divided union

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chapter 43

I walked into the kitchen when I saw Rafael sitting there drinking coffee and spun on my heels “Good morning” Bloody hell.

“Good morning, Rafael,” I said without looking at him

“Siobhan happy birthday,” Rafael said, I looked at him. He was smiling tightly

“Thank you” I smiled, forgive me if I didn’t forget when he said he wanted to share me, who the hell says that to someone else’s wife, or to anyone in general. How does sharing work, you know what? I don’t even want to know.

“Where is Tyler?” he asked

“He is upstairs getting ready for the day,”

“Oh, is he leaving?”

“I think so”

“I will like to take you out” I went to the counter and poured some coffee in a mug.

“S’cuse me” I took a quick glance over my shoulder and saw him looking at me with an intense look on his face, I wonder why males in Tyler’s family were so goddamn fine. Even the oldest of the oldest.

“Yeah, take you out for lunch, for your birthday”

“I don’t think you have to do that Rafael” I started putting cream in my coffee.

“Come on, as a gift. I don’t want to sleep with you or anything, you are a family members wife and that is just plain... disrespectful”

“Look at who is talking about disrespectful,” I said turning around and placing my elbows on the counter. He laughed.

“We got off on the wrong foot and I want to make it up... if you aren’t comfortable going out with me alone Sidney can come along”

“Come along where?” Tyler asked when he entered the kitchen.

“Oh Jesus, must you always stick your big mouth in everything” Tyler narrowed his eyes at his cousin.

“Siobhan is not going anywhere with you”


“Because your idea of fun isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, I can put my money on you planning on taking her to an illegal kickboxing match or you taking her to a strip club,”

“I am not the one that involved myself in illegal kickboxing,”

“That wasn’t me either... was it?”

“Yes, it was,”

“You are not taking her anywhere Rafael, I don’t even like you”

“Maybe some other time” Rafael got up and I nodded

“No!” Tyler said, Rafael winked at me before walking out, and I scoffed.

“Stay away from him goddammit,” Tyler said

“I am”

“You were practically kissing him already” what an exaggeration

“He was over there Tyler, calm down”

“Just stay away from him okay” he walked closer then trapped me in between his arms.

“Okay” I smiled, he took my cup of coffee and sipped it whilst looking into my eyes, I just want to sink and drown and die in his beautiful blue eyes. I am going to die because of him.


“Where is Tyler” I looked up from my cake that I was stuffing my face with.

“He went out, check it” I showed her the ring

“Wow, that’s a pretty ring, he bought it for you?”

“Duh” she smiled

“Siobhan was that moaning I heard last night” Sidney murmured into my ear

“What?” I pushed her face away, I shouldn’t have, now she has seen how red my face is.

“This is an ancient house, Siobhan the walls are not so thick”

“I was masturbating”

“You do not know how to lie”

“I think you guys are too... in my sex life, butt out, NOW,” I said

“I will, later, but how was it though was he big, Siobhan we have so much to talk about”

“No, we do not we didn’t have sex last night”

“You woke Vincent and Vincent is a really heavy sleeper”

“Foreplay... happy?

“Is he good at it?”

“Yes, now shut up” Sidney squealed, Oh fuck me.

“Baby you are going to render us deaf very soon” Vincent kissed Sidney on the lips and bent down to kiss her stomach

“You guys are so cute. Do you know the gender yet?”

“We want it to be a surprise,” Sidney said

“Then how are we supposed to know what color of things to buy for her” I personally want it to be a girl.

“It is a boy and it will be nice to have a girl that likes blue either way, Siobhan insights ”

“I want a girl”

“Exactly” Vincent fist-bumped me

“Well too bad, it is gonna be a boy and his name is going to be...”

“Gabriel,” I said cutting her off

“Gabriel? I like Ashton” Vince said

“What, Gabriel is better, okay”

“Okay” Vincent raised his hand in surrender “you are boss”

“Good” Sidney nudged Vincent and smiled

“Siobhan your birthday gift is on your bed” I won’t be surprised if its a vibrator.

“Here” Vincent gave me a pen.

“You are giving me this now?”

“What’s that Vince, buy her a better gift”

“I failed the test already” I stared at the lucky pen that I knew Vincent took.

“Well, I found it and brought it to you”

“I knew you took it” I punched him, I walked up the stairs with the pen in my hand, I’m glad Sidney ended up with her childhood best friend

I opened the door and there was the largest teddy I had ever seen. My birthday is going better than it went last year, Last year it was just a family dinner, no cake and no presents and Sidney couldn’t even make it, just imagine.

“Surprise” I turned around and saw Sebastian

“What is this?” I walked closer to the bear and touched it, it was soft, that’s good.

“It’s almost seven feet tall, that’s taller than me, taller than Tyler even”

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah, I like it, it’s a way to apologize”

“I am the worst brother ever”

“Yeah? but at least you will soon get there if you stop being a dick”

“Okay, I am ready to do anything to earn your forgiveness”


“Cos Sidney told me I am going to hell” he walked out of my room, he is going to hell sorry to say. I looked at my bed and saw a bag. This must be Sidney’s gift.

I opened the bag and pulled out a red dress, Tyler is going to love this. I peered closer into the bag and saw something else. When I pulled it out it was a skimpy piece of red lace panties.

Please wear me WITH the dress. Oh geez.


“Hey babe” he dropped a bag on the bed, and leaned over to kiss me, I dodged the kiss.

“Where were you?”

“Out, shopping... can I kiss...” he sighed

“What’s that?”

“It’s a dress for you to wear to the conference”

“I already have a dress,”

“No, you don’t” he replied

“Yes, I do,” he laughed

“Just wear the dress okay” he patted my thigh, NO, I will not wear the dress.


“Siobhan?” my dad said and gave me a bag, I opened it and saw a box. When I opened it there was a chain, it had a ‘23’ hanging from it and a heart that had the words ‘Siobhan’ inscribed into it.

“Thank you, I will cherish it” at least, I have another thing to add to m growing pile of birthday jewelry and presents. If I sold all my gifts, I would be able to buy a tiny island with a modern cottage and a horse. I walked up the stairs whilst putting the necklace on my neck. I still have a whole cake made of skittles to get to.

“Shower,” Sidney said immediately I got into my room


“Shower, we have to get you ready to lose your virginity today”

“I am not a virgin, stop calling me a virgin” I walked into the bathroom and took a shower.


“I love this dress Sidney,” I said admiring the dress that Tyler bought for me “but I love this one too”

“Don’t you want to give his dick a little jump scare, a pretty woman in a red dress ought to excite him”

“I’m sold”


“And that girly is how to apply booby tape” I looked down

“This is going to be awkward when he wants to remove it”

“He won’t mind” I put on my dress. The dress was sleeveless and it was an asymmetrical hemline dress, bright red and all.

“You look beautiful Siobhan”

“Thank you, Sid, won’t you get ready”

“I will don’t worry... now unto your makeup”

“I don’t wear makeup”

“Shhh... it’s going to be light”


“This isn’t light” I stared at my face in the mirror “the lipstick is okay, but I think my eyes...”


“They look a little too smoky, but thank you”

“Tyler is going to die when he sees you”

“For real”

“Yes, not like real dying though... like he is going to be so short of breathing he might faint”

“You are just saying it” I blushed and she rolled her eyes then bent down in front of me “what the hell do you think you are doing?!!!” I pulled her up

“Wearing your shoes”

“Mrs, have you forgotten that you are fucking pregnant?” I grabbed the shoe from her then started putting it on “just go and shower then I’ll do your makeup”

“Yeah, like I’ll allow you to touch my face” I pouted “no”





“Why is the door fucking locked?” I said, Sidney’s head was sticking out of my door and she was holding out my suit

“Because we are doing something” Sidney replied, Oh fuck me.

“I demand to see my wife”

“You’ll see her later, I gave you your clothes now be a gentleman and go get ready”

“Are you fucking with me right now, Sidney”

“No... Siobhan stop touching your hair”


“If you wipe that makeup off I will punch your teeth out” make up? Siobhan doesn’t wear makeup. I won’t like her to wear makeup.

“I need to get dressed in my room, I already took a shower in another room what more could you want?”

“I will tell you what, you go and stand in that room over there Siobhan will come out and go to another room then you can come in”

“I want to see if the dress I bought fits her”

“It does, very well” she smiled “go”


“Yeah” she replied

“I want to see you” Siobhan giggled

“Scram now” Sidney ordered me

“Fine” I walked into the room she said I should go into, I peeked out just at the last minute and saw a hint of red, the dress I bought Siobhan was black.


I stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Siobhan, I didn’t want to, they made me do it. They almost nailed me to the spot. My grandma came down, she looked beautiful in her own special kind of way, she took Francis’s hand and they just gushed over each other.

Then my mother, then Siobhan’s mother, then Sidney, then my sister, who was Sebastian’s date, They all looked very beautiful.

“Welcome the birthday girl, Siobhan Brooklyn,” Sidney said

“It’s Siobhan Douglas” I corrected

“My bad, Siobhan Brooklyn” Siobhan stepped down.

“Dayum,” Rafael said and nudged me, I nudged him back.


“Sexy in a red dress ain’t she,” Sidney said, in my defense, she is always sexy. She came down the stairs.

“You look... wow,” I said

“I’m glad you like it, you don’t look so bad yourself” she adjusted my bow tie “you look really smart and sexy”

“Sexy, I like that. Can I kiss you now?” I whispered

“In front of everyone?”

“Yes,” she put her arms behind my neck and pressed her lips on mine, I just want to ditch this whole thing and take her upstairs to make love to her all night. Make love. Just come out and tell her that you love her, but what if I don’t, I will never forgive myself if I hurt her.

“Shall we?” I asked after pulling away

“We shall”

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