divided union

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chapter 42

I frowned when Tyler lied down on the bed beside me, what the hell is wrong with this man, first he is giving me the best... whatever they call that, then he is all moody. Jesus.

“Not so holy are we now”

“I almost forgot you were doing that to refresh my sinning, Lucifer” I smiled and got up, my legs were wobbly, how could they not be, after THAT “I need to get dressed” I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up before wearing my clothes.

“That was... good” I slipped under the blanket with him and pressed my ear on his chest, his heart was beating at a normal pace, I want his heart to race for me, I know my heart is racing for him. He smelt like sex with a slight hint of apple cider vinegar, it has never smelt so seductive, I HATE IT.


“Tell me you love me... even if it is just as a friend”

“I love you,” he whispered, it doesn’t matter as long as he said the words, I could always transform them into something else in my head.

“I love you too... as a friend,” I said back, I don’t know when I fell asleep, but Tyler’s heartbeat was my lullaby.

I heard a slightly loud knock on my door, fuck the earth, who on earth comes to knock by... when it is still dark outside.

Tyler groaned lowly before moving around for about five seconds, then he went completely still. I heard another knock.

“Bloody hell” I whispered

“Go away” Tyler cried, I covered my ears with the blanket

“Tyler; open the door” the person banged the door again

“What the hell” I murmured under my breath

“Jesus Christ,” he rolled out of the bed “I’ll get it, don’t worry” I stared at his back as he walked to unlock the door, a group of people practically tackled him and rushed into the room with a cake. It was my parents, Tyler’s parents, Sidney and Sebastian.

“What is going on?”

“Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you” I smiled when Sidney came to hug me tightly.

“Happy birthday Siobhan” Sidney whispered in my ear

“Oh my God,” I bellowed out in happiness “aw thank you guys” I leaned forward and looked at the cake, it had the words ‘happy birthday Siobhan’ written in cursive on it, There were a lot of candles on it. I blew them out wishing that Tyler would just love me exactly the way I loved him.

“Happy birthday Siobhan” everyone took turns in hugging me

“Thank you guys so much, I am grateful,” I looked at Tyler who was on the verge of grabbing one of the candles and sticking it into someone’s eye. I giggled.

“Could you guys go now so we can sleep?”

“Don’t be so rude son, won’t you wish your wife a happy birthday”

“He already did” I replied

“Tyler is right we should probably let him sleep we don’t want him to act like a teenager on her period throughout today,” Christian said, I fought my urge to burst out in laughter. Our family left the room and he sat down.

“Well that was new,” I said

“They have never done it before?”

“Not even before the... you know?” I said, I went to lock the door then went under the duvet with him. I saw him looking at me.

“Why are you looking at me Tyler?” I asked

“Nothing... how would you know I was looking at you if you weren’t looking at me” I rolled my eyes, then got up from the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“Since they have already done that, I have no other choice than to start my day right” I went to the bathroom then started brushing my teeth, Tyler stood at the door.


“Nothing, just watching you use my toothbrush with so much happiness” I dropped the toothbrush into the sink immediately “I was kidding”

“Seriously, now my brush has fallen into the sink” I picked it up and tossed it in the trashcan, then opened the cabinet to get a new one. Tyler came to start brushing his teeth as well. He was looking at me through the mirror, I smiled.


When we finished brushing our teeth, Tyler gave me a small box

“What is it”

“Well, I gave it to you to open it right?” I opened the box

“Wow” I widened my eyes

“Do you like it” I pulled the ring out, it had a black diamond, it wasn’t big but it wasn’t small either, it came with a chain

“I love it” I removed the ring from the chain and slipped it on my finger, then put the chain around my neck, the other one wasn’t there. I actually misplaced it the first time I took it off.

“You don’t wear your wedding ring, so I thought you would like it better”

“I don’t wear my wedding ring cos I can’t find it”

“What?” he asked

“I can’t, I lost it on the beach during our honeymoon... does this belong to your grandmother or anything,”

“My paternal grandma sold her first wedding ring for about thirty million dollars and my maternal grandmother took her wedding ring to her grave,”

“I love it though” I examined the ring “this must have cost a fortune... it looks expensive”

“It is very expensive, while I wouldn’t want you to lose it, please keep it forever, promise” I hooked my finger around his own.

“I promise” I tackled him to the bed and started kissing him.

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