Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 11

Jordan loved having Georgia in his arms through the movie. Her comments about her brothers not helping with their kids bothered him. What did she view marriage as? He needed to show her what a mate partnership could be. Owen didn’t sound bad, he was helping in his own way.

“What are you thinking?” Georgia asked he looked down to see her gray eyes analyzing him.

“You’ll run if I say what was in my head,” he replied, kissing her forehead.

“Try me,” she said smiling up at him.

“I was thinking about mates and relationships. You’ve made some comments about the relationships around you and I want you to know being a mate is wonderful.”

“I know that.” Jordan’s eyes went wide. It surprised him, her change of heart from Sunday.

“You do?”

“I talked with Ellie and Roxie last night. They explained they weren’t asked to give up their lives, and they seem very happy. Both of them have a real partner in life. Being mates means you compliment each other. I want to see how this goes between us.” She leaned up and kissed him. Warmth spread through his body. Cupping her face in his hands, he kept her close. Her lips parted, and he slipped in his tongue to play with hers. Her hands slipped into his hair, keeping their lips locked. The desire for her raged through his veins, settling at the apex of his legs.

Take her! His jaguar urged, pushing against his skin for control.

Not yet. He pushed back, regaining control. Easing his lupus from her, his heart beat frantically in his chest.

“Georgia, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you mine. We go at your pace.” Jordan kissed her once more before catching the rolling credits in the corner of his eye. The movie was over.

“Good, because I enjoy being with you Jordan. You don’t make me nervous like others. I’m very good at over analyzing and ruining things before they start.”

“If they made you nervous, then they were the wrong one for you.” He turned the car on fully and drove them back to town.

“Where to dinner?” she asked, taking one of his hands in hers.

“Have you been to The Diner yet?” He wanted to take her to a place that was more laid back then their meeting at the Mate Me event.

“No, I’ve driven past it on my way to the hardware store.”

“Perfect, it has the best food.” He knew Declan would rib him for being there twice today, but Georgia’s comfort was more important to him.

“You’ve thought this date through,” she replied with a gentle smile on her face.

“I didn’t want our first date to be over the top fancy. I saw how uncomfortable you were at the event Sunday.

“You could tell?”

“I’m a shifter, we have heightened senses. Your body language also gave you away,” he explained, squeezing her hand.

“I write children’s books and grew up in a small town. I wanted my book launch parties to be backyard barbeques. Bert insisted on fancy clothes, expensive food that doesn’t appeal to me, and a bunch of bigwigs. My family wasn’t allowed to come either. He told me they would be too disruptive. I never understood why I couldn’t have the people who supported me the most with me at my launch parties.”

“Bert doesn’t sound like the best. Are you going to get a new agent along with a new publisher?” he asked, pulling into the parking lot for The Diner. The place was bustling for a Friday night.

“I want to be agentless. White Valley Press doesn’t need an agent for me to publish through them. They are waiting for me to break my contract with Bert before they will publish book fifteen for me.”

“I can look at your contract tomorrow when I come over with Daisy too,” he offered while parking the car.

“Okay, sure.” They got out of the car, and he took her hand. Walking into the diner, he picked out a booth sitting on one side. He watched her take her coat off and set it down in the booth before she sat down. He admired her curves and beautiful white-blond hair.

“You are beautiful,” he told her, handing her a menu.

“Thank you. You are very handsome. The day we met in the grocery store I couldn’t help but admire you.” She smiled and opened the menu to look it over. Jordan didn’t know what to say. The grocery store day kept playing over in his mind. Daisy kept pointing out his jaguar was happy to see Georgia.

“I hope Daisy wasn’t a bother,” he said trying to gauge her reaction to Daisy.

“She is the sweetest little girl. I hope she liked the book I sent her,” she replied, setting her menu down.

“She was ecstatic, she made me read it to her that night.”

“Twice in one day, Jordan!” Declan called across the restaurant. He looked up to see Declan making his way across the restaurant with plates in his hands.

“Twice?” Georgia asked, and he shrugged.

“I come here often with Daisy,” he replied and smiled at Declan when he walked up to their table.

“Are you on a date?” Declan asked, eyeing Georgia with a knowing eye.

“Georgia Stevens, this is Declan Franco, the owner of the place,” Jordan introduced her to his friend and watched Georgia give Declan a smile.

“Yes, we are on a date,” she answered his question and Declan laughed loudly.

“About time, man! What can I get you two?” Declan asked, pulling out his notepad.

“Ladies first.” Jordan motioned to Georgia to order first.

“I’d like your turkey melt with a side of fries.”

“I’ll take your Reuben sandwich with fries,” Jordan ordered his second favorite choice of meals.


“Water please,” she replied and Jordan nodded his agreement.

“Got it, two sandwiches and two glasses of water. I’ll be out later with your meals. Enjoy.” Declan walked away and Jordan turned back to Georgia.

“What got you into writing?”

“A teacher in elementary school told me I had the potential to be a writer in fifth grade when we did a fantasy writing unit. I explored a lot of options, but found kids’ books fit my writing style. I went to college for a degree in creative writing. I submitted my first book when I was twenty and was rejected instantly. I published on free writing websites and sent my book out to every publisher I could research. What about you, why did you become a lawyer?” she asked, sipping on the water brought over to their table by a waiter.

“My mom is a lawyer and she let me come to a court case once. It piqued my interest, and so I went into family law. I have been doing pretty much anything for the town though,” he explained.

“Is that how you got Daisy?” she asked and he knew the story of how he and Daisy ended up together needed to be shared.

“My brother Scott has had a drug addiction and was put in jail on possession charges three years ago. Daisy’s mother died of breast cancer two years ago and her family didn’t want Daisy. My parents are too old to take on a two-year-old. I didn’t want her going into the foster care system, so I had to sue my brother for custody. I am her legal guardian and when Scott gets out, he has no custodial rights to Daisy.”

“That is amazing. I’ve seen how hard being a single parent is for Caroline and you volunteered to do it. You are sweet and Daisy is a delight.” Georgia leaned over and kissed his lips. Jordan smiled, he did what was right for Daisy, but it was nice to have his choice acknowledged.

“It is hard, but I love it. Daisy is amazing and the light of my life,” he replied, leaning back in the booth.

“What do you and Daisy like to do on your days at home?”

“We go to the park a lot. She is in love with anything Barbie. In the summer she does camps while I am at work,” he shared and she smiled at him.

“I used to love Barbies and played with a dollhouse growing up. I had to share everything with Virginia and Caroline.”

“My brother and I had nothing in common. He loved to play sports and hanging out with his friends. What about your brothers, are you all close in age?”

“My brothers are all ten plus years older than my sisters and me. Brad is forty-four, Joshua is forty-two, and Nathan is forty. Virginia, Caroline, and I are thirty. We were a surprise our parents weren’t counting on,” she replied and his eyes widened.

“I bet you were a big surprise,” he remarked, and she laughed. He couldn’t imagine being a parent and finding out your fourth pregnancy was triplets.

“I can tell you three aren’t identical, I can tell you and Caroline apart. Her hair is darker, and she has bluer eyes,” he replied, and she nodded.

“Virginia is a brunette with gray eyes like mine. I have to say it has been better not to be identical or we would have been even more of a show. In our town we were the only triplets,” she shared, and he smiled.

“So if you didn’t love sports, what did you like to do?” she asked and he took a sip of his water to think about his answer.

“I was part of our school’s chess club, I did debate club and mostly took advanced classes,” he shared and she smiled at him.

“I hope you don’t think less of me when I say I was not a scholar at school. Caroline and Virginia were smarter than me. I preferred writing and reading, the only advanced class I took was English.” He laughed and patted her hand.

“I can’t say I had many first in high school. I spent most of it with a select few. I found I made more friends in college because we had similar interests.”

“Where did you go to college?”

“Harvard.” He watched her eyes bug out of her eyes.

“Now I feel even less worthy of you,” she replied, and he sighed, this happened all the time when people heard he went to Harvard.

“Where did you go?” he asked, trying to turn the conversation back to her.

“I went to the University of Michigan.”

“They are a great school, and good at football if I recall.”

“I suppose I’m not into sports. I prefer curling up with an enjoyable book or with one of my notebooks writing story ideas.” That surprised him, he assumed she spent her days typing away on her computer.

“You don’t type them?” he asked and dug into his meal as a waitress brought it to their table.

“I start out writing them, it takes another part of my brain to write by hand. I then type and do a preliminary edit as I type.”

“That is fascinating, how long does it take you to write one?”

“I usually take a month to two months to write out the story by hand, then I spend another month typing and editing. I don’t send it to my publisher or agent until I’ve stepped back from my writing and reread before sending it off to be looked at.”

“So six months or more?”

“I’d say that’s about right. I release a book every six to eight months,” she replied, and he watched her plump lips bite into her sandwich. It impressed him with her writing a book in six to eight months, amazed him. They fell into a comfortable silence eating, he watched her take in the surrounding diner. Her gray eyes were observing everything and he could just see her brain churning out an idea. She fascinated him, the way she spoke was soothing, easy for him to talk to, and listen to. Her presence was comforting. Watching her read to the children the other day was wonderful. She kept her audience enthralled and yearning for more when she stopped.

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