divided union

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chapter 39

“Look at you, you are huge” I hugged my sister, it was hard getting my arms around her but I managed, “are you having twins”

“No, just one” she hugged me again “we haven’t chatted in ages”

“I have missed you so much, Sidney,”

“Me too, where is the devil,” She asked, she was talking about Tyler

“He went to work today, he told me he would be back by now”

“Do you think he...” is with Eliza, telling her his goodbyes, kissing her and holding her to his chest.

“Let us not assume the worst of him”

“But the bastard knows we are going to France today” she rubbed her forehead.

“He just went to wrap up some work at the office he will meet us at the airport”

“So has he popped your cherry?” she asked, of course. There always has to be that sex talk in our conversation

“There is no cherry that is getting popped Sidney, I am not a virgin”

“I hate what that... animal did to you, and he got away with it...”

“You have your father to thank for that”

“I wish dad would have been smarter, he let him go and mum just supported him,” she said and hugged me.

“But you supported me and I love you for that,” I said and smiled “no Tyler has not popped my cherry, I want my first real-time to be special with fireworks and shit, and we would just lay there forever and ever, then we do it again”

“After forever and ever?” she asked

“After what feels like forever and ever but is actually fifteen minutes,” she laughed

“You read too many novels, Siobhan,”

“So you are telling me that every time I do it, it would feel like THAT”

“Well no, but you know there are no actual fireworks when you have sex right it’s just that sex nobody is going to shoot fireworks into the air on your first night that reads ′Congrats Siobhan, you did it, literally’"

“Stop spoiling the fantasy, I would give the virginity to the person that loves me”

“But it’s Tyler right?” she asked.

“Tyler doesn’t love me”

“He does, he is just in denial, he is scared of loving anyone” well that makes sense since Tyler is a baby, but that day he almost killed Ricardo though, And the slap he gave me, man that man can slap. “and you love him”

“I honestly don’t know anymore, I guess I like him a lot but what if I am going above my head... he is on my mind every second of the day”

“Every second?”

“Even when I don’t feel like thinking about him, I am thinking about him right now, you are making me think about him”

“Siobhan, would you say you can die for Tyler”

“There is dying involved in love!!!”

“Gosh you are so confusing”

“Yes, dying isn’t a bad thing... no, I can’t die for Tyler... I can... I can’t”

“Let’s go”

“I sometimes lie to him in order to keep him with me and lying is a sin and sin takes you to hell, which is eternal death. Yes I can die for him”

“Sorry for asking” she rubbed her stomach for a brief second, I’ve stressed her.

“So how are we traveling?”

“Dad says that he, mom uncle Christian and aunt Helen are taking his private jet while us children” I gasped, children “that’s exactly what I did I am pregnant for Christ sake, he said us children are taking Tyler’s”

“So a jet filled with a hormonal woman, a bipolar idiot piece of shit, a too nice for comfort husband of the hormonal woman, a teenage girl, a workaholic too nice husband, and a normal human being”

“Who’s the normal human being?”

“Me of course”

Sidney burst out in laughter “you are not normal, you are the talkative wife of a workaholic too nice husband... that brings me to say that Tyler has changed you, I can’t even remember the time when you would just lock yourself in your room all day and cry, or the times when you only replied yes and no and the time when you hated showing your body and you would cover your neck with all the mismatching concealer you could find, now you show it like it’s the mark of victory that it is, not everyone comes out of that type of injury. You are happy, and Tyler makes you happy which makes me happy” she wiped her tears

“Don’t get too sappy” I sniffed, she giggled.

“Let’s go to Paris, Hope you are packed”

“I am”

“Your birthday is going to be fabulous, don’t you worry”


Jeffery drove Sidney and I to the airport, we children were waiting near the jet for Tyler, but the idiot wasn’t back from work yet...

“Siobhan where did you say Tyler was again?” Veronica asked me

“He went to work... let me call him” I took out my phone and dialed Tyler’s number.


“Tyler where are you?”

“I am on my way, just wait five more minutes okay, I will be there soon”

“Okay” I cut the call

“Work?” Sebastian asked but I ignored him


“I’m here” Tyler walked

“Where have you been?” I asked

“There was a slight traffic jam... we can go now, where are our parents”

“They already left” Tyler nodded, we all entered the plane and soon after it took off.

“Vern are we staying at grandmas?” Tyler asked

“How am I supposed to know?” she asked, Tyler rolled his eyes “you’ll find out when we get there”

“I hope we are” I felt his eyes on me, I looked up from my book toward him and raised my eyebrow.


“You look nice”

“Thank you” we both heard a gagging noise, it was Veronica.

"Why don't you mind your business or I will tell Sebastian you think he is dreamy" Sebastian's ear perked up.

"Shut up" I glared at Tyler. "You could do better Veronica, maybe go for Vincent's younger brother... Liam... Liam is single right Vince... where is vince?"

"He is with Sidney" Sebastian replied, there goes my afternoon nap.

"No way, he is my biggest bully, he doesn't like me like that,"

"You two go to the same school?" I asked


"Don't worry when you get those hideous things off your teeth he wouldn't want to leave you alone" Tyler said.

"You are beautiful the way you are Veronica, with or without braces" I slapped Tyler's arm "stop advising your sister to change herself, now tow tell her she is beautiful with the braces"

"You are beautiful with the braces vern" she smiled

“So do you mind telling me what this conference is about?”

“It is an anti-sexual abuse movement... my father has to give a speech and there's loads of donations to victims and other stuff like that, Your father founded it, I am in the planning committee and so is your brother... It's very stressful but worth it" I mean it's kind of ironic that my father is the founder of the movement, but I don't judge, except of course, I DO.

“I'm guessing there is a lot of chicken in chutney"

“You know it" I shook my head in amusement

"Tell me about highschool, what was it like"

"Oh Tyler was the worst in highschool... he was supposed to pick me up from school and he drove past me, we made eye contact" Veronica said and I laughed.

"You found your way home right?"

"Mum came to pick me up and thank god you had to ride the bus for the next week" Tyler has been in a bus, I find that so hard to believe.

"I was popular in highschool"

"Of course you were"

"I was a nerd as well, I spent most of my Friday nights studying"

"His girlfriends' bodies" I laughed

"Shut up, so yeah that was highschool"

"Were you on any teams"

"Football... how was your highschool"

"I was home-schooled"

"OH, that would have been fun"

"It wasn't" I shook my head "it was boring and I just spent most of my day doing lessons and after I would read for and hour or so then eat dinner then go to bed after doing homework," Tyler widened his eyes.

"What about college"

"It wasn't fun either, I made some friends only a few because there was a huge guy following me around everywhere,"

"Whoa" I smiled "Sebastian were you home-schooled"


"I was the only home-schooled one"

"Changing the topic now... what are you reading?"

"How to make money without doing anything"


"See my favorite sentence" I showed him the book

"You can't... of course"

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