divided union

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chapter 41

“Siobhan?” I looked up from my phone, it was Sebastian, what now.

“What do you want Sebastian?”

“I want to talk” I readjusted myself in my chair and looked at him squarely as he sat down in front of me.

“Who’d you knock up?”

“I didn’t get anyone pregnant Siobhan, I want to talk Brother to sister”

“I have previously told you that we aren’t siblings, we are not even related anymore since I moved out and you moved out as well” he sighed.

“I want us to reconcile”

“Why?” he gave me that ‘are you serious’

" Seriously, why? because I want my baby sister back, your twenty-third birthday is coming up”

“You even remember, I must say, I am impressed”


“What? I shouldn’t be difficult, I have every right to be since you let Tyler do your job, in this past few months he has been every man in my life to even my best friend and you couldn’t even be an older brother, don’t come out here pretending as if you care about me, there is nothing you can gain from it,”

“I do care about me”

“No, you don’t, you only care about yourself”

“I don’t you upset on your birthday,”

“I am not upset Sebastian, I am very happy,”

“Let me do something for you anything, tell me anything”

“Think about it yourself, so it would really come from the heart” I tapped his chest “then maybe, just maybe I would forgive you for selling your soul to the devil”

“Siobhan mum and dad want to talk to you,” Sidney said, what is going on, if they apologize, this is a trap in the becoming.

“Where are they?”

“Upstairs third door on the right” I picked my phone from the table and tucked it into my jeans pocket.

Here goes nothing, I knocked on the door and quietly entered the room, it was their bedroom.

“Sidney said you called me” I folded my hand over my chest and stared at the both of them

“Why don’t you come and sit down” My mother patted the space between them.

“I rather not... is there something you need or did I come here to stare at your faces?”

“Siobhan, how are you?” my father asked, immediately my eyebrow shot up.

“What?” I reached behind me and held the doorknob

“How are you”


“That’s good, and how is married life with Tyler?”

“Good?” I replied “what do the two of you want from me, you want to make me divorce Tyler so I can come live with you again, or what”

“No, no, no... we just wanted to make sure you are comfortable,” my mother said

I couldn’t hold myself at that point so I just blurted out- “Why?”

“What do you mean why?”

“I mean why do you care if I am comfortable or not, that’s never been your concern,”

“Is this still about ten years ago” Yup today is making it ten years ago, I should be sad that this is the anniversary of something bad, that it happened the day before my birthday but I didn’t feel anything.

“It never stopped being about ten years ago, you ruined my life and you keep on ruining my life, go ahead tell Tyler to divorce me, I probably won’t be shocked”

“Do you love Tyler?”

“It is none of your business really, that’s me and Tyler’s business. what’s it going to be?”

“No one is separating you from Tyler” I exhaled with relief, I didn’t even know I was holding my breath “we don’t want to ruin your life, we love you just as much as we love Sidney and we love Sebastian”

“You don’t love me if you did you would have at least tried taking me to therapy, you made a teenager suffer in problems she shouldn’t have known in the first place, I don’t think I can ever forgive you” I opened the door and went out.


“Tyler?” I crept into the blanket for a nap with Tyler.

“Hmm,” he slowly opened his eyes then smiled “hey babe”

“I didn’t mean to wake you”

“It’s fine... are you alright?”

“Tyler promise me you won’t leave me” he was taken aback at first

“If you promise you won’t leave me”

“I promise”

“I promise” he held out his pinky in front of me, I took it and wrapped mine around his.

“What do you have for my birthday tomorrow?”

“That’s tomorrow?” he asked surprised

“Yes” I sighed

“I’m joking I have something for your birthday,” he smiled and pulled me closer to his chest

“Does it involve skittles?”

“I’ll never tell” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on his.

“I still love you”


I was awake late and it was already my birthday since it was twelve, I was watching reality television. The couch dipped in beside me, it was Tyler

“Hey you are awake”

“Yes so what are we watching” he leaned his back into the couch

“I do not know... is that it?”

“Oh sorry, good morning” I raised my eyebrow and turned to the Tv

“Why don’t you get me a drink, Siobhan?”

“What do I look like?”

“Please,” he looked at me. I opened the fridge, there stood apple cider vinegar, a little prank never hurt anyone, I snickered to myself and poured a glassful of ACD.


“Thanks” he gulped it “refreshing” He dumped the contents on me

“What gives” I yelled

“Happy birthday baby” I glared at him “I am sorry,”

“Oh, you will be” I lunged at him then started tickling him.

“Siobhan... stop it” he was trying to catch his breath, whilst laughing “stop it”

“Tyler you are using drugs”

“Come on, an element of surprise” I poked his ribs and he jumped

“What kind of surprise is that?”

“Hey you tried to poison me with apple cider vinegar”

“True, but now I smell like it, look at me”

“I am,” he said and I poked his ribs again

“I hate you,”

“No you don’t... happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Siobhan happy birthday to you, hip hip”


“Are you both drunk, its the middle of the night” Rafael said and I laughed

“Come on let’s go upstairs” Tyler went to turn the Tv off, then we walked to our bedroom.

“Where’s my gift”

“It’s not here yet,”

“You promise, you have one to give”

“I promise,”

“Remember that a promise is a debt”

“And debt is a sin”

“A bad thing, A debt isn’t a sin,”

“Huh, I need to read my bible”

“Like you have one,” I muttered under my breath.

“I have a bible Siobhan, thou shall not bear false witness, it’s a sin

“Look who is talking about sin, fornicator one zero one”

“I am not a fornicator, I just enjoy sex a lot”

“Same thing”

“You want to tell me you are not a sinner”

“I am a sinner, I just don’t sin as much as you do”

“How do you know you don’t sin as much as I do”

“I can’t remember the last time I did something unholy”

“Then I am going to change that” he caressed my cheek

“You are the devil aren’t you?”

“I’m glad you figured,” he went behind me and kissed my neck

“What are you doing?”

“Making you feel good” he muttered then pulled me closer by the waist so that my butt was touching him before he turned me around “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” Tyler kissed my neck then started kissing me on the lips gripping my waist tightly and burying his fingertips in my skin.

He pulled me up carefully and my legs instantly wrapped around his waist. My back was against the wall “Tyler?”

“I know, I’m sorry”

“What are you sorry for?”


“You don’t have to be sorry, I liked it” he exhaled with relief, I think. Tyler crushed his lips on mine again, this time more aggressively and passionately and the kiss was more heated, he licked my lower lip and I happily granted him access, I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled him closer. My back soon left the wall and it was on the bed, my legs were still wrapped around his waist. I reached between us and stroked him slightly, he was growing harder and harder by the second.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked into my eyes “do you know you smell like apple cider vinegar?” I laughed. I sat up and pulled off my tank top then tossed it away.

“Do I still smell like it?” I asked a Tyler who was kneeling in front of me, how were we so close.

“A little” he pulled off his shirt tossed it away, Tyler had me feeling hot and a little tongue-tied, my eyes lifted to him as his fingers skimmed around my back to the clasp of my bra

“You really do have the most stunning eyes,” he breathed as he expertly unclipped my bra, his own beautiful blue eyes penetrating mine. I almost moaned, my chest was rising and falling quickly I felt his fingers caress my shoulder blades before drifting over the straps of my bra

“Like silk,” he whispered. My bra fell from my body and Tyler’s gaze dropped to my naked breasts, they swelled under his attention, my nipples puckering in the cold air.

“Babe,” he said appreciatively, and I shuddered at the feel of his warm hand cupping my right breast, his thumb sliding across the nipple. “you’re gorgeous”

“Thank you” In answer, he crushed his mouth over mine in a hard, deep kiss, and cupped both breasts, thumbs gliding over the pebbled nipples. I gasped into his mouth as heat dove through my belly, I trailed my hands over his chest, loving the way he felt under my fingertips. He was warm, his skin smooth, and I felt his strength in the hard muscles of his body. He broke the kiss and my swollen lips pouted in disappointment “Lie back” are we going to do it?

I did as he asked, leaning up on my elbows, waiting for his next move. My eyes lowered to his black boxer briefs and my breath stuttered at the sight of his raging erection. I did that. A triumphant smile curled my lips, and my belly flipped at his low, pleased laugh. It flipped even harder as his hands skimmed up my outer thighs and his thumbs hooked into the edge of my shorts, I froze.

“Relax” his tone was reassuring. Nodding, I lifted my hips to help him and couldn’t stop the blood heating my cheeks as he slowly peeled my shorts and my underwear off.

“What now?”

“Lie back and trust me... do you trust me?”

“Yes,” The breath whooshed right out of me as I lay back, watching him as he got on the bed and settled his knees on either side of my waist. The heat from his body warmed mine up and he wasn’t even touching me. His cologne was taunting me its heavy scent affecting not only my sense of smell but my taste buds as well. I wanted to find its origin on his body and I wanted to lick and suck and kiss his skin until he was groaning underneath me, where did that even come from? I don’t know how to do any of those things.

Hands braced on the mattress on either side of my head, he bent to graze his lips over mine. Back and forth. Teasing. Tingling.Frustrating. Just as I was about to complain impatiently, he kissed me harder. I moved my lips beneath his lips, our tongues stroking each other.

I gripped Tyler’s waist as the kiss grew rough and breathless; I sighed into his mouth with pleasure as his erection stroked my belly. He groaned, his lips drifting from my mouth, across my chin, down my jaw. He kissed his way down my body, his mouth hot, hungry, and I held on, caressing his muscled back, sliding my hands up toward his shoulder blades as he moved downward.

When that hot mouth of his closed around my left nipple, my hips slammed against him in reaction. ‘Oh, God.’ My thighs gripped him as I urged him closer, my back arching for more as he first licked me and then sucked hard, all the while pinching my other nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

“Tyler, Oh, God …” He lifted his head, his eyes were nearly black, he was pressing between my legs now, only the fabric of his boxer briefs shielding me from its heat. “Do you like that Siobhan?” he asked, his voice thick, do I like it? I love it. “Like me sucking hard on your nipples?” I flushed at his crude question but found myself nodding quickly, He groaned and dipped his head again, licking my other nipple now. I’d had no idea my breasts were that sensitive. As he continued to suck and tease and torment me, my stomach coiled in a tight knot, I have never experienced such pleasure.

“TYLER” I was panting hard, clutching his head in my hands as he circled his tongue around my areola, Suddenly he was moving, sliding down my body, his hands cupping and shaping my breasts as he descended, his lips trailing wet kisses down my stomach. I shivered at the touch of his tongue across my navel and then tensed when I realized his destination was the apex of my thighs.

Tyler caressed my stomach reassuringly and looked into my eyes. “Open up, sweetheart.” Biting my lip, I gazed down at him half in wonder and a half in anxiety as I let my thighs fall open. Tyler settled between my legs. His hand glided along the inside of my thigh and he asked, “Noone has ever done this for you” I shook my head, a spark of mischief entered his expression. “I’m looking forward to this reaction.” He kissed me there. I shivered. It was nice.

And then I felt his fingers slide inside me and a groan of delicious surprise escaped my lips, bringing Tyler’s eyes up to my face. They were intense, the mischief was gone and replaced by sexual intent. His fingers slipped out of me and then back in. My hips pushed against them, trying to catch his rhythm.

“You’re so wet and ready for me” he whispered

“Yes,’ I choked out, tilting my hips up. ’God, yes.” With a growl of satisfaction, Tyler dipped his head again. His fingers slipped out of me, I nearly came off the bed at the feel of his tongue on me.

He circled my clit, teasing it, pressing it … and then he sucked it. I cried out, feeling my orgasm building quicker and quicker, what is this feeling. When he pressed his fingers inside me, I burst apart, crying out his name like a prayer, as my eyes fluttered shut. I shivered against his mouth, my fingers curled into the bedsheets beneath me. The orgasm rolled through me in waves and I pulsed and pulsed against his mouth until finally, I was limp, like a wet noodle and I came undone.

I felt him move up my body and when I eventually pried my eyes open he had his hands braced on either side of my head again, his lower body pressed to mine. He was wearing this pleased, cocky smile on his face. He brushed his fingers across my cheekbone affectionately, his eyes searching.

“I take it that was good.” That was an understatement, he kissed me. What would make me the happiest birthday girl is if he were to tell me that he loved me.

“I... never mind,” he said

“Go on” I urged quietly and pulled the bedsheet to my body.

“Nothing, it’s nothing”

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