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Chapter 14

Georgia spent most of the morning tiling her bathroom. At one point Daisy came up to ask her what she was doing.

“How do you do this?” Daisy asked standing in the doorway holding one of her dolls.

“I had to measure with a tape measure to figure out how many tiles I needed to buy,” she explained, showing her the tape measure. Daisy took it and pulled on it to see the numbers.

“Wow, why did you pick brown?” Daisy asked, and she smiled, she’d picked a gray tile that looked like wood flooring.

“I wanted something that would flow with the wood floor,” she shared pointing to the wooden floor Daisy was standing on.

“Oh. It is pretty then,” Daisy replied and skipped off to find her uncle. Georgia smiled, watching her go. That little girl was so sweet and easy to talk to. Backing her way out of the bathroom, she smiled at her work. Now she needed to leave the bathroom alone for twenty-four hours before she painted the walls.

“Done?” Jordan asked, walking down the hall Daisy in his arms.

“Just about. I need it to dry, and then I can paint the walls. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to paint the garden today. I’m sorry Daisy,” she told her, Daisy frowned but nodded her understanding. It hurt her knowing she disappointed Daisy.

“How would you feel about helping me paint one of the rooms upstairs? I need to start adding color,” she offered, and Daisy jumped from Jordan’s arms into hers.

“I love it!” she cried, kissing Georgia on the cheek.

“Perfect, but lunch first. I am hungry,” she said walking into her kitchen keeping Daisy in her arms.

“Do you like sandwiches, macaroni, and cheese, hot dogs?” she rattled off some things Liam liked to eat.

“Um, do you have bologna?”

“I do. Liam likes to eat it.”

“Can I get bologna cut into fun shapes?”

“I have cookie cutters. They are in a drawer over there.” Georgia put her down, pointing to the drawer. Daisy ran over and pulled out several shapes for her bologna.

“Do you want cheese?” Georgia asked her, pulling the cheese choices out along with the bologna. She turned to look at Jordan and saw a soft look on his face.

“What?” she asked him and he walked over taking the food from her hands, placed them down. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her flush to his body, pressing his lips to hers. She stiffened for a moment, then relaxed when slipped his tongue along the seam. Letting him in, he tangled his tongue with hers for a moment before letting her go. She had to hold on to the counter to keep her knees from buckling.

“You two like each other,” Daisy commented and both adults let go of each other.

“Sorry Daisy,” Jordan replied and Daisy smiled.

“Are you two going out tonight?”

“We hadn’t planned on another one,” Georgia replied and Daisy frowned.

“I can’t leave you by yourself,” Jordan explained, kneeling to talk to his niece.

“Oh.” Daisy handed the cookie cutters to her. Georgia took them and cut out a couple of pieces for her.

“Which cheese do you want?” she asked, holding up her choices.

“Orange cheese, please.” She handed her a plate of cut out shapes and turned to Jordan.

“Do you want a sandwich too? I can heat some of my chili leftovers or beef stew,” she shared.

“Chili sounds good.” Georgia watched him open her fridge and help himself to the container. It felt right having the two of them in her house. Grabbing a kid's cup she kept for Liam to use, she filled it with apple juice and brought it over to Daisy.

“Thank you. Can you sit with me?”

“Sure, once I get my lunch.”

“I’ll bring it to you,” Jordan called from her kitchen.

“Thanks.” Georgia settled next to Daisy and watched the little girl pick up a butterfly cut piece of bologna.

“Daisy what are things you like to do?” she asked, maybe she could plan a future date with Jordan and Daisy.

“I like to play in the park, but it is too cold right now.”

“Parks are fun. What do you like best? Thank you,” she said when Jordan placed a bowl of chili in front of her. He also set down cheese, sour cream, and crackers. He placed a kiss on her temple before sitting across from her with his own bowl.

“I like the slides. I don’t like the swings because they scare me,” Daisy explained, Georgia was surprised and happy to see Daisy didn’t view their intimacy as anything to get upset about.

“Why swings?”

“I was on one once and Bobby bumped into me. I don’t like it.”

“I can see how that would be scary,” she replied and dug into her chili. It was always better after having a day to blend all the spices.

“I’m done. Can I go play?” Daisy asked, hopping down from the table. Her plate was empty along with her juice cup.

“Put your things in the sink and you can play,” Jordan answered. To Georgia’s surprise, she did as she was asked and raced off.


“I’ve been working with her on cleaning up. I’m getting tired of stepping on barbie shoes,” he explained, and she laughed hard.

“My dad was like that but with all the Legos we left out. Those and the old Polly pocket houses. He stepped on the mansion one we had and swore so loud our neighbors heard him.”

“I bet. She doesn’t have any of those. I have a small area for her toys, but my apartment just isn’t big enough.” Georgia fought the urge to invite them to live with her. What crazy person asked someone to live with them after two dates? Shifters, that’s who. Her mental self chided, and she frowned.

“I’m sorry. How do you manage her books then?”

“There is a bookshelf in her room. Your two signed books are sitting on the top. Daisy wants nothing to happen to them.” Her heart warmed hearing Daisy loved her gift.

“She is a sweet girl. Caroline says she has been great for Liam.”

“He is her best friend according to her. I’ve rarely heard him talk, though.” He took a bite of his lunch and moaned.

“This is amazing.”

“Thanks. Liam has never been talkative. We’ve tried not making it an enormous deal when he talks. Caroline isn’t sure why he is so shy, but she refuses to rush him.”

“Smart. I had to take it a day at a time when I first took custody of Daisy.”

She thought back to Jordan, green to parenting, trying to care for a two-year-old.

“That sounds hard,” she remarked, and he shrugged.

“Hard, but worth it. Daisy has become my world. I’m only happy that I could give her a home with her family. So many others get put in the foster care system and lost.”

“You are amazing,” she gushed, setting her spoon down.

“You are the amazing one. You’ve answered every single question Daisy put to you. When you realized you couldn’t have her help paint the bathroom today, you thought of something else. You are even feeding us lunch,” he replied, and she laughed.

“This is easy. She is easy.” Georgia waved between the two of them, and he smiled at her.

“Still you didn’t have to do any of this,” he countered and set his spoon down. His bowl was empty. She got up and went to take it for him.

“Do you want seconds?” He caught her wrist and pulled her into his lap.

“I want dessert.” Before she could register what he was doing his lips connected with hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and dueled tongues with him. One of his hands slipped under her shirt and he tweaked a nipple. Fire shot through her veins, settling in her core. Moaning softly into his mouth, she gripped his hair, holding his mouth to hers. His jaguar purred in his chest, sending vibrations through her body. Her panties became wet from her desire for him. Squirming on his lap, she wanted more. The telltale sign of his need for her rubbed against one thigh.

“Georgia,” he growled, kissing down her neck sucking on her collarbone.

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