divided union

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chapter 46

Someone is going to want to kill Tyler for this one...

I walked into the kitchen, Catalina wasn’t there but her bag was. I opened the refrigerator and pulled out a can of coke. I leaned on the island table when I opened it.

There was a tiny bottle sticking out of Catalina’s back, it looked like it was going to fall so I used my amazing flexibility to push it back in from where I was standing but it fell.

“Crap” I went to pick it up, I examined the bottle, “Cytoxan” I tucked the bottle back in her bag then pulled out my phone. cytoxan, I typed. It’s a cancer medication.

“Catalina” I yelled

“Yes Siobhan,” she said walking in and dropping her dusting brush.

“Haven’t seen you in forever” I said, her eyebrows immediately drew together

“What are you talking about you saw me yesterday and the day before that”

“Do you know what I’ve been thinking?”

“No, tell me”

“I’ve been thinking about how we are friends and we never get to talk”

“We talk all the time Siobhan are you well?” Catalina pointed her index finger to her head, I am not crazy.

“What kind of question is that? Of course, I am well Catalina; let us both have tea and talk about problems”

“Problems” Catalina asked with a confused look on her face “I don’t have problems”

“Even I have problems”For one, I am insecure, Tyler is with Eliza I know it. I can feel it in my gut. I wanna call him " I am just going to brew us a hot pot of tea and let’s have a nice afternoon talking by the pool”

“I’m not done...”

“Shh” I pressed my finger on her lips

“Okay” Catalina took the kettle filled it with water and put it on the cooker “I’ll do it,” she said.

“It’s fine” I took the kettle from her hand.

I finished handling the tea and I even brought out cookies from the tin. Catalina was sitting by the pull with her legs crossed and her hands on her knees. I sat down and poured her a cup.

“So Catalina; how have you been?” I gave it to her whilst staring at her.

“I’m good”


“Yeah, but are you good Siobhan?”

“Yes I am magnificent I am not sick, what of you, are you sick?” I said biting a cookie.

“I was going to tell you” Catalina sighed


“That... you know”

“I do know. when were you planning on telling Tyler and me”

“My gravestone was supposed to tell you

“You planned on dying before any of us found out”

“It’s not like I’m not treating it”

“Catalina why are you doing this to yourself, you don’t deserve to die”

“Well there’s no point to life anyways”

“Of course there is there are a lot of things you have a stable job”

“When I pictured my future life in the past I didn’t picture myself cleaning someone’s messes and dusting their furniture, I love my job working for you and Mr. Douglas but this isn’t what I wanted”

“You have children and a husband and you want to throw it all away think of all the people you are hurting I personally will see to it that you get your necessary treatment and Tyler and I will man the bill you are fired”


“You heard me, I’m firing you”

“Siobhan please don’t do this”

“YOU can’t do this, I’ll hire you when you are better and when you are taking care of things, you can’t stay here doing all the work, look there, what do you see”

“A big house”

“A fucking big house, yeah you can’t do that Catalina”

“I can”

“No, you are fired I can’t see a friend in this situation”

“Are we friends?”

“Yes, we are friends!!! go now” Catalina looked hurt for a moment but then she stood up.


“Tyler, Catalina has cancer” Tyler choked

“Sorry?” he said and dropped his glass of water

“Yes, she has cancer. And we are covering her treatment, right?”

“Of course, I wonder why she would keep such a thing from me, I thought we had reached trust, she has been working for me since I bought the house, I tell her everything, she taught me how to knot my own tie”

“Really? you tell her everything?” I raised her brow at him

“Well not virtually everything but she knows me that I would happily give her months off from work, a year, ten thousand years she knows this”

“I’m just disappointed, she said she wanted to die before we found out”

“That is horrible”


“God I have lost my appetite” he pushed his plate away

“I will go do the dishes”

“I will help” he carried his dishes and mine to the kitchen.


Tyler dried off the last dish and put it in the cupboard, he wiped down his hand and gave it to me.



“Yes, thanks” Tyler leaned on the counter with his back

“You know you don’t have to be alright all the time, it’s not bad to feel a little sad” I took a step closer to him and literally stepped on his feet to get somewhat closer to his height then I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“And for some reason when you ask if I am alright, it instantly makes me alright” He looked down at me and held my waist, yes he was still a lot taller than me. I kissed him and he kissed back.

“You are so gorgeous” he brushed his thumb over my upper lip

“I want you”

“You have me”

“No... I want you to take my non-existent virginity, I want you to fuck me” I whispered

“Fuck you?” he whispered




“I want you too, baby, trust me but you are not going to want me to take your nonexistent virginity

“And why not,” he picked me like I weighed nothing and put me on the floor.

“Because of obvious reasons, you’d be tiny”

“I am not tiny”

“I said you would be, I have never had sex with a virgin,”

“Okay, scratch that... I am not a virgin, now fuck me”

“Siobhan,” I put my hand on his chest then ran it down “Siobhan”

“I want to be yours, I barely ever touch myself, I am keeping myself nice and tight for you,” his eyes immediately hooded.

“Nice and tight huh?”


“So you never put your finger in your sweet, sweet pussy” I mean, pussy is one way to say it.


He closed his eyes as if he was imagining me, touching myself. “Jesus Christ, what am I doing”

“Stop resisting” I wrapped my arms around his neck and forced him to look at me, he immediately crashed his lips on mine again, he is good at kissing.

This isn’t kissing anymore, it’s like he is tasting me. Our tongues are intertwined and my hand is everywhere, on his chest, around his neck, even one time it found it’s way to his butt. Tyler’s hand went to my waist and with a swift effortless movement, my legs were around his waist and he was carrying me somewhere, to his room. I am ready for him, I wouldn’t have cared if he took me on the wall, or on the island table in the kitchen, I would have cleaned it tomorrow and I would have remembered how good his kisses are. He laid me on the bed and crawled on top of me, still kissing and biting my lips, I jerk and twist in his arms.

His lips went to my neck and he starts to kiss me and suck me there, I start to feel his fingers tugging on the straps of my dress, my breath halts, he wants to tear them off, and just like that they are off.

“You tore them

“Yeah, I did” I laughed and start kissing him again, I unbuttoned his shirt swiftly then pushed it off his shoulders, I just love the way he looks without a shirt on, I don’t see it that often, I wish I did. He threw his shirt somewhere “put your legs around me” I do that and grapple his waist and put my hands around my neck.

“Siobhan what is your favorite color”

“I like bluish-green, turquoise”



“I want to plant you a garden, I don’t know any flowers that are turquoise, but I’ll make sure it’s turquoise”

“Just know that if you can’t find it, the next choice is red”

“I’ll keep that in mind”

“I am so lucky” he put his hand on my face when I said that and brushed my hair away before taking my lips with his again.

I flipped us over, took some energy but I had control, I ducked then started finding his own sweet spot, I tugged at his ears with my teeth, I finally got a moan from him. I started sucking there, I think his moan is the most erotic thing I have ever heard. I ground against him, there was going to be a wet splotch near the groin area of his trousers but I would love to see that, just before I pull down his trousers and please him. I unbuckled my bra while doing it and pressed her chests together.

Damn, Eliza” oh wow.

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