divided union

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chapter 45


I mean someone would have told me Siobhan had allergies, she would have told me she had allergies, the waiter should have asked ‘any allergies’ when we told him to make our dinner a surprise, then she would have said ‘yes I am allergic to snails’ and I would say ‘I am allergic to strawberries, but it’s cool I sometimes love things that are bad for me’

I was pacing the waiting room waiting for the doctor to tell me she was alright, I just hope I didn’t kill the woman, my woman. Ugh, I have to tell her I love her, I just wonder why I keep denying it, and my jaw locks when it’s the right time. I called my father in law, told him to come to the hospital, and I have been waiting thirty minutes for him, I should have called Sidney instead.

“You can go in now,” the nurse said in rapid french.

“Thanks” I walked through the hall and to her room.

“Hey are you alright” I sat down beside her, she was sitting up and looking at me

“Yes I am” she replied “this is not your fault”

“Yes it is” I took her hand and patted it

“No, it’s not, I probably look like a raccoon with all my makeup smudged and all” Raccoons are pretty cute, is it just me, she used her fingers to cover her eyes.

“Yeah do that,” I said and she smacked my chest, I laughed “why didn’t you tell me you were allergic”

“Because I didn’t know they were going to feed me it Tyler... what did they do to me?”

“They pumped your stomach, gave you a few injections, and you are probably starving, let me get you something to eat,”

“No, don’t worry about it” she reached out and ran her hand through my hair.

“I do...”

“You do what?”

“I do... I do love you”


“I love you” she raised her brow “I know it came from nowhere”

“It did,” she said with an awkward laugh between.


What? I knew it, I am dead or maybe drunk or hallucinating, he did not just say that.

“Did you just say that you love me?”

“Yes” as a friend? “Not as a friend as a soulmate”

“I think I am dead, Tyler”

“Is it so hard to believe me?”

“Yes,” I adjusted myself “not that you are untrustworthy, but that you just spent your whole night with your ex on your arm and now you are telling me you love me, I don’t want you thinking that you pitying me is something else”


“It’s clear you still love Eliza”

“I have told you a billion times that I am not in love with Eliza, she is a friend”

“Is it normal to have your ex-wife as a friend?”

“For me, it is” he pulled away from my touch, he had a deep-set frown on his face and the side of his upper lip was slightly pulled upward, is it me or does he look way more attractive angry, not the point.

“I don’t mean to hurt your feelings”

“Siobhan?” Sidney entered the room and walked quickly to me.


“Are you okay?” she asked

“Of course they already dealt with it” she looked at Tyler with a murderous glare on her face “it’s not his fault” she was still glaring at him.

“I saw you with your ex-wife all night, you think my sister doesn’t deserve you, you’re right, she doesn’t deserve your dumbass do you hear me, so the next time you think it is a good idea to act like a bitch with my sister in front of me, you’ll be sorry. You are lucky I am pregnant” Tyler widened his eyes and nodded “You?!” she said and my eyes snapped to her.

“Next time you see something snail related could you back off? some people care about you, you know that right?”

“I wasn’t trying to kill myself, I didn’t know there was snail” I held her hand.

“You scared me, dad’s in the waiting room, he wasn’t sure you would want to see him”

“And what of Sebastian and mum”

“They are there too”

“Well they can come in,” I said.


“We need to talk” Tyler whispered in my ear on the way back to New York.

“About what?” he reached to my lap and held my hand tightly, I took one glance at his wedding ring and started playing with it.

“I told you I loved you”


“Love” he replied quickly “and we had what I think is a fight, what’s going on”

“Are you sure” I mean I wanted him to say it back but I didn’t think I would have so much discomfort when he said it.

“Of course I am sure”

“I thought I was dreaming” I replied

“You weren’t, you still love me right?”

“Of course I still love you,” I looked at him, put his right hand on my cheek, he dipped his hand down and kissed me.

“Ugh get a room, would you,” Veronica said adjusting her glasses, I laughed

“Maybe when adults are kissing you shouldn’t be perving”

“I wasn... ugh” she glared at Tyler and looked at her book.


“You will be five minutes late if you don’t leave now,” I said

“I am leaving” he was adjusting his cufflinks, “wait”


“What if a girls scout comes to give you a snail based candy and you know you like candy,”

“I wouldn’t even collet it not because of the name but because of thinking about what it would taste like”


“Tyler that hasn’t happened before and it won’t happen now go to work”

“Siobhan; there is no reason I can’t just work from here see I am not even dressed” he pulled off the tie that I have been telling him to knot back over and over again.

“There is no reason you should work from home, you will be getting in my alone time, put your tie on” he groaned “now please”

“Okay fine” I crawled under the blanket and sniffed his pillow, I am weird, I know. I have been sleeping in his room based on my tendency to sleepwalk at night sometimes. I just wanted to make this marriage more real, but it would come to the time where will have to cancel the contract and marry for real and have a better honeymoon, one where he would take the non-existent virginity. He agreed, he doesn’t want to sleep with me... he wants to but under my own circumstance.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked, his face was directly in front of mine, I blinked once, twice, and three times before shaking my head. You will not grab his neck and kiss him... not again, he barely got any sleep and now you want him to get to work late, shame on you.

“Nothing” I put my hand around his neck and pressed his soft yet firm lips on mine, he was so addicting.

Gwendolyn squealed and almost fell back in her chair “you act like my sister”

“I’m sorry but this is just so good, you liked it didn’t you”

“What kind of question is that?”

“Well it depends on if he is good at it or he is awesomely good at it”

“He is awesomely good at it,”

“Hmm” she smiled

“Oh jeez... you should know you dated him”

“Doesn’t mean we actually slept together, just for like one week or two, he was not my type and he knew I wasn’t his type”

“He also told me he loves me”

“Well everybody could already see that so...”

“I have to tell you that you know about this being an arranged marriage”

“Yeah you should so he doesn’t find out himself and get angry”

“Speaking of he would probably have his panties in a twist if I don’t get him his lunch in twenty minutes”

“And I have to get back to work”

“I will see you later Gwen, thanks for your company”

“You are welcome” I hugged her


“Hey babe,” I sat down in front of him and held his hand after I dropped the bag

“Are you alright?”

“Tyler I have something to tell you and you will be very upset about it”

“What is it?” he asked his eyebrows drawing together.

“Gwendolyn knows our marriage is a fake marriage”

“I know”


“I’m not stupid, and also you talk in your sleep, of course, you didn’t say it straight up that you told her but I grabbed on”

“And you are telling me this now God knows how many embarrassing things you have heard”

“Up to a million, God you need to listen to yourself when you are sleeping you say really funny shit” he laughed.

“Are you mad?”

“I was at first, but it’s okay if you can trust her I can trust her and besides Derek has not approached me that he knows anything yet so it’s cool”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you”

“You are welcome, you are welcome, you are welcome,” he started eating


“Thanks for the food darling,” I nodded.

“You are welcome,”



“Remove that teddy bear from my room before I get back,”

“Larry is an angel and is staying unmoved in the corner of your room,”

“That thing is huge and I feel like it’s going to drown me in the toilet bowl every time I get up in the middle of the night to pee,”

“You are afraid of a little teddy weddy,” I asked in a baby voice.

“I wouldn’t be if the teddy weddy was little, that thing is not little”

“Relax it’s a teddy bear, my brother bought it for me,”

“It’s creepy and pink and I want it gone,”

“But aren’t Barbies supposed to like pink,”

“I am not a barbie and she likes the hot pink not baby pink with beady black eyes that looks like it wants to murder somebody and you named it Larry that is a rapist’s name,”

“Larry is not a rapist’s name, it’s a cute name, but don’t worry, I’ll take it out Barbie bug,” I leaned forward and took his glasses from his face putting it on the bridge of my nose “Jesus I’m getting blind,”

“Give me that,” he snatched it from my face.

“How do you see with that eye deafening tool” I giggled

“You are not funny,”

“No?” I asked, “I know you want to laugh just get it out” I went to his desk and started tickling him.

“No stop; stop,” he said between laughter, “Siobhan stop”

“I will see you later,” I kissed his lips.

“Yeah bye,” he smiled.

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