divided union

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chapter 5

It was dinner time at the Brooklyn mansion; the whole room was silent as if they were anticipating for someone to say something to break the awkward silence. I sighed and decided I had to take it upon herself to break the silence, it was bound to take an awkward turn to trap town because everything and everything that happened in this house was a trap.

“So this dinner is fantastic” I broke in and everyone on the table murmured an agreement

“I went to the gynecologist today,” Sidney said, I looked at her, the moment of truth

“And what did they say,” My mother asked

“Only that I am pregnant” Sidney answered, I jumped into her arms


“Oh my God are you serious” everyone exclaimed

“Yeah Vincent is going to be so ecstatic I can’t wait to tell him but I want it to be a surprise he is joining us during dinner on Saturday”

“That’s amazing the Douglas’s are joining us as well, it would be a family affair” but they weren’t family

“They are, how come I didn’t know about this?” I asked

“You don’t sound so happy,” Sidney said

“I’m not; I dislike Tyler, their first son” I answered Sidney

“Tyler? Tyler is a wonderful, successful man and he is handsome”

“No one was talking to you, mum” my mother sighed “He is insensitive, I hate insensitive people,” I said the last part loudly so my parents heard, it was only insensitive people that do what they did.

“Tyler is the new owner of the oil company and he is doing well not to mention he is our greatest client,” My father said “he is my best friend’s son and we are entering a new deal very soon”

“I just don’t want to see him”

“That’s too bad because you must attend this particular dinner and you are going to like it” My father ordered “wear something social I don’t want to see any belly, a gown will do”

“What, you don’t want anyone to see my scar” my father turned into a beetroot the moment I said that

“That’s not what I said, I just want this dinner to be perfect,”

“So you are just going to ignore my opinion”

“Not when that opinion speaks badly about my godson you know that Christian is a very good friend of mine” really, okay.

“Dad I’m not insulting Uncle Christian I’m just saying...”

“You’re dismissed you can go to your room now, you have never stayed this long”

“You know why”

“Just go” I glared at him then pushed away from the table giving out a breath of annoyance, I stormed out of the room.

Third person’s pov

“Dad wasn’t that a bit too harsh” Sebastian stuck up for his sister

“Siobhan needs to be put in the right place, I’m calling Christian Natalie I’m taking back what I said about that betrothal Siobhan is getting married to Tyler he is going to brush her up make her have some respect”

“DAD, you know why she is like that, she won’t appreciate being with a man,” Sidney said.

“Not one word from the two of you to Siobhan; avoid her at all costs she would find out at the dinner goodnight everybody” Marco stood up and went to his study.

“Mum talk to him”

“It’s not my place it was a deal between Christian and your father when they were younger it was supposed to be you Sidney but you are married” Natalie stood from the table as well.

Tyler’s POV.

“Pause” My father held up his hand for me, I was about to take my shot, I looked up and saw him pick his phone and put it on the loudspeaker. “Go on” I positioned the cue stick, holding the butt cap of the stick with my thumb, index, and middle finger, then place my head down to view the line of the shot, then shot.

“Hello, Marco how are things going” I heard my father say, he was talking to my godfather.

“I have decided that the deal we made when we were younger is still valid”

“And why would I still want that it’s been almost twenty years since we annulled that deal,”

“Think of it as a business proposition, Tyler is single now and he needs an heir right” as soon as I heard my name in the conversation I knew it was my time to start paying attention

“A business proposition I'm listening” I glared at my father

“Your son Tyler marries my youngest daughter Siobhan and it tightens our bond and it is good for the business if other clients see that Tyler is in a serious marriage relationship the press does not have to know we will give them a back story and he gets an heir from the deal” I have a lot of time to get an heir, what's the rush.

“This sounds so good I almost don't want to turn it down” My father leaned against the pool table and I son raised a brow at him

“Then don't”

“What’s your motive, what is it that you want from this union?”

“Just that your son sets my little demon right”

Christian chuckled “give her space it’s a phase”

“So no?”

“I didn’t say that I will talk to Tyler about it”

“Okay bye don’t forget about dinner on Saturday”

“I won’t” My father cut the call and looked at me with a devious smile on his face and his eyebrow up

"NO, put that brow down" I adjusted my sleeve that was rolled at my elbow

“Oh you are getting married”

“Pardon, I said no”

“Don't you want an heir, you are twenty-nine years old ”

“I don’t want to get married I still have a life to live I’m not ready to have only one woman in my bed again”

“Eliza is long gone son, she cheated on you” he didn't have to remind me all the time "with your best friend"

“I don’t want to remember that father, you know this”

“You were young, you thought you loved her, she was supposed to give you an heir”

“Oh I am very sure I loved her and I thought true love was a real thing cos I would look at you and mom and say damn I want to be like that but love is just for when you are weak and frail I don”t need that I still have my black hairs ”

He sighed “son this is a business deal that will help you”

“Will it? Who is going to be my wife huh?”

“Siobhan Brooklyn your Godfather’s daughter, didn't you hear that”

“Over my dead body, that girl she is horrible I remember when I last saw her that was on her sixteenth birthday man she was upset that she got a surprise party, she started yelling and let’s not forget she is ugly”


“Yes really”

“Well you are getting married to her anyways think about it”

“I already thought about it I am not getting married to her over my dead body I prefer Sidney”

“Sidney is married already”

“Then that’s awful I'm not marrying Siobhan, tell me father this particular girl we are talking about is twenty-two if my calculation serves me right”


“Is she good in bed?”

“How am I supposed to know that I have never slept with her, but this is not about your marriage bed it is about future goals the company and I assure you if we take this deal it would be the best come back yet for the press clients big people in the society don’t trust an unmarried man with their business deals, think of everything you are getting from this"

“You are right, I’ll marry her but I won’t like it then we can terminate it a few years after publicly but the wedding will be something though”

“That is a good boy” He winked

“Yeah” I shrugged him off “does she know?”

“I don’t think so, but Marco wants to use it as a way to put her in her place”

“So I can use her as a punching bag” I smiled and raised my pool stick and my father rushed over to push the stick down.

“No, you may not hit her because that is not the way I raised you”

“I’m joking”

“It didn’t feel like you were”

“You make me laugh”

"Remember that we have dinner with them on Saturday make sure you show up"

“Of course, we will save this game for another day father”

“Will do”

I walked out of the game room and went to my car.

Siobhan's POV

I was halfway to dreamland when there came a pounding at my door. Who could be at my door a few minutes before midnight? I dragged myself out of bed then went to open the door, Brian was standing there with a huge grin on his face, not only that, he was fully dressed too.

“Brian?” I yawned

“Siobhan why aren’t you dressed we are going to the club remember”

“The club; are you high”

“No you told me that I should take you to the club by eleven it is eleven o clock Siobhan”

“I wasn’t serious”

“Holy shit I got so pretty for you” he accused me

“Oh my god” I rubbed my hand on my face “you know what? come in, we are going to watch a movie”

We watched a movie, we didn't finish though we ended up asleep, curled up in the most awkward position, this was not the first time I had slept with Brian so I was not bothered, I kept pushing the fact that something could go wrong and I would be hurt again, but he had proved himself time again.

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