divided union

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chapter 4

“Is that the Brian you are always talking about?” I entered the company, I was immediately bombarded by one of my co-interns, Lisa

“I do not always talk about him, I have only mentioned him once” maybe last year when I couldn't get him out of my head.

“Is he single?” Lisa ignored me, even if he were single, he is a fuckboy

“I doubt it,” I hated the idea of some girl just coming out of nowhere to snatch Brian and maybe end up hurting his feelings, I loved my best friend and I only wanted the best for him, I wouldn't secure him a girlfriend unless he asked me to and he had never asked me to.

“I want a piece of that pie”

“Then you will have to talk to him because I don’t control his feelings”

“Can’t you help me talk to him?”


“Fine you will introduce me as your closest friend in the world”

“I’m not sure he will appreciate that” Lisa ignored me again and pulled me to a room.

By two o'clock, Brian came to pick me up from the office, to my dismay Lisa had been following me all day and begging me to introduce her.

“Brian this is Lisa” I rolled my eyes when I saw him smile goofily.

“Hello Lisa Siobhan didn’t tell me she had friends I thought she was alone in this world”

“Well I’m not only her friend I am her best friend”

I sighed breathily and went to enter the car whilst I eavesdropped on their conversation

“Is that so well nice to meet you” Brian was about to maneuver her to enter the car but she held his hand and stopped him in his tracks.

“I think you are cute”

“Huh” Brian perked up his ear and leaned in, what a fuckboy.

“You know, I think you are macho and it’s hot” Lisa wrapped her arm around his torso then looked up at him I was slightly taken aback by the massive height difference.

I leaned into the chair when Brian withdrew his head to catch a view of a very short Lisa

Brian peeled her off him, FINALLY “I’m Siobhan’s bodyguard I can’t date her friends”

“So just let’s do it in secret no one has to know” she giggled and he laughed awkwardly.

“What are you like sixteen?” I snorted a laughter

“Sixteen no silly I’m twenty one”

“Well I’m way older” Brian cooed and scrunched up his face at how desperate she was acting

“How old are you?”

“I am thirty-seven” Brian lied, that's like twelve years older than his original age

“Then I can call you daddy” Lisa twirled her hair around her finger.

"Oh God"

“Excuse me,” Brian said and backed away

“I can call you daddy when we are...”

“I'm gay” he lied again

“Oh you should have led with that” Lisa pouted

“I’m gonna go now it was nice meeting you” Brian walked around her and entered the car then slammed it shut. He sighed “what was that?”

“She said she wanted to meet you”

“Siobhan didn't you hear me say I liked you yesterday"

"I did, but I couldn't get rid of her"

"I have to wash my mouth with soap for those lies"

“The lies weren't that deep,” I said and rolled my eyes at his over-exaggeration

“I told the girl I was gay and thirty-seven which is a billion times older than I am”

“Brian you are twenty-five you are almost there”

Brian gasped “I am done with you we are breaking up”

“No Brian baby please I need you”

“I know you were being sarcastic but that felt nice we are going to the supermarket though”


“Kara asked me to pick a few things for her”

“Who in the hell is Kara”

“She is a new maid that is awesome in bed by the way” Brian winked at me

“EW you absolute manwhore" I smacked his arm

“Sex is the greatest thing God gave to mankind you need to try it sometime I’ll be happy to help" that made my heart speed up a bit, but I knew he was kidding "relax, I am kidding"

"I know, I know, besides I don't think I am going to it for a very long time"

“Blah; blah; blah, you are a fun sponge”

“I’m not I can totally have fun”

“I have never picked you up drunk from a party before, or a club Siobhan face it you are more boring than boring itself”

“You know what I’m breaking up with you because you are insulting me”

“You are a... nun, that's what you are"

I narrowed my eyes at him “We are going to the club because I’m sick of everyone calling me a nun”

“The good clubs aren’t open at this time we will go by eleven o clock”

“Count me in”

A minute later we were in the supermarket and Brian was scanning the list that the maid, Kara gave to him.

“I’ll be right back I want to grab some snacks”

“I am not with my wallet Kara gave me the money”

“I’ll pay” I pulled my father's black card out of my wallet, I have had it for a week now and he hasn't noticed, or he has noticed but he is too scared to take it from me “Dad left it on the coffee table"

“I love you ” he said, I ran to get some snacks, for me and Brian


“I’m back” My hands were filled to the brim with different candies of all kind

“Isn’t that too many sweets”

“You know how I like entertaining my guests”

“Fine just drop it into the basket we have to get to the house okay” I dropped it into the basket as he said and we went to the cash register

“Hello” the cashier greeted happily as we dropped the basket and she started scanning

“Good afternoon” I smiled and brushed my hair behind my ear

“You are so pretty”

“Thank you"

“She is not,” Brian said and I smacked his arm

“She is beautiful” really? good save

“You are a pretty couple”

“We are not dating” we chorused and went to the side to collect our stuff

“That will be 130 dollars”

Brian handed her the money from his wallet “I thought you said you did not bring your wallet”

“I was kidding I am not going to allow you to pay for things, that's disgusting”

“Even for you?”

“Ha” Brian laughed sarcastically and carried the bags to the boot of the car

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