divided union

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chapter 38

I opened his curtains, then stared at the beautiful city view he was getting from this room, if I slept in his room I would never shut the windows “Tyler, it’s time to go to work, you are late” I sat beside him “alright I am sorry” I tapped his hand, he was warm... warmer than usual, I pressed my hand to his neck, he was extremely hot, yes he is but he had a high temperature. I stared as his face for a while, even his breathing was sexy. My thumb traced his dusky pink lips. FOCUS.

“Tyler are you alright?” yes I stole his favorite question, he opened his eyes “are you okay?”

“Just a little headache, call my secretary and tell her I won’t be in for another hour, tell her to hold my calls and answer the ones she can”

“You are not going to work until you are fully recovered” I took his phone and dialed his secretary’s number

“Hello,” The secretary said from the other side of the phone

“Mr. Douglas, good morning”

“This is his wife Siobhan Douglas, Tyler isn’t coming to work today he is not feeling too well he wants you to hold his calls and answers the ones you can”

“Oh of course” she cut the call, I looked down at him, he was sleeping again.

“Let’s get you a bath”

“Can’t I just stay here for like... five hours?”

“Five hours, you are silly” I held his hand and gently pulled him up.

“Don’t move me too much it makes the headache angry” he hung his head

“Silly man; look at how hot you are” I pulled up his shirt and tossed it to the floor.

“I know right” he whispered

“This is seriously not the time for you to get cocky mister, stand up”

“Siobhan, no I am tired and I have a pounding in my head, let me just sit down for a while”

“I will kiss you” he got up immediately, I pulled down his sweatpants

“I will do it myself”

“No, you need help”

“Don’t worry I don’t like people helping me when I am sick I like doing my work myself so I can get well sooner besides you wouldn’t want to see me naked”

“I have seen you naked, you idiot” he stepped out of his joggers

“My kiss” I pecked his cheek

“Come on” we both walked to the bathroom and he pulled off his boxers, he was just gorgeous and was probably made after months of perfecting every body part.

I turned on the shower when he got in “Shi- vonne, the water is cold, why is the water cold” he shivered

“So you can get rid of that fever you are welcome”

“I hate you”

“You are such a big baby” I took his shampoo then started massaging it into his hair, after that, I scrubbed his body with a loofah.

“I am not a baby, look at me, do I look like a baby to you?”

“No... you do not”

“I’m cold” he wrapped the towel around his waist

“Brush your teeth you big boy you can’t handle a little cold” I put my hand on his back and stared at our reflection... damn I’m hot when I’m wet. And also very short, I hope it was only when I was wet too.

“How are you not shivering right now?”

“I like cold water” I went back into his room then went to his closet to sear for something for him to wear and for me as well. I settled on one of his cardigans and a pair of his boxers for me then for him, joggers, and a hoodie. He put on his clothes, then sat down beside me.

“Here have coffee before it gets cold”

“I don’t want anything right now, I want to sleep”

“No you are going to drink this ” I sipped the coffee to test the warmth then I put it by his mouth

“Just don’t care as much, I’m fine I told you it’s just a headache”

“I hate when you tell me not to care about you,”

“I am sorry”

“I have an urge to throw this coffee on you right now” I whispered “you know I am angry with you right”

“Yes, I do, and I am sorry. You are very important to me, I would never want to lose you and I am a dick, I don’t deserve you and your kindness, I could never in a million years,”

“I forgive you, just don’t say that again, and drink this coffee

“Can’t I kiss you instead?”

“You get a kiss after you drink coffee”

“A kiss on the lips, Siobhan”

“Yeah whatever”

Tyler drank a whole gulp of coffee “that is bitter, my mouth is making everything bitter”

“What do you mean by that it’s the same way you like it every day, you need drugs” I went to the bathroom and brought out Advil

“I told you my mouth tastes bitter and you want me to take Advil”

“I have an idea” I put the drug in my mouth then pulled him harshly to a kiss, it was just as disgusting for me as it was for him.

“EW” Tyler chewed the drug and his face scrunched up into a disgusted look.


“Where is Mr. Douglas? ”

“He is upstairs he is not going to work today Catalina you can have the day off because we were planning to sleep in together”

“Okay Siobhan”

“I will make him breakfast,” I told her and went to the stove thinking of what to cook


“Tyler this is the last spoon full and I promise no more” he peeked into the bowl of porridge oats.

“What are you saying there is still a huge amount, that can feed Canada”

“Baby” I sighed “just one more for me” he slowly opened his mouth “that isn’t so bad, okay just one last spoon?” and that just made him keep opening his mouth until he was done with the whole bowl “I will go down and get a book to read to you while you lie down and get extra comfy”

“What book to read to Tyler,” Wicked fantasy, he asked for it.


“I want you to read the page...” he started, if he remembered it was going to be a miracle.

“No, prologue” I cut him off

“For real?” he groaned

“Hmm yes, don’t worry there’s kissing, you filthy-minded man” he smiled “damn you’re handsome”

“Thank you”

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