock out, DO IT, now” he released my mouth and reached into his pocket then hastily brought out something that glistened in the moonlight, it was a knife, he pressed the cold blade on my skin “do it” he released my second hand “if you try to run” he smirked

“I don’t want to,” I said

“You have no choice, do it and I will let you go” my hands shakily went to his jeans, and I unbuckled his trousers, I didn’t want to do this, but I didn’t want to die either. I reached into his boxers and took it out. Stephen slightly moaned the hand that wasn’t holding the knife went to my hair and he yanked me down. “open your mouth” when I refused he tightened his hand in my hair.

“Ow,” he shoved it into my mouth.

“Suck it, you little bitch” he thrust into my mouth and I could do nothing but stay there and cry to my heart’s content, his hands tightened in my hair, I looked up and he is trying to unbutton his shirt, I am just surprised at the number of things he could do with his hands at once. “oh fuck, use your fucking hands” my throat hurt and I couldn’t breathe, he finally stopped and something salty filled my mouth “swallow” I didn’t, I coughed it out, he slapped me, HARD. Stephen then pulled me up “You are going to do something else for me” I frowned, I think all common sense came to me at that moment, I stomped down on his foot and he yelped, I ran to the door. But it was locked, where is that damned key “you shouldn’t have done that”

He stood behind me, he was so tall, Stephen grabbed me for the billionth time that night. He hauled me over his shoulder and threw me on my bed, I thrashed around. He ripped my nightgown apart then my underwear

“Get off me” He grabbed my breast and squeezed harder than he should have.

“Open your legs for me darling”


“Do it” he didn’t say the or else part, but it was there. I still resited, he kneed my thighs apart but when I closed them back, he reached back and grabbed the knife, kneeing them apart again “Close them again and you will be sorry”

He kneeled between my legs, I was afraid to move because the knife was now on my neck, he positioned himself at my center and pushed in swiftly. I screamed in pain and agony, it hurt like hell. He didn’t stop, he knew he was huge but he didn’t stop,

“That’s it” he whispered pulling out and moaning "oh fuck you are so tight” he whispered again when he entered me again, Then his thrusts started getting harder and faster, filling me completely. My eyes were so blurry, I couldn't do anything but lie down and feel the pain burning in the depths of my stomach. At the sound of my screams, he rocks his hips back so he can shove inside me again. It was probably a few minutes but it felt like years. Somewhere in between, I knew he had used the knife to cut me more than he should have, I felt the blood running down my neck, and at one point I reached up to confirm, yes it was blood. Then I passed out while he was still in me.

end of flashback

"A week later I woke up to find myself in the hospital" I finished off for Tyler

"Oh my God" he pulled me to his arms but I pushed away.

"I don't want your pity, I just wanted you to know"

"Siobhan I am so sorry"

"Do you want to know the worst part?"


"My father just let him go, he fired him and sent him on his way. And I got pregnant, I had to go through a c-section at the age of thirteen thus getting these two scars, I almost died"

"Your father did what?"

"He let him go my mother and brother supported him, that's the reason why I can't just stand them, they didn't want to get into the newspaper for just one bloody month"

"I have to make an important call, I will be right back" he got out of the bed

"NO, just lie with me for a while. Please" I held his hand "make the call tomorrow, just stay with me for now... I need you" he got back into the bed and I cuddled against him "Tyler?"

"Yes my dear"

"I love you" I whispered

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