divided union

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chapter 49

Three months later

“I didn’t celebrate Christmas, or New Year’s I was sniffing your clothes, maybe I did, I wanted us to spend it together... Hey baby, how are you doing today, I bought you a new scarf cos you look cold. I miss you and I’m sorry.... your nephew Gabriel looks like you and Sidney in a way you have to wake up to meet him, he is dying to meet you, of course, I know that because I will make a great father if you would just wake up so we can start our family you have been out for six months now, six good months and I feel like I am slowly dying. Catalina is a little bit better now” I looked down and held her hand “Your mother literally forced me to eat, your father held my cheeks and your mother pushed food into my mouth” I laughed “She comes over some times to say hi and talk to you like I do, she is sorry. And as for Gwendolyn, she misses you as well everyone misses you especially me. The news announced that you were involved in the collision six months ago and everyone is channeling their prayers for you the other guy died, and I am sorry, this is my fault. When you wake up, it is a normal life for us, my beautiful antisocial sociopath.”

“We don’t have to lie anymore even though more than half of the marriage we weren’t lying that we loved each other but what I mean is that we don’t have to lie to ourselves anymore. I don’t know what to say, My love, you can wake up and say you hate me but don’t forget me, and how far we’ve come” I looked up and saw her looking at me, like seriously opening her eyes and looking at me. I am dreaming.

“Baby” I pressed the button by her bedside telling the medical practitioners that there was an emergency a nurse rushed into the room.

“She is awake,” the nurse said “I will inform doctor Monte Carlo right away” she rushed back out


“Siobhan can you see me,” the doctor asked waving his hand in front of her face

“What happened?” Siobhan said after finishing the glass of water

“You had an accident,” I said

“And I have been here for how many days,”

“Seven months”

“What” she looked at the doctor

“Siobhan you have to answer me can you see me”

“Yes not clearly but yes I can see you, what do you mean by seven months”

“You were in a coma”

“A coma, where are my mother and father”

“Looks like she doesn’t have any speech defects”

“I’m fine” She started to sit “ouch” she laid back down.

“Siobhan” Natalie hugged her “you’re awake and alive, I am so happy”

“Gentle Natalie you are scaring the girl,” Marco said “I’m glad you are okay”

“Hey,” Sidney said and came into the room with Vincent and her baby

“Oh my God” her hands flew to her mouth “I’m an aunty,” Siobhan said with laughter and tears

“Yes I’m so happy you are awake” Sidney put the baby Siobhan’s arms and she stroked his cheek lovingly “what’s his name”

“Gabriel” Siobhan smiled.

“Now a particular man I am looking at will get some sleep” Marco pecked her head, she looked at me, I hope she remembers me. She looked back at everyone, she remembers me

“Why don’t we give them some space,” My father said

“It’s fine” her voice cracked.

“We should go,” Vincent said and they all walked out of the room



“Hey,” he said, hey! I have been dead for seven months and he says hey. He reached out to touch my hand.

“Tyler, don’t touch me,”

“I am very sorry”

“About what?”

“About what I did to you, about everything... I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“You still love Eliza?”

“I don’t, I love you... and I would change I promise you, please” a tear fell from his eyes, “I thought I lost you,”

“You did, you look horrible, when last did you sleep ” he had a long beard, it was not as long as Albus dumbledor’s but it was long.


“It doesn’t look like you slept yesterday, I mean when last did you have nine-hour sleep”

“I don’t know, six or seven months ago...” seven months ago!

“You are tired,”

“Not really, Catalina’s is better now”

“That’s cool” I replied

“I understand if you don’t want to be married to me again,”

“Tyler you broke my heart, I’m mad at you”

“I know that I do, I am a horrible person but I love you so much, as a friend, as a lover, You mean everything to me and I just... don’t ever do this to me again no matter how angry you are at me don’t do this to me please”

“Tyler...” I held his hand

“You are killing me, I hate myself... and I deserve...”

“You don’t deserve anything”

“I don’t... I don’t deserve anything I have, I take them for granted. I am a selfish excuse for a human being and you are a strong woman who has been putting up with my bullshit,” I looked at the bouquet of red roses.

“I take it you didn’t find the turquoise ones”

“I did, but I said a garden...”

“Did you plant that garden?”

“Funny enough yes, but in the wrong place... I have been living with your parents for a few months so I grew them there, imagine me”

“You have been living there... why?”

“Nothing really,”

“I heard some of what you said, you talk too much... would you really forget her”

“Who?” he asked

“I don’t know if that was to tell me that you have forgotten her or you really don’t know... Eliza”

“I will forget her, I won’t even say her name again, I promise... I have learned my lesson and I won’t do it again. I want to take care of you Siobhan, I want you to have my children and they would have both our eyes, and it would be the perfect mixture,”

“You are going to have to win me again,”

“I will, honestly, Anything even if it takes a billion years,”

“Okay? You know I didn’t try to kill myself right?”

“I do,”


A couple of weeks later

I was back from the hospital and I was helping Tyler shave his beard. He was standing at the sink looking into the mirror, he still looked kind of sick, he looked worse than me, and I just came home from the ICU, I had to learn to walk again and how to eat. I rinsed the shaving stick and continued.

“I heard you tried to kill yourself,” I said after the long awkward silence was no longer awkward.


“Yeah, why?”

“Obvious reasons” he sighed while saying.

“It’s not that obvious,”

“Because you were there,”

“That’s stupid, you have a multi-million company, I am a housewife, you have loving parents and my parents care more about you than me, you have friends, I don’t, you are rich, I live off allowance that I have been saving, people would have been devastated if you died, no one cares about me, so why were you trying to kill yourself?”

“It’s all nothing if you are not there,”

“You don’t mean that,”

“It does because if you had died I wouldn’t have wanted to see your parents because they would have hated me and I wouldn’t want to because I would get too heartbroken to deal with them. Your parents love you, and I don’t have nearly as much friendship in my friends than you have in just Brian, Gwendolyn, your sister and I” he said “you are so much more important to everybody than me, okay, stop saying that nobody cares about you because people do”

“You are just saying that,”

“No, I’m not, Siobhan, he held my face, I am not just saying that. Even if no one cares about you, I care about you”

“Is that supposed to mean something?” he looked away “I’m kidding” I laugh and smack his butt “take a joke... Thank you, for your care,”

“I have to do mine” he reached behind me and smacks my butt, I laugh loudly.

“I wonder when we are going to transport my garden here, it’s a pretty one but what’s the use if it’s there,”

“I’ll handle it, don’t worry,”

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