Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 15

Jordan wanted more. His hands molded her breasts, he pulled on her nipples and wanted to see what he was touching. Pulling her shirt over her head, he bent down to suck one nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking until her nipple was a tight point.

“You are beautiful,” he murmured, moving to her other breast. His mate made him wild; he needed to pleasure her. Taking advantage of Daisy playing in the basement, he stood with her in his arms. Carrying her to the master bedroom, he closed the door and dropped her onto the bed. Crawling over her body, he nipped on her creamy white skin. His jaguar was pushing for him to mate her, but he wouldn’t without her permission.

“What about Daisy?” she asked, and he smiled.

“Perks of shifter hearing. I’ll hear her before we are in any danger,” he assured her and kissed her lips gently. Her hands found the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Removing her bra and pants, he left her in her underwear for a few moments longer. He wanted to admire her curves. She looked perfect sprawled beneath him, her lips swollen from their kisses, hair mussed from his fingers running through it.

“I need to taste you,” he told her, sucking on her neck leaving behind a blooming hickey. Her moans encouraged him. Moving slowly so she could object if she wanted, he pulled on her panties. To his pleasure, she lifted her hips, allowing him to pull them off and toss them to the side. Taking a deep breath, he took in her desire for him. Kissing down her chest, across her stomach and down to the apex of her thighs. His mouth kissed the top of her curls, his hands skimming across her folds.

“Jordan.” Her sweet voice was music to his ears. She needed him. Using his fingers, he parted her legs and dove in. His mouth connected with her pussy and he moaned. She tasted like the sweetest honey he’d ever had. Using his tongue he probed at her clit drawing a moan from her delectable lips. Putting two fingers into her slick pussy, he pumped in and out. Her walls contracted around his fingers, pulling him deeper.

“Faster,” she gasped, and he complied, using his fingers and mouth to pleasure her. He couldn’t get enough of her peaches and cream. Sucking on her clit, he felt her jerk underneath him.


“Mmm, you taste perfect,” he moaned into her pussy, his jaguar purred and her hips raised. Pumping in and out of her pussy, he watched her succumb to her orgasm. Her orgasm made it hard for him to pull his fingers in and out, but he pressed on to extend the pleasure he was giving her.

“You are amazing,” she huffed, sitting up on her elbows.

“I was thinking the same thing about you. Watching you orgasm is wonderful to watch,” he told her, crawling up the bed to place a kiss on her lips.

“Your turn,” she said, reaching for his shaft. Jordan pulled out of her reach and nodded toward the door.

“Daisy is on her way up,” he said and watched as Georgia jumped out of the bed and quickly redressed. He followed but did so at a slower pace. They had a minute or so before Daisy would be within hearing for Georgia.

“I’m impressed with your hearing. Is hers just as good?” Georgia asked him, putting on her shirt.

“Not yet. When her jaguar comes, then her hearing will get better,” he explained, zipping his pants.

“When will that happen?”

“Thirteen is when most shifters get their animals,” he replied, putting on his shirt and straightening his hair. He stood behind Georgia in front of the mirror watching her pull her blond hair up into a ponytail exposing her creamy neck. Unable to resist, he bent down and kissed the spot he would mark one day. She shivered and their eyes connected in the mirror. Her dove gray eyes widened as he nipped in the same spot.

“Uncle Jordan, Georgia?” Daisy called, he released Georgia and walked over to her door opening it for Daisy to come in.

“Can we paint?” Daisy asked and Jordan watched Georgia’s demeanor change with a sweet smile on her face.

“I need to go buy paint. Would you and your uncle like to come with me to the home improvement store?” she asked, kneeling to take Daisy’s hands in hers.

“Yes! But we have to take Uncle Jordan’s car because my seat is in there,” Daisy explained with a serious look on her face. Jordan looked down at his mate and niece. They were perfect together. Georgia had taken to Daisy without hesitation. He didn’t know how he would live without Georgia in his arms at night.

“I can drive if Georgia doesn’t mind,” he said and wrapped an arm around her waist as she stood.

“Nope. Daisy let’s get shoes on and your coat so we can pick out your paint color,” Georgia said. Daisy squealed with joy and raced out the door. Jordan laughed and taking Georgia’s hand they walked down the stairs to gather their coats, scarves, and gloves. Taking a peek at the sky, Jordan noticed the ominous snow clouds.

“It looks like it will snow,” he commented, putting on his coat watching Georgia help Daisy into her own coat.

“I love snow!” Daisy’s excitement brought smiles to both their faces.

“The weather report said it wouldn’t start snowing until midnight,” Georgia replied, grabbing her house keys and crossbody bag. Jordan opened the door and watched the two walk out. This felt right. He knew this was what his life needed, the two of them together. He felt like a complete person and family now, with Georgia in their lives. Unlocking the door he went to put Daisy in the back but Georgia beat him to it. He watched her expertly buckle Daisy in and pull the straps tight. Climbing into the driver’s seat, he turned the car on to get the heat going. Something he made sure of was to take care of his car, he didn’t want it to fail on him when he had Daisy to care for.

“What color are we picking out?” Georgia asked Daisy, turning in her seat to look at his niece.

“I want pink!”

“Pink it is then.” Jordan wondered what Georgia had up her sleeve. Most people wouldn’t want a pink room in their home unless it belonged to a little girl. Parking at the store, Jordan watched Georgia help Daisy out of the car and the three of them walked into the store hand in hand. Daisy stood between the two chattering away about everything she could see. He didn’t take her here with him if he could help it.

“Jordan!” He heard Troy call, turning he saw Troy and Peter Whitman walking up to them.

“Hi, Troy, Peter.”

“What are you doing in a hardware store?” Peter asked, hefting a slat of wood onto his flatbed cart.

“We are picking out paint for Georgia’s house!” Daisy announced, bouncing with excitement. Jordan could see the look of surprise on the two men’s faces.

“Daisy and Jordan have been helping me fix up my house,” Georgia explained, leaning into his body.

“Are you having fun?” Troy asked, kneeling to talk to Daisy.

“So much fun! Georgia has a cool playroom. It is awesome and she let me play with a dollhouse! My barbies had a playdate.” Daisy jumped up and down, making all the adults around her laugh.

“We should go pick out that color,” Jordan coaxed and Daisy waved goodbye to the two men before taking their hands and pulling them toward the paint counter. Jordan laughed and let her lead the way.

It took thirty minutes for Daisy to pick out the perfect color for the room. While she looked at all the pinks, he watched Georgia pull a pale sky blue and a mint green debating between the two.

“I like the blue better,” he said coming up behind her and kissing her shoulder.

“Then the other two rooms can be blue,” she answered, looking up to kiss him gently.

“I’ve found it!” Daisy announced, holding up a bubblegum pink. He winced but watched as Georgia appropriately gushed over the color choice and handed the boy behind the counter the colors.

“We need two gallons of the pink and four of the blue,” she told him. The adolescent man went to work getting their paint.

“Do you need rollers or anything?” he asked, spying the painting supplies.

“I need some new rollers and a thin paintbrush,” she answered. He kissed her and grabbed a few items, adding in a couple of things for him and Daisy to use.

In no time they were on their way back home and painting the walls of Daisy’s room bubble gum pink. Jordan watched Georgia show Daisy how to use the small roller he gave her without getting the floor or trim. The two were giggling and suddenly he felt wet paint be smeared down his arm. He looked down to see Daisy snuck up behind him as he thought about Georgia.

“Why you little sneak,” he laughed and used his finger to put a smear of pink on her nose. Daisy gave him a shocked look and then their eyes connected on Georgia. She hadn’t seen their little paint war, and the two snuck up behind her. He got her cheek and Daisy got her leg. Georgia gasped and turned around. Then her eyes narrowed and he knew it meant war. They laughed and played around, falling to the floor in a heap of laughter

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