divided union

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chapter 40

The plane finally landed and we met up with our parents who were waiting for us.

“Are we staying at grandmas?” Tyler asked his mother, what a baby.

“Yes we are, and your cousin, Rafael is there”

“Dammit, can’t he go and stay somewhere else?”

“He is your cousin Tyler”

“Cousin, I don’t like him very much, what is he here for anyways, he is supposed to be in Mexico, smuggling all the drugs he can fit into his fat nose” Christian sighed.

“Tyler lets go” I entered the car and Tyler entered after me “I take it you don’t like your cousin the way you are supposed to”

“Two words, playboy” you are one to complain.

“You are also a playboy”

“No, he would hit on anything with boobs and a vagina, married women, mothers, sex workers, I am pretty sure he is hitting on his own mother too”

“Don’t say that” he rolled his eyes.

“Promise me something” he held my hand tightly but I pulled it away.


“You stay away from him, for me”

“I don’t know... I like bad boys”

“I’ll be your bad boy, just don’t talk to him,” he said

“Won’t I pass around like a snub”


“Fine, fine” I raised my hand up in surrender

“I love this color on you baby, it brings out your eyes” I nodded and looked out of the window.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I am”


“Grandma” Tyler hugged the woman, I swear she didn’t look a day over thirty. She was slender and she had amazing black hair and blue eyes like Tyler his father and veronica

“Tyler dear how are you” the woman kissed his cheek “it’s been so long since I saw you all of you, look at you Marco all big already I remember when you and Christian used to fight for every damn thing now you are all grown up... Eliza!!!” she threw her hands around me, I tensed “how are you, dear”

“No grandma this is not Eliza this is Siobhan, my second wife” the woman pulled away from me.

“Oh, I am so sorry dear. Tyler why did you divorce Eliza you two made an excellent couple” I’m right here

“Grandma not now” I smiled awkwardly and tucked my hair behind her ear, Vincent squeezed my hand from behind me

“It’s okay” Tyler whispered above my head and kissed it.

“Come in, come in. Where the hell are my manners?” she said tapping her head “everyone is in the living room”


“You didn’t think this was going to be a small family affair did you Christian”

“Mum we just came because we have a conference”

“You are here anyways come” we entered the living room, it was huge, what the hell do people in Tyler’s family do for a living to amass such wealth.

“Christian meet your new father, Francis, Darling this is my son, Christian”

“Nice to meet you” the old man wearing a sweater and holding an expensive looking walking stick outstretched his hand toward Cr

“Seriously? you are not getting married again, I already have so many step-siblings okay”

“Well it’s not for you to decide if I marry or not is it, we are already married”

“I can’t do this” uncle Christian walked out and his wife (Helen) followed.

“That was awkward” I whispered into Tyler’s ear.


“Hey cousin” A man about Tyler’s age came to shake him, he was HOT, I mean a million suns couldn’t be hotter than him, he was probably even hotter than Tyler, I looked at Tyler, nope, nobody is hotter than Tyler. Tyler glared at the man then spitefully took his hand.


“I didn’t think I would be seeing you so soon”

“I didn’t think I would be seeing you at all, I thought the government would have caught up with you”

“You are not being very nice, wishing me bad luck and all”

“It’s not my fault that you are a disgrace to the Douglas family name, you are literally dragging our name in the dirt, Can’t you name your family something else, like the douchebag family”

“Funny, I like the Douglas family better and it’s good that everyone knows that we are very dangerous people to mess with”


“Yes we, besides my business makes just as much money as yours, only ten times more, so...”

“Do you know how many times we have to lie about your whereabouts”

“And I am very grateful... to your father, not you” he looked at me, “I am Rafael and you are...”

“Siobhan Douglas,”

“Would you look at that, where did this cousin come from?”

“Idiot, she is my wife”

“I see” he scanned my body like he was wearing some type of contact lenses that could see-through clothing “honey you won’t last very long”

“Excuse me?”

“Tyler has an inability to hold women down, take Olivia and Charlotte for example”

“Olivia and Charlotte? who are they”

“Tyler’s ex-girlfriends for some reason they all came running to me after they dumped him”

“That only means you are going for my seconds,” Tyler said.

“And then Eliza”

“You bastard”

“But in order to keep the balance, we can share, I do the fucking and you do the loving, deal” he outstretched his hand toward Tyler again, I slapped it away. I can see why Tyler doesn’t like him.

“No, you cannot share, I am not a toy, Listen to me, Rafael, I won’t let you talk to me anyhow you please, you say or do any rubbish, things will become ugly. Am I clear”

“Crystal,” he said.


I closed the door and dropped my suitcase “what an arrogant good for nothing candy corn...”

“Candy corn?” Tyler came from behind me, dropped his suitcase, then went to the bed to sit down.

“Oh yeah” I locked the door then removed my tank top”

“Whoa, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing?”

“Did you forget that you were not wearing a bra under that?” my hands flew to my chest.

“I swear to God I forgot”

“No need to swear to God, I believe you,” he said

“Oh but you sound like you don’t... I want to take a shower,”

“Go ahead... but you have beautiful breasts”

“Perv” he laughed

“I deserved that one” I walked into the bathroom and removed the rest of my clothes “do...you want to... go out with me?”

“What?” I asked

“For dinner, I mean do you wanna go?”

“Is this a date?”

“I guess so,” he said breathily.

“I would love to go out with you Tyler,” I leaned on the door and pressed my ear to it “when?”

“Tomorrow evening, we’ll eat out at any place of your choosing”

“Okay” I smiled


I sat at the dinner table and Tyler was the person that said the grace, the food started passing around and Tyler served me.

“Christian? would you at least talk to me?” Vivian said uncle Christian ignored her.

“I think I have had seven grandfathers now” Tyler whispered into my ear, I dropped my fork quietly and looked at him.

“What?” I whispered, Vivian cleared her throat.

“So Siobhan tell me about yourself,” she said “when did you get married to Tyler”

“July, this year”

“And why wasn’t I invited”

“You were,” uncle Christian said “apparently you were tying your own knot” Vivian sighed

“You are a beautiful girl you know that”

“Thank you”

“I didn’t even hear about it,” Rafael said

“Quite frankly if I breathe you would be the last to know,” Tyler replied

“Why is there so much anger passing around the table, this is a family dinner let it be so” I heard someone say, when I saw everyone’s eyes on me I knew I was the one who’d done it.

“Siobhan is absolutely right,”

“Where is Francis?”

“Emergency meeting”

“On Monday night mother for real?”


“Oh my God”

“Can I be excused?” I asked

“Of course dear” I got up from the table, Tyler pinched me slightly and I looked at him, he gave me a look that asked ‘are you alright?’ I nodded.


“That was a nice dinner,” I said, I was lying that was the most horrible dinner I have ever had, take it from me who has had the worst meals with, my family, for almost nine years

“Then two of us might have polar opposite definitions of nice Siobhan, that dinner was not nice”

“You are right, is dinner always this... tension-filled”

“It gets better don’t worry”


“Where do you want to go?” Tyler asked

“I just want to walk”


“Yeah, anywhere”

“... Fine... walk it is... would I be needing money?”

“Just to be safe”


“This is nice” I put my head on Tyler’s shoulder, if anyone saw us they would think we were a normal couple, Tyler’s fingers interloped with mine

“Yeah” he replied

“I want ice cream” I nodded to the ice cream shop

“Come on”

“Bonsoir comment Puis-Je Vous aider” (Good evening how can I help you) the woman said rapidly in french

“Bonsoir... Siobhan, what do you want?”

“I just want strawberry icecream with blueberries”

“Une tasse de glace à la fraise et des myrtilles et pour moi Juste du Chocolat nature merci” (A cup of strawberry ice cream and blueberries and for me just plain chocolate thank you)


“You know you are very plain,” I said after peering into his cup of only chocolate.

“I take pride in it”

“hombre aburrido” (boring man) I muttered under my breathe.

“This view is beautiful” I exclaimed

“Yes very beautiful” Tyler was staring at me, I brushed my hair away, I put a spoon of ice cream in my mouth

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing,” he shook his head.


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