divided union

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chapter 8


A month later

“Natalie she hasn’t been coming for dinner for a long time,” Marco said worriedly

“She is grieving” Natalie rolled her eyes and exhaled loudly

“She is going to starve to death if she doesn’t eat anything”

“She might have been going out to eat relax she is fine. Has the marriage contract been finalized yet?”

“Actually yes and they will get married in a week or two”

“Do you think they should have a honeymoon?” Natalie asked

“Yes, maybe they can bond over that”

“Okay I will book one to a tropical island that will be nice”

“Yeah sure, MARIE” Marco called out

“Sir” the maid appeared in a second

“Call Siobhan for me tell her that it is an order that she comes to join us at the table”

“Okay sir” Marie walked out of the dining room

“Dad I was thinking about that deal with Mr. Morgan”

“What about it”

“I think he is trying to rip us off maybe you should ask him to pay double the price or no deal”

“That’s a good idea”

“Mr. Brooklyn” Marie said


“Miss Brooklyn is not in her room”

“What? did she go out?

“Sir I have not seen her go out this morning”

“Where is Brian?”

“He is in the pool house sir”

“Call him for me” Marie scurried out of the dining room and after a few minutes, she appeared back with Brian.

“Brian where is my daughter?”

“Hmm,” he asked as if he did not hear him the first time. Marco stood up from his seat and gripped his collar.

“Brian... where...is... Siobhan”

“I”m not sure I know the answer to that question”

“Are you stupid?”

“Not from what I’ve heard sir”

“I am going to ask you again son where is my daughter” Marco seethed through his teeth.

“I thought she was married to Mr. Douglas ask him because I have not seen her in a while” he lied Marco shoved him backward causing him to almost fall backward but he caught his stamina.

“Natalie call Siobhan”

His wife dialed Siobhan’s number and put it on the loudspeaker they heard her phone ringing on the mantelpiece. “this girl is trying to pull a one up on me Marie call every worker in this household we are going to look for that girl... and you better start praying to God that we find her alive or else you will be in so much trouble” he faced Brian.



I was sitting on the couch stuffing my face with skittles when I heard the metal clanking against each other at the door, Brian was probably back, he barged into the house in a rushed manner and closed the door immediately.

“They are looking for you,” he said

“Are you serious...? I knew this was a bad idea if my father finds out I am here you might go to jail or he might even hire a wild Rottweiler to tear you to pieces let me go back”

“No; the plan worked for a month just stay here and do not open the door for anyone” I nodded, I was a bit weary, this plan was never going to work, but he was the army guy.


“What do you mean you don’t know where your daughter is?” my father asked my godfather, I mean I knew she was going to pull something like this, she didn't strike me as someone that would sit around and do nothing.

"I don't know where she went she left her phone here so I can't reach her" Marco rubbed his hand on his forehead

"Maybe we should call off the wedding"

"Come on it's on the news already, people would think we just wanted media, we have to go through with it, I will find her"

“Tyler do you hear that?” my father asked, “what do you want to do?”

"I guess if uncle Marco says he would find her then he would find her, right uncle Marco"


"I just want you to know that this extends the contract" the contract was as thus if there was a problem except for death and any illness, from party A, party A being uncle Marco's family we would lengthen the term, which means Siobhan has more years to produce my offspring, but if there was a problem from party B

“Her colleagues claim she does not go to work anymore, Siobhan never misses that"

“Father I think Brian is hiding something” Sebastian spoke up

“No way Brian is a loyal worker and if he says that he doesn’t know where Siobhan is I completely trust him”

“That day I saw him coming out of Siobhan’s room”

“What?” Marco and Tyler said simultaneously.

“Honestly, I was shocked as well we should search him”

“We will go to his house tonight”


Brian and I were having a pretty intense pillow fight, he started it though, he smacked me in the head and I just had to get my revenge, I don't think I have been so close to anyone, our crotches were literally grinding because I was straddling him.

The doorbell rang and I looked up, Brian took that opportunity to smack me in the head, he shoved me off gently when the bell was rung several times in an urgent manner.

“I’ll get it” I unmounted Brian and he walked to the door, "Siobhan" he whispered


“Go and hide” I shot out of the couch and ran to his bedroom to hide under the bed, I pressed my palm on my mouth and hitched my breathing occasionally.


I fixed my hair as quickly as I could, to hide all evidence of Siobhan being her, of anyone at all being in here, I opened the door and leaned casually on the post, I was not really surprised when I saw, my boss, Tyler, his father, and a few officers, how convenient

“Good evening Mr. Brooklyn Mr. Douglas officers” I greeted

“Good evening” Tyler spoke out “we are here to check your house for my wife”

“Is it because you know you don't have any sexual libido so you think she came to me” I smirked

“You are funny” Tyler shoved me out of the way, RUDE

“You know I have a gun right, I can shoot you all right now and I can say it was self-defense"

"Brian, we don't mean to intrude or anything, we just wanted to check for Siobhan"

“What if I don’t want you to check?”

“You don’t have any say in this, officer, check the house for a dark-haired girl, green eyes, spicy attitude” the cops spread around my house “aren’t you going to offer us tea” such an obnoxious snob, what tea?

“I am not rich enough to like tea” I deadpanned

“Oh yeah"


I heard people enter the room and switch on the light my breath hitched once more and my heart started pounding in my chest I saw the officers’ legs move around the room the one stepped by the bed and crouched down he immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me from under the bed and scanned from bottom to top

“This is the one,” He said roughly

“Let me go” I cried out. The officer put a pair of handcuffs on my wrists and led me to the ling room, Brian facepalmed and Tyler laughed heartily, that bitch, he would have to pay

“Siobhan did you think that you could run away from me,” Tyler asked as he gripped my chin roughly, I pulled my head harshly away from his surprisingly warm grip and looked away “anyways officer arrest this man I am leaving him in your custody torture him but don't kill him” the cops put a handcuff on Brian's wrists

“Brian I am sorry” I whispered

“It’s okay,” Brian said and smiled "I will see you later, don't worry"


“Siobhan I thought you were dead” my mother hugged me, that felt like the most alien thing I had ever come in contact with, I pushed away awkwardly and stormed up the stairs, but not before I heard Christian say_

“Marco we are shifting the wedding to next month so she won't pull a stunt like this again and she will stay with us for the meantime Natalie you pick a dress for her we will take our leave now,”

"I am not going with you"

"Yes you are" Christian said and Tyler grabbed me

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