divided union

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chapter 37

“I love you too, as a very good friend” he smiled but I frowned. I sat up then gave him that ′seriously’ look.

“No Tyler, I mean I love you.... as a soulmate”

“Love is a very strong word Siobhan and for you to love me as a soulmate that is a very big deal,” he said

“Do you love me or not?”

“I do love you... as a friend”

“Friends don’t kiss Tyler, I mean as a soulmate stop acting stupid”

“I don’t just feel that way about you Siobhan, you are very close to me and we agreed to this marriage lasting for as long as possible I can’t risk that Siobhan, I don’t love you the way you want me to” he covered himself with the blanket. Oh well, at least he knew and I didn’t have to beat around the bush for too much longer.



“You didn’t press charges because it would’ve hurt my father?” I asked, he tried to hold my shoulder but I shrugged it away.

“It was a mistake,”

“No, it was wickedness and cruelty. I can’t even believe I looked up to you,”

“If I could turn back the clocks, Tyler I would trust me and I would change it”

“No you won’t, and unfortunately what’s done is done, I think I will steer clear of you for a while, we should also take a break from seeing each other so I can think”

“Must we act like a high school couple every time we argue?” uncle Marco asked

“Yes, yes we must. It is for Siobhan’s good, you will only end up hurting her”

“And don’t you think you are hurting her by seeing Eliza every day of your god damned life since you divorced”

“You shouldn’t know about that”

“Yet I do, you are hurting her and maybe you should back off”

“I wasn’t the one that gave out her hand in marriage, you fucker!!!”

“Don’t you yell at me”

“I will fucking yell at you if I want to yell, do you understand me you’re not my father”

“You’re right, I am not, maybe your father would like to know that you are still talking to your ex-wife” my heart skipped a beat if my father found out my mother would, then aunt Natalie, then Sidney then Siobhan.

“You can’t do that, I am seeing Eliza for a perfectly good reason”

“And that is?”

“... mutual interest”

“She is interested in your body and you are interested in hers”

“We don’t have sex anymore, look I am leaving stay away from Siobhan”

“Since when”

“When what”

“Don’t you sleep with her again”

“Since three weeks ago okay, I know what I am doing... look I don’t want you involved, just stay away from me and Siobhan for a while and don’t tell my father anything”

“Fine, tell Siobhan I love ’er”

“Yeah bye”



The guy doesn’t love me, oh he does, like a fucking friend loves another fucking friend. My phone rang, maybe he was calling to at least tell me where the fuck he was. Eleven PM, he was avoiding me, I haven’t seen him since I dropped the L-bomb, I even woke up in my bedroom. I stirred the sauce one last time before I turned off the cooker ad picked my phone from the island table

“Siobhan,” Sidney said into the phone


“Are you alone?” she asked me

“Yeah, why?”

“I have something to tell you, are you listening”

“Yes,” I scrunched my eyebrows and went to my bedroom the locked the door.

“I heard something today”


“Tyler leaves work at six, I got the information out of one of Tyler’s workers who is a friend of Vince”

“Well that employee is getting fired, for disclosure of information”

“Siobhan, this is serious”

“If he leaves work at Six... so?”

“You buffoon, you told me he comes back by seven, when does he come back home?”

“Seven-thirty or there about yes” I replied

“His workplace is how many minutes away in a car?”

“Like ten minutes”

“What happens to the remaining minutes between that”

“He is not at work”

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know”

“Let me give you a hint, Eliza” My blood started boiling, I can’t even think of the betrayal.

“WHAT?” I asked “how do you know that”

“I overheard him and dad talking about it, I came to join mum for a spa session this evening and he was there talking to him about it” I didn’t even know, Gosh I am so stupid.

“Thank you for telling me, you are the best” although I wish you didn’t, now I might have to be convicted for murder.

“I will talk to you when you are done killing him, then we can find an escape route” I laughed lowly then cut the call. Just immediately Tyler came into my room.

“Where were you?” I asked


“Where?” he spun on his heels and attempted walking out on me, I got out and bolted towards him, with all my might I yanked him back to me then trapped him against the nearest wall “where the fuck do you think you are going” he looked shocked, “I asked you a question and I want an answer”


“You are lying to me... were you with Eliza?”

“You are acting like a jealous girlfriend”

“No, I am acting like a jealous wife, you can’t go around sleeping with Eliza, she wants to ruin why don’t you see that”

“Why can’t you see any good in Eliza”

“She cheated on you!!! Tyler, you are a fool in love and you can’t see she is using you”

“This is because I don’t feel the same way about you, Siobhan... stop bugging me, please” I removed my hand from the wall.

“You can go”


“I’m sorry,” Gwendolyn said “Eliza is such a... a gold digger and Tyler is an idiot,” she said

“Gwen, I just don’t want to think about the many things that Eliza could do to make him jeopardize this arrangement, what if he gets her pregnant”

“End the marriage when you are supposed to, it’s Tyler, Tyler is stupid”

“Tyler is not stupid, for sure, I can’t hurt myself like that, if he doesn’t love me the way I love him then he is not worth it right?” I said out loud but inside I was screaming and tearing my hair out.

“Of course darling, and if he doesn’t get you the biggest apology present for your birthday, he definitely isn’t worth it” I nodded “that is, he does know right?”

“He does”

“Tyler would come around, I mean for a woman like you who wouldn’t. You are kind and smart and good at cooking and caring, and you know how to guilt someone into taking you somewhere” I laughed.

“I just didn’t want to be at home when he gets back”

“Speaking of the devil he is calling you again” she nodded toward my phone, I turned the face to the table and smiled at her

“Anyway how did you know my birthday... did you google search?”

“I won’t tell”

“You did didn’t you, what is yours”

“May ten”

“I’ll keep that in mind”

“I should go home, I will drop you come on”


I walked into the house and went to the kitchen walking past Tyler “Where were you”

“Out... with Gwen” just because he did it doesn’t mean I had to fight fire with fire, I can never be as shallow as Tyler “you are probably hungry,”

“Yeah, I am but that’s beside the point, I was worried about you, you didn’t bring me lunch today” that I could do “And I called you several times” I turned on my phone

“Twenty three missed calls, no biggie” I opened the fridge and took out a doctor pepper then opened it, pouring the content into my mouth.

“No biggie huh”

“You can order pizza”


“I am not cooking for you tonight Tyler, it’s about time you learned that I am not your slave nor am I your dog. You will make dinner and breakfast for yourself and you won’t ignore me when I ask you a question and you won’t sleep with another woman while you have a wife, Me entiendes” (do you understand me) I walked out.


I walked into Tyler’s office, he was on a phone call.

“Hey” he mouthed at me “uite te voi suna inapoi” (look I will call you back)

“Hi” I sat down and set the bag on the table.

“Siobhan I don’t want to fight anymore, I am sorry about everything that has been happening between us”

“Yeah, okay”

“You say that but deep down you know you haven’t forgiven me”

“You aren’t in my brain now, are you?” Tyler sighed

“We are flying to Paris next week” he added

“Really! for my birthday”

“Your birthday?” he asked then closed his laptop

“Yes my birthday, you know my birthday is next week right?”

“I had no idea”

“Then why is it your password”

“It’s Eliza’s birthday that is my password”

“Oh, so we are flying her there or...”

“No, we are going to a conference, your family and mine” I got up “where are you going?”

“I am leaving, don’t follow me, just stay here and let me be”


“DAMMIT” I hit the desk, why am I just screwing up with this woman

“Mr. Douglas you have a meeting in twenty minutes,” my personal assistant said through the intercom,

“Mildred can you please get me some coffee”

“Of course” I should have known her birthday was coming up, I am so stupid, I am so selfish.



“I am home” Tyler announced, I glanced over my shoulder. As if I care, I didn’t know how but his arms wrapped around my waist, he lifted me slightly then set me down when I kicked him slightly “I am over her”

“Yeah, like that is possible, you are her lap dog, in case you didn’t know”

“I am no one’s lapdog,”

“Her birthday is all over the house Tyler, hell she is all over the house, you just refuse to get over her” and come to the person that actually cares and loves you.

“I just forget passwords easily, I’m over Eliza, I swear”

“Then don’t use passwords, or tell me so I can remember them for you but no you just want to stick to the only method that can actually hurt my feelings”

“I am sorry”

“Tyler I told you I loved you. I understand you can’t say it back because you aren’t sure how you feel, but why are you hurting me?”

“I don’t mean to hurt you” he held my cheek “you know I mean it”

“You don’t care about me how you think you care, you just want me for one thing and I can see it,”

“I care about you,”

“No... no, you don’t” I removed his hands from my cheek and walked to the kitchen


two days later.

“Where is Mr. Douglas?” Catalina asked when she entered the kitchen

“Probably getting ready for work”

“He is going to be massively late” I checked my watch.

“You are right, let me just take him coffee” I have been ignoring Tyler for the past two days, I am just making myself miserable. If I go one more day without talking to him I am going to lose my mind. I took a mug of coffee to his bedroom, he was still sleeping. I wonder if this man knew that he had a company to run.

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