divided union

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chapter 47

“Does she make you moan like this Tyler? Eliza I mean, does she rock her body on your dick, hmm? She makes you feel good doesn’t she, she is an angel a sexy fucking angel. That loves you huh?” I am still rocking him “I am stupid right?” he opens his eyes, but I can tell, he is enjoying this. I’m not. I got off from him.

“Siobhan?” Tyler said and held my hand but I pulled it away

“DON’T YOU DARE, I don’t get mad at you enough that’s it huh, my heart is made if what? plastic. I am not Eliza, do I look like Eliza to you?!”


“You said her name, my name is fucking two syllables Shi-vonne and hers is three and you said her name” I seethed through my teeth

“Did I?”

“Oh yes, you did” I laughed “I can’t believe you Tyler, I don’t get it. I’m right here, in your bed all the time and she is probably down the street, that’s far and you still call her name, you wanted to break my heart from the start didn’t you, so this was your wish, you just wanted to feel like and overlord or what?!!!” my voice cracked at the end. I grabbed her shirt from the bed and pulled it over my head not wanting to be exposed to him any longer, I am wasting so much spit on this man, I am starting to fear for my life.

“Baby no; that’s not it, I swear” he reached out to hold me again

“Don’t touch me, you are obsessed and sick and mentally unstable from what I can see, is there a shrine in your room I don’t know about,”

“I am not sick, I promise you, I am not sick” really that all he can say, he reached out for me

“Don’t touch me” I yelled “because you are still in love with her, so how dare you touch me, and you don’t care about anybody but her and yourself, you have been lying to me for months, leading me on making me feel these things I don’t understand, making me feel wanted you just wanted to fuck me and I was about to let you”

“That is not true you know it’s not please, believe me,” he held my hand “I-I don’t want to hurt you”

“The next time you hold my hand, I am going to hit you ... I thought you love me”

“I do love you,”

“I just realized that I was the perro faldero, the lapdog, I wanted your adoration, but you don’t deserve mine. You are a horrible human and I wish our parents had never met, I wish your uncle killed me,” he was crying kind of.

“Don’t say that”

“I am ready to go broke in order not to see you again, I don’t even want to smell you or look at you,

“Baby no; please don’t do this to me, I love you” he held my hand, I raised her hand and gave him a hard slap across his left cheek

“Do not call me that Tyler, I am not a baby, I do not belong to you, I now realize the only person that can take care of me is me” I pushed past him and walked to the door

“Baby, where are you going?”

“Somewhere you will never find me” I opened the door and slammed it behind me, I hate Tyler Douglas and he is going to pay.


I grabbed my car keys after pulling on my hoodie over my shirt, I just needed to go and go far, I don’t know where I am going. I stuffed my teddy in the back seat and a change of clothes and threw my wallet.

I was on the road from, eleven, it is now two, I have tried to fall asleep but thank God for the billboards that keep flashing in my face. What is this heartburn, it’s not like he was sleeping with her, he just said her name. No, he broke my heart. I put her elbow on the car door and leaned my head against my palm I finally decided on going to my father’s house, to tell him what had happened and how he needed to end the marriage for the sake of my heart. This would be his second chance and if he fails, I’ll know I’m adopted. It got to a point, I had started to get too sleepy.

I didn’t see it coming, my life flashed before my eyes before could get out of the way there was a huge collision, my head hit the window at the impact and the next thing I saw was black and darkness, the only thing I was afraid of.



I stopped the car in the driveway and leaned back, where the fuck is this girl. I have gone everywhere, searched and searched, I haven’t seen her. I decided to give her breathing space, she wants to be away from me. I should give her that right.

I am such a bastard, I look at the pill bottle in the glove compartment and shut it back. I can’t.


The next morning I woke up, I wouldn’t say woke up when I didn’t even sleep at all. I don’t know where she is, I will tell Marco, is she here. He would yell at me, or probably not, I’d lose it if someone misplaced Siobhan. I got to uncle Marco’s house

“Uncle Marco,”

“Where is my daughter?”

“No, she didn’t come here” he was pissed

“Oh God, I have to find her”

“What do you mean you have to find her? You almost sound like you have lost her” he said sarcastically, this is bad, he is mad and very mad at that “you know what I heard on the news today?”

“What?” I’m scared.

“That my baby was found dead in a car!!!” Oh no “explain yourself”

“I...” can’t say anything, she is not dead, she can’t be dead, not because of me, she didn’t kill herself.

“You?!!! what, fucking tell me before I lose my patience and kill you with my bare hands”

“there was a car accident and the victims involved were rushed to the hospital immediately by ambulance they both sustained fatal injuries to the head Indiana yes Dalia there was an accident and the plate numbers of the cars were recognized as xxxxxx and xxxxxx we haven’t received news from the hospital, but we just hope for the best”

“Where’s the fucking bastard” Vincent stormed at me and started punching me, I think this is from him and Sidney, Sidney pulled him away, and I got up. I deserved that one, I deserve everything they do to me from here on out.

“You were supposed to protect her!!!” Sidney yelled. Apparently everyone has heard the news and everyone is waiting to unleash a lot of things on me.

“Can we all just all down!!!” My father said,

“We are not calming down, he killed her”

“We don’t know that, what happened”

“I killed her” I reply unable to wrap my arms around it.

“I see”

“Look we don’t know if she is dead, we have to go to the hospital and clarify okay, then Tyler I am going to kill you if she is, you will join her only she will be up and you will be in hell,” Sebastian said.

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