divided union

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“Three years later

“What?! I’m sorry, Tyler’s dead to me”

“I mean, he apologized and he is still here and has been celibate for four years, come on give him credit, Sid,” I said

“I guess he has some commendation on that one, I thought you would leave him,”

“Leave him!!! seriously, the guy’s suicidal”

“So this is out of pity?” she asks

“I didn’t say that I love Tyler, always have, always will... Can you stop talking, and handle my make up,”

“That would be easy if you stopped engaging me in conversation every five seconds,” she started with my eyes, Tyler and I are getting married again, and it’s not a big wedding like how it was when we first got married, it’s a small one with only family and friends and it’s at island house in Honolulu. He bought another since she didn’t want to sell her rights and I helped him buy it so it would be really ours.

We are still married it’s just for fun, to make it more magical than the first time. Tyler’s done it, and to make sure he is only mine he had to tattoo my name on his body, He wants me to find out where it is, tonight when he is taking my non-existent virginity.

I put on my dress, and my shoes, and my veil. And dad walks me down the aisle. Tyler is almost crying, I can see it.

“I love you,” I mouth to him and he smiles.

“Tyler,” I hold his hands “I promise to be with you forever, I promise to care for you. Even after you lose your mind or you lose it all, I will still be there for you. You are the first person I want to see in the morning and last at night, I look forward to loving the smallest moments, like your eyes when I am reading you wicked fantasy at night and loving your clinginess and when you just can’t stop talking. You make me cry when I’m laughing, in a good way because when you talk you say stupid things and I just can’t stop laughing. I promise to comfort you and give you solace in time of need I promise to give advice and bear you as many children you would want I promise to love you and to cherish you and to always put you first. Just so you know, I want five kids, not four,”

He laughs “Noted” I smile and slipped the ring on his finger.

“Siobhan Douglas, my everything, the smile on my face, my shoulder to cry on, the love of my life, I come here freely and without reservation to give myself to you and so that we may join your life and mine. I promise to listen, to hear, and always consider your thoughts as we travel on this journey together, I vow to protect you, cherish you, forsaking all others, as a faithful husband, I would love you perfectly and messily, overwhelmingly, inexorably, I love you so, so much, and I promise to give you as many children as you want,”

“You talk too much,”

“Yours was literally longer than mine, point is, I love you” he leaned in

“I didn’t say you could kiss,” Derek said

“Sorry” Tyler pulled back and I giggled.

“By the power vested in my by the church I now pronounce you man and wife, you may now kiss your bride” Tyler pulled me by the waist and pressed his lips on mine.


“Who’s the best driver?” Siobhan raised her shoe and Tyler raised his “okay two of them think they are better at driving... who’s the best chef?” Siobhan raised hers

“Her,” Tyler only knows how to make good breakfast.

“Who’s most likely to talk their way out of a speeding ticket?” Her, they both chose her “who cries the most at movies”

“Him” Siobhan raised his shoe and he raised his shoe too.

“Who says the most embarrassing shit in their sleep” Siobhan raised her shoe and Tyler raised his shoe too

“Who’s more dramatic”


“It’s her,”


Tyler lifted me in the air and spun me around, when my feet touched the ground again, I rested my head on his shoulder.

“This is fun,” he said


“I love you,”

“I love you too, Tyler”

“Siobhan can we talk” I look back and see Eliza, Bloody hell, I invited her I didn’t think she’d come.

“Sure,” Tyler pulls me back.

“It wasn’t me,”

“It was me, I’ll be right back,” I follow her to a table, most of our family and friends are dancing and they know they need to go away before one.


“Hey, Eliza, I didn’t think you would come,”

“You invited me didn’t you, I want to apologize for everything I did, and everything I caused between you and Tyler, I didn’t even know about any of it, he told me it was fake marriage and all the other things that followed would be too rubbish for me to say at your wedding when I figured that he was in love with you I stopped accepting him, and I hope you don’t think we were screwing around” that is exactly what I think ” We weren’t we did kiss now I’m saying the rubbish I was trying to avoid , I’m happy that he found someone that makes him happy and I’m happy that someone like Tyler makes you happy, again I am very sorry,”

“It’s fine, I forgive you”

“Yeah, thank you... just so you know, Tyler spent most of his time with me talking about you... and he can make a very long conversation about literally nothing, not that you are nothing, but...” she started, apparently she liked talking too.

“I get it” She gave me a box.

“We... we started off on the wrong foot,”

“Uh... Thanks?” I opened it “it’s earplugs, weird wedding gift I know,”

“Just in case his talking gets too much, you can just put them in and put him on record until when you want to listen again,” I laugh.

“Thanks, I’ll need it one day”

“Congrats” she tapped my arm and walked away.

“What’s that?” he asks


“For what”

“When you talk too much” he narrowed his eyes at me


“I like undressing you,” we entered the house


“Yes, really. And I’m glad all our guests are gone, so now you can look for my tattoo” he got it yesterday evening and I didn’t see him until our wedding, “you’ll find it quickly, it’s not that hidden”

“Our guests left only for me to look for your tattoo,”

“That... and I wanna fuck you,” Tyler walked toward me and kissed me, he slowly undressed me and then scans my whole body

“Did I tell you you have shit-hot taste in underwear?”

“I don’t buy these stuff,” I said “I’m into cotton,”

“Well, lace looks better on you especially when you wear them on a date and tempt me... who buys your underwear?”

“This one was Sidney,”

“I will thank her,”

“You would do no such thing,” he laughed, Tyler’s fingers lingered across the tops, watching his hands the whole time, he caressed the skin along my collarbone while I stood shivering with eagerness.

His fingers trailed down my breastbone and over the swells of my breasts. Goosebumps prickled in the wake of his touch and my nipples tightened in expectation. Instead of giving in to their clear cry for attention, Tyler let his fingertips drift back up over my chest and gently along my neck, touching a spot just under my ear that made me shudder with need.

The reaction made him smile and he immediately bent his head to graze his lips across the spot. I felt the wet touch of his tongue and the shiver rippled through me again.

“I am loving this,” he whispered in my ear, brushing his lips over it and scattering barely-there kisses along my jaw. When he stopped, hovering above my mouth, he looked deep into my eyes. “Tell me what you want tonight” I blinked, wondering exactly what he meant.

“Don’t think about it,” he urged. “Just tell me what you want.” My eyes dropped to his mouth, so close and yet not quite close enough. Hoarse with arousal, I said the first thing that came into my head... “You” My words affected him. I knew because he braced his hands on the wall at either side of my head and pressed his erection against my stomach. “You want my cock, baby?” he murmured, letting his top lip catch my bottom lip before moving away as I nodded. His lashes lowered over his eyes. “I want to hear you say it.” Tyler likes dirty talk, he has made me know this in our three years of dating. Talking about what we wanted to do to each other got him off.

I was learning. And not just about him, but about me. Because talking about what we wanted to do to each other turned me on too.

I tilted my mouth closer to his, kissing him lightly as I answered thickly, “I want your cock inside me.”

“This is the point” – he kissed me softly, his tongue just touching the tip of mine – “where I’d ask” – he kissed me again – “if you want it slow or fast, gentle or hard” – another kiss – “but tonight we’ll take it slow.” I agreed, sighing happily as he began to dust kisses down my neck again.

His lips moved over my breasts, down my stomach, and his hands followed, squeezing my breasts gently before skimming down to my waist. He rested on his knees and I gazed down at him, breathless with anticipation as he sweetly kissed my belly before kissing his way to the edge of my underwear. His lips pressed against the lace fabric and I whimpered, flattening my palms to the wall as my body took over, my legs parting. Tyler continued to kiss me over the fabric of my lingerie, his hands curled around my thighs. It was a torment, a tease, my body vibrating with need.

My breath stuttered as I felt his tongue push the fabric against my clit.

“Tyler,′ I whimpered, my right hand moving to curl in his soft hair. “Please...” He relented, leaning back to remove the underwear. I tried to help, but my legs were shaking. After he peeled them off, Tyler slid his hands around both my legs and glided his fingers upward. “You’ve got fantastic legs,” he told me quietly. “I’ve dreamt of your legs baby, I’ve dreamt that they were wrapped around my back while I fucked your brains out.”

Need, flipped in my belly at his admission. ‘God ... Tyler ...’

“That’s right, babe,” he murmured as he lifted my right leg over his shoulder and parted me. “I’m taking you straight to heaven.”

“Heaven. Hell,” I panted, my fingers raking the wall. “Who cares, it’s going to be on an orgasm” It was a strange but not unpleasant sensation to feel the huff of his laughter on my sex. I smiled. And then I cried out in relief when his tongue slid inside me at the same time his thumb pressed against my clit.

He worked me expertly. I came quickly and hard.

Barely conscious I slumped against the wall as Tyler got to his feet. He starts to unbutton his shirt “that was something, your mouth should be illegal,” His answer was a deep, soulful kiss that had me swaying against him. When he pulled back, my bra went with him and he threw it over his shoulder. He got naked. “Any other day I’d probably just screw you against the wall, but I think we’ll ease you into this with the bed.”

“I’m fine with the wall.” patted it lazily, still high on my orgasm. Tyler shook his head, his lips twitching. “This might be a bit uncomfortable for you, Siobhan. We’ll take it slow.” Gently he gripped my hand in his and I found myself smiling giddily as we walked naked to our bed. Tyler glanced over his shoulder at me and caught the look.


“We’re naked.” I grinned. He gave a short bark of laughter and turned, tugging me against him so our bodies collided. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I gripped his shoulders tightly to stop myself from falling over with the sudden movement. Tyler rendered that a fruitless action by spinning us quickly and pushing me down on the bed, falling with me but bracing his body over mine so he didn’t crush me.

I lay there, staring at my ceiling, feeling his mouth under my ear again and his soft murmur, “Sweet spot.” I bit my lip, I dreamt of your legs that night. I dreamt they were wrapped around my back while I fucked your brains out.

His hand coasted up my torso and I arched my back into his touch, a blaze of heat lighting me up from the inside out as he rubbed his thumb over my nipple while his other hand slid between my legs. While he coaxed my clit to attention with his thumb, his erection strained, and I couldn’t stop looking at it.

“Now.” I tilted my hips against his touch. “Tyler. come inside me. Please.” He groaned at my invitation, gently pushing my legs farther apart before bracing himself over me. His kiss was long and deep. I felt him brush against me and to my surprise, I tensed.

The last time a guy shoved inside of me it had hurt. Like hell.

“Ssh,” he whispered across my lips, his hand slipping between our bodies again, his thumb finding my clit. “Babe, it’ll be okay. Just keep looking at me.”

I relaxed, my eyes locked with his. And then he was pushing inside of me, hands on the mattress at the side of my head to hold himself up. His eyes darkened as he pressed through the tight resistance of my body, my muscles squeezing around him. I stifled a whimper. It was uncomfortable. Not painful like last time, but I wasn’t sure if it was pleasant either.

Tyler shut his eyes for a second, panting. His arms shook a little.

“Tyler?” I rested my hands on his waist.

“I just ...” His lids fluttered open and my inner muscles squeezed him again in response to the sexual heat I saw in his eyes. “You feel ... amazing,” he breathed, eyes gleaming. “So tight. I’m trying to go gentle, but you feel so fucking amazing.” Pleased, I caressed his back soothingly and realized that the discomfort was beginning to disappear. I was suddenly eager to learn more. My hips automatically lifted, seeking movement, and Tyler growled, pulling back out of me. Instead of pulling all the way out like I thought he was going to, he thrust back in. I cried out as I felt the stirring of beautiful tension.

My eyes were locked on his face, mesmerized by his expression, by the mixture of lust and gentleness in his eyes, by the clenching of his jaw that told me he was clinging to his control.

And he did that for me.

He was slow and tender, his hands gripping my thighs lightly as he slid in and out of me, every stroke a gradual climb toward climax.

His eyes drank me in, watching me pant beneath him, watching my breasts quiver gently against his thrusts, and suddenly he was pushing that little bit harder, moving that little bit faster. “Siobhan, come for me, baby,” he commanded, his voice husky “You’ve got to come for me.”

“I am,” I promised, lifting my hips against the pumping of his, Tyler’s thumb pressed down on my clit.

I shattered. Loudly. My eyes fluttered behind their lids as my lower body shuddered uncontrollably, jerking hard against Tyler as he gripped my hips tightly to his and followed me into climax.

When I finally stopped coming, my muscles relaxed to jelly. I think I melted into my mattress, just barely able to lift my arm and curl a hand around Tyler’s nape as he collapsed over me, his head buried in the crook of my neck.

I delighted in the feel of his chest rising and falling quickly against mine, of his warm breath puffing against my skin. We were both slick with sweat and I didn’t care. It felt wonderful.

“So that’s what real sex is like,” I breathed, in awe of it and in awe of the pleasure he’d elicited from my barely tried body.

Tyler’s lips pressed against my damp neck before he raised his head and pushed himself up. Our eyes met

“Yes, that’s what real sex is like.” He kissed my lips and rolled off of me. I moved close to him and put my head on his chest “you are amazing” he said.

“You’re amazing”


“Good morning,”

“Good morning, he whispered “my beautiful real wife” he got out of bed.

“That is one big Siobhan,” I stared at his back

“You like”

“I love it”

“I want to take a shower, come join me.”

“Okay.” I got out of bed.

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