divided union

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chapter 9

"Siobhan" I looked over my shoulder to look at Tyler who was sitting next to me in the car, I had never witnessed anything more awkward, I tried my best to stick my body to the door of the car so in case he tried anything I would jump out, I even insisted that the lights be kept on. "we are here" without a word I got out of the car and let Tyler lead me to whatever part of his house he was leading me to.

"This is your room, so take a shower and come down for dinner immediately"

“Naked?” I asked

“That will be preferable”

“What I mean is that I don't have any clothes”

“Well that is taken care of already my shopper has bought you clothes so you choose what you want to wear”

I entered the room and sighed, I could not possibly live with him, I would run mad and I would die of boredom, he was so monotonous. I already miss Brian, Tyler needed to at least let me see him once in a while, what am I saying it is not like I was under house arrest, if I wanted to go out I would go out.

I stripped to my birthday suit and slipped into the bathtub, I took a moment to take in my surrounding, I wasn't going to lie, his house was beautiful, he had good taste and as an interior decorator, I would know. I put my head under the water and let the water just wash me by itself when I felt my body wrinkling I took it as my cue to exit the water. I pulled the plug and walked out of the bathroom.

I checked the closet for what I could wear. All the night wears that were arranged neatly were all short and skimpy. I wonder how disgusting this man could get, I wore the closest thing to decent, a plaid pajama short and a white tank top. I figured that nipple was showing something I couldn't handle

“Oh God,” I murmured and put on a bra.

I walked down the stairs and looked around for Tyler. “Hello” I yelled and a woman came out of a door

“Hello” she greeted

“Who are you?, I am sorry for being rude, you are probably the caretaker can you take me to the dining room, please?"

“Yes I am the caretaker right this way” the woman led me to the room and she saw Tyler sitting at the dining table

"Took your time," he said and I rolled my eyes "you can go, Catalina" the woman that led me to the room walked out, I sat down on the chair directly opposite Tyler, there was already food lined in dishes in front of me

“Help yourself," he said in a commanding tone

“No thank you I am not hungry"

“What happened to your neck" he gestured to his own neck, my hand flew to it I had forgotten that I had to conceal it

“It's nothing"

“There is a huge scar under your chin and you are telling me that it's nothing, come on tell me, I won't laugh he said

"It is not about you laughing, quite frankly I wouldn't give a fuck if you laughed or not" he looked taken aback "Where is your father

“You literally just changed the conversation, but it's cool, My father doesn't live here this is my house”

“Oh” I moved my fork aside and continued arranging them according to my liking when Tyler stopped me

“I guess we should get to know ourselves if we are going to get married”

“I don't want to know anything about you, what I know is enough," I said, I looked him in the eyes, his eyes were very dark and held mischief

"What do you already know about me?" he asked

"I know that you are the biggest playboy in the whole of New York City" I replied

"So you would just decide you know me by my outside persona, that sounds like judging a book by its cover, I have hobbies don't you want to know them"

"Nope, it's probably sex"

"That's one of them but I actually enjoy cooking, working, traveling, I also like a good pool game and swimming"

"I honestly don't care Tyler"

"I see"

“I despise you, no offense,”

"None, taken," he replied "how about I brush you through our arrangement"

"Go ahead"

"You are not allowed to see or date anybody during our one two year marriage"

"WAIT, why two years, can't we shorten it to a year, I mean"

"Well you ran away so, the time you spend with me was doubled, so think about that the next time because you end up staying with me for four years"

"And what would I do in these four years?"

"Bear my children of course" I didn't want to bear anyone's child, again "You will respect me at home and keep your nose out of my business, You will refer to me as Tyler, and refrain from calling me a jerk or an incorrigible idiot"

"So I can call you a bastard then?"

"No, you are not to insult me in any way"

"I feel like this contract only favors you"

"Of course, you will attend all social gatherings with me in order not to raise suspicion

You will not leave this house without prior consent from me

You will not discharge any information concerning this marriage

If any of these rules are broken you will pay dearly for it I might have you arrested, or I will sue you”

“That really doesn't scare me"

“Oh it will scare you if I were you I would stay on my good side

“Can I go now?” I deadpanned

“Not yet eat your dinner

“I said I am not hungry” Tyler stood abruptly and came to sit beside me, it was hard to focus on anything but his sexy smelling cologne

“I will take out my phone and tell those cops to kill Brian if you don't obey me” Tyler picked my fork and put spaghetti bolognaise near my mouth then pressed his phone on his ear. I swear my mouth quivered open in fear.

“That is a good girl” he fed me every last bit of the food and when I tried to take the fork he pulled it away and started teasing me.


After the awkward dinner that Siobhan and I had, I went to my bedroom to prepare for bed, all the while I couldn't take my mind off the scar on her neck, you could only notice it if you were really staring at her and I was really staring, I was focused I wanted to kiss the hatred for me out of her, but that could just be the messiest thing that could ever happen.

My mind went to my former wife, Eliza, what Eliza did to me hurt me in all ways imaginable, she could have slept with everyone in the whole world, she could have slept with my father I wouldn't have cared, scratch that I would have, but she slept with someone I trusted with my life, I couldn't just take it out of my mind, I wanted to hurt someone, I wanted to hurt someone the way Eliza hurt me. Maybe I was blowing things out of proportion, breaking so many people's hearts but I wasn't satisfied.

I started brushing my teeth then I stared in the mirror.


I cried myself to sleep, I needed someone to talk to, I was scared, scared that he would do something I didn't want, I never knew that finally leaving my house would cause me so much anxiety, I had never slept outside my home, not once and for some reason, I just wanted to insult Sebastian, I would do anything to leave the shelter of Tyler, anything. I wonder if Brian was alright.


"Siobhan would you choose a gown already" my mother urged "we still have other things to do, your wedding is just around the corner"

“Cake tasting? what is the need for cake, it's supposed to be a family affair"

“No, the contract signing is the family affair," my mother said

“Look pick the dress, honestly I don't want to be here anymore, I just want to go and sleep forever do you understand"

“Can you just cooperate for just a second, we would be done in a minute, you have rejected thirteen dresses

It was true I had rejected thirteen dresses, they weren't just right. I didn't care but I didn't want to be half-naked or unable to walk half a day.

“Too tight... too shiny... too skimpy... too deficient... too frilly... too ancient... too short... the skirt is too puffy... this one shows too much... I hate it... not my style... do you even know me...I'm not going to a club I am getting married”

“Pick any" my sister rubbed my back "it would be over soon, she whispered, oh it already felt like I had been married forever and I hadn't even said 'I DO' yet


“What I will only pick the dress I want when I am getting married to the one I love but since this is some kind of punishment why do you want me to enjoy it”

“We will take the puffy one”

“Okay” the attendant carried the dress then went into a room to wrap it

“You are a handful” My mother commented and rubbed her forehead

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