divided union

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chapter 44


“Siobhan” Tyler said as soon as we entered the car


“What is that giant stuffed animal in our bedroom?”

“Oh, it’s my new teddy bear, Sebastian bought it for me”

“I was scared when I saw it, it looked out of place and it was pink, very pink”

“Relax, there’s no ax murderer inside it, at least I hope there isn’t”

“Where did you get that dress?”

“Sidney bought it for me”

“No man would be able to take his eyes of you, I have to keep you close to my chest at all times, I haven’t seen you wear makeup in four months I was very surprised”

“Would you say you wanted to faint?”

“If I wasn’t gripping the staircase railing, I certainly would have toppled over,” I laughed “Don’t dance with any man but me tonight, don’t even look at any man but me,”

“Well that’s very possessive of you”

“Not possessive, protective, I don’t want anyone’s hand within a five-inch span from your ass”

“I hear ya”

“Hey” he raised his pinky, and I took it.


Tyler held my hand and led me into the hall, there were a lot of people there, and they were all dressed expensively, there was scents of different colognes everywhere, but I could only smell Tyler’s.

“Mr. Giovanni, this is Siobhan my wife” Tyler introduced me and put his hand behind me practically pushing me forward, his hand touched my bareback and I shivered before the complete stranger took my hand in his”

“Darling, Mr. Nikolai Giovanni”

“Nice to meet you,” he said

“You too... sorry, The pleasure is all mine,” I said after stuttering for a full second, the man smiled then walked away, patting my back slightly as he went.

“Could you not be an antisocial sociopath” Tyler’s hand left my back, he sounded pissed

“I don’t come for these things, I am a conference virgin”

“You just have to smile and be polite”

“I will try” is it me or is he changing under this atmosphere?


“Tyler!” I heard a woman’s voice say from behind us, It was Eliza. She was gorgeous.

“Eliza, hello, I didn’t know you were coming this year” she held Tyler’s shoulder and kissed him very close to his lips, what. the. actual. fuck. He didn’t seem to mind.

“Eliza,” I said

“Siobhan, I didn’t see you there... that is a beautiful dress”

“Thanks” she turned to Tyler and straight-up hooked her hand in Tyler’s and walked off with him.


“I hate Tyler”

“Don’t mind him” Sidney said

“I mean, I got so pretty for him and he is with... her, what?”


“No, I will not relax, this was a mistake. Tyler won’t ever love me” I stared at the ring on my finger then looked at Tyler. Eliza looked like she would rip off his clothes any moment from now.

I looked up and caught the handsome profile of a man sitting like three seats from Sid and me, I was about to break a pinky promise and I am not going to feel guilty. The man as if sensing me staring at me looked at me, he was hot. I smiled. He lifted and dropped his eyebrow for a split second before turning away.

“Am I hideous?” I asked

“No, you are very beautiful”

“What’s his deal?” I nudged my head in the direction of the guy.

“Edward Cavarill... nothing... widowed and quiet”

“I am going to talk to him”

“Siobhan, you are married”

“So is Tyler” and I don’t want to be an antisocial sociopath I got up and went to sit by him “hey”

“Hello” he looked at me

“That is one helluva scar,” I said making him roll his eyes, I shouldn’t have said that, he must get the reaction a lot, considering it ran from his ear to his cheek “Sorry you must get that a lot”

“I do”

“So what’s your name?”

“Edward Cavarill, nice to meet you,” he said

“I am Siobhan... Are you a stranger to these affairs?"

"Not really,"

"Then why aren't you dancing"

“I don’t dance”


“Because I don’t”

“That is hardly a reason, come on dance with me" I held out my hand, he looked at it for a split second and looked at my face "don’t leave me hanging” He finally got up. Edward and I danced for a while, his humor was out of this planet.

“Why is Mr. Douglas looking at me like that?” I looked over my shoulder, Tyler was in fact glaring daggers at Edward

“Don’t mind him”

“Well he is coming this way”

“Sorry, excuse me” he nodded “it was nice talking to you”

“Same here” I got up and grabbed my purse then walked up the huge stairs to the second floor.

“Hey come here,” Tyler said behind me “Siobhan, stop this instant” I opened a door and slammed it in his face “What was that?” he entered the room and locked it.

“What was what?”

“That! you getting cozy with Edward fucking Cavarill” he yelled

“Stop yelling at me”

“I will yell if I want to yell, Siobhan why were you with him?”

“I don’t know, he is cute”

“Cute?! you see the scar on his face right?”

“Yeah, I think it makes him look rugged and sexy, Tyler”

“Siobhan stay away from him,”

“Who’s gonna stop me? you? your head is too in Eliza’s boobs to care about me... You left me to talk to her all night, and I was thinking we would spend the whole night together but I was wrong”

“Look” he held my hand

“Don’t touch me,” I pulled my hand away from his

“Stop acting like this”

“Why? I don’t like you touching her and smiling at her the way you do”

“I won’t stop talking with Eliza for you,”

“Then what would you do for me?”

“Any other thing”

“Tell me you love me” I said


“Well... I see, what the hell are we doing then? we are getting a divorce this year, I’ll pay you money, I can’t be hurt, not by you” I opened the door and walked out of the room.

“Baby, come on, let’s talk”

“About what?” he stood at the doorway and pointed into the room, I sighed deeply then walked into the room. “You can’t leave me, you’ll break your promise”

“Me dancing with Edward means that I have already started breaking promises I made to you”

“If you leave me... I’ll be alone”

“No, you will be with Eliza, isn’t that what you want?”

“Eliza doesn’t make me feel happy, ”

“Then say the words”

“You make me happy, please I will stop seeing her I swear” he held my hand “Don’t leave me”

“I won’t” he smiled then held my cheek in his hands kissing me, our kiss has never felt so lifeless.

“You are uncomfortable” he said

“What? No, of course not” there was a knock on the door, I pushed away from Tyler “that must be them calling to tell that your father is giving his speech”

“Lets go”


After Christian’s speech

“Eliza dear you look absolutely stunning” Helen gushed

“The woman dyed her hair red, she looks like strawberry shortcake” Eliza snapped a glare in my direction.

“Darling let’s go,” Tyler said to me

“Where are we going?” I asked

“We are going for dinner”

“Oh” Sidney leaned into me

“Is it just me or has Cavarill been staring at you all night?” I looked across the room, Edward Cavarill was standing with a group of people but he was looking at me. Funny I would rather be talking to him than looking at Tyler’s face right now. I waved and he smiled in return.

“Let’s go” I said.


“Edward was looking at you, and people were asking me if you two were a thing, imagine the embarrassment”

“I embarrassed you?” I entered the car and he entered as well

“Yes... I didn’t mean that”

“Oh no worries, I will also be embarrassed if my husband is holding hands and talking with his ex wife all night... you are a hypocrite”

“What are we doing?”

“Tyler, you are still in love with Eliza”

“I am not,”

“You are denying for no reason” he moved towards me and brushed a tendril of hair from my face, I looked out of the window.

“Tell me we’re okay” you want me to lie.

Fine “we’re okay”

“Hold my hand and squeeze it tight” I took his hand and gripped it.


We got to the restaurant and we were sitting outside, on the last floor, we even got a view of the city and the eiffel tower.

“This is beautiful”

“Only the best for my Siobhan” his siobhan, The waiter poured champagne in our flutes and dropped the menus after introducing himself, at least I thought that was what he did, I don’t understand french “happy birthday sweetheart” our glasses clinked together and we drank.


“What kind of meat is this” I put another fork in my mouth, Tyler was staring at me with his brows furrowed, I choked “excuse me”

“Are you alright? you are red” he gestured to his neck

“Red?” I touched the spot he gestured to, my skin was bumpy “what is this?”

“It’s snail”

“I am allergic to snail” I started seeing two.

“I didn’t know” I leaned my head on the table to stop my dizziness “Serveur, Nous prendrons le chèque immédiatement, s’il vous plaît” (waiter we will take the cheque immediately, please). Before I knew it Tyler was leading me down the stairs.

“Here” he picked me up bridal style, and somewhere in between that and him telling the driver to ‘drive the car like he stole it’ I passed out.

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