Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 17

Jordan couldn’t believe how easy he felt letting Georgia and Daisy make plans for the room upstairs. It had worried him when they had first arrived that Georgia would not want Daisy in her life. The two were becoming best friends and Daisy listened to her.

She is perfect! His jaguar purred and Jordan had to agree. He wouldn’t do what he watched Rhett and Anderson do and run from his mate. Georgia was his and there would be no one else. Suddenly his phone buzzed, and he saw it was the number for the jail his brother Scott was being detained in.

“Excuse me, ladies, I need to answer this,” he said excusing himself from the table and walking out the front door. He didn’t mind the cold and answered his phone.


“Will you accept a collect call from Scott Howard?”

“Yes.” He waited a moment, and the phone connected.


“Why are you calling me Scott?” he asked, sighing. His brother hadn’t bothered to tell him he was in jail, he found out when he got custody of Daisy.

“How am I just finding out you have custody of my daughter?” Scott demanded and Jordan rubbed his temple.

“Did you know you had a daughter?”

“That is beside the point!”

“That is the point. Christine died from breast cancer two years ago. No one was willing to take her and they deemed you unfit since you were in jail. I have full custodial rights of Daisy,” he told his brother.

“I want my daughter to know me,” Scott said and Jordan frowned, he wasn’t sure he wanted Scott in Daisy’s life, especially with his substance abuse issues.

“Are you sober?” he asked instead of replying to his want of knowing Daisy.

“Yes. I haven’t touched a hard drug since they put me in jail. They got me in a sobriety program,” Scott answered.

“If you can stay sober for a year after they release you from jail then you can come and meet Daisy. I don’t want you in and out of her life like you were Christine’s.” Jordan’s jaguar wasn’t happy with Scott wanting their girl. Daisy was his daughter, Scott may be the biological father, but Jordan obtained all legal guardianship of her when everything first happened.

“She is mine, Jordan.” He could hear his brother’s voice become harsh.

“Not legally. I am happy to have you in her life if you can prove you won’t go back to your old ways,” he told his brother, sighing and scrubbing the back of his neck.

“I get out next month.”

“Then starting from next month you have a year to prove you will stay sober and not fall off the wagon again.”

“I’m coming to get her Jordan,” Scott yelled, then the line went dead. Fuck! Scott would cause problems. How was he going to keep Georgia and Daisy safe?

“Jordan?” Georgia called coming out onto the porch, her arms wrapped around her body to keep warm as the snow fell around them.

“Hey, it looks like I might be able to get Daisy home tonight,” he commented, not wanting her to notice how worried he was.

“Don’t go home,” she said, putting a hand on his arm.

“Are you sure? Do you know what you are asking?” He needed her to understand if she let him stay they would make love tonight.

“Yes. You and Daisy mean a lot to me in such a brief time. That little girl in there is wonderful and you are wonderful. You two make this house feel complete,” she shared squeezing his arm. Tingles went through his body.

“Are you open to becoming my mate?” he asked, he needed to know she wanted this as much as he did.

“Jordan I am telling you I want you and Daisy to stay. I want to continue to spend time with you two. I need you to stay.” Georgia leaned up and kissed him on the lips. His jaguar purred and his hands went around her waist. Pulling her flush against his body, he groaned. She was perfect. Her curves and plump breasts tempted him. His taste of her earlier wasn’t enough, he needed more.

“Yes we will stay,” he whispered, releasing her lips and urging her back into the house. Her body was shivering from the cold.

“Are we staying?” Daisy asked, standing in the hallway clutching her backpack and shoes.

“The roads are too slippery, we will have to spend the night,” Jordan announced and laughed at her excited scream. She ran over and hugged both of them.

“Now we are a family!” she squealed looking between both of them.

“What do you mean?” Jordan asked, worried she was getting attached to Georgia. He was getting attached to Georgia and wasn’t ready to let her go.

“Georgia and you. I saw you two kissing,” Daisy pointed out.

“We aren’t a family yet, but I like your uncle a lot,” Georgia answered. Daisy frowned and stamped her foot.

“You two have to be my family! Who will be my family if you two don’t love each other?” she asked, tears in her eyes.

“Hey, hey, calm down baby girl. Georgia and I like each other a lot. We are taking things slow so we mess nothing up. I promise we are a family. Remember the book we read about families being made up of all different people?” he asked, kneeling to pull her into his arms.

“But I want you two to be mine,” she cried and hiccuped.

“Daisy, you have me no matter what,” he assured her and cradled her in his arms. It was well past her bedtime and she was becoming emotional.

“How about a bath and then you can pick out the shirt you get to sleep in?” Georgia suggested patting Daisy on the back.

“Can I use your bathtub?” Daisy asked, her tears stopping.

“Yes, and I have bath bombs you can pick from,” Georgia answered, leading the way up to her master bathroom.

“Can you stay with me? Uncle Jordan usually helps me with my bath, but I want you,” Daisy said once they were all in the big bath. Georgia looked up at him for approval and he nodded. She was his mate. Nothing bad would happen to Daisy with her.

“Sure. Come pick your bath bomb while Uncle Jordan gets the bath going,” Georgia coaxed. Jordan put her down and set to work making the bathwater the right temperature. He watched her turn her head when Daisy stripped her clothes off, holding out a towel for her to wrap around her body while waiting for the bathtub to be full.

“The water is perfect,” Jordan announced, stopping the drain. Daisy walked over and Jordan stifled a laugh. The towel was massive on her.

“Here is the bath bomb I picked,” she said, handing him a cupcake shaped one. He raised an eyebrow at Georgia and she smiled.

“I like to take baths,” she answered. He laughed and pulled Daisy close to hug her gently.

“This is perfect for you. Did you tell Georgia thank you?”

“Yes.” Daisy reached for the bomb and dropped it into the water, squealing the instant it bubbled.

“I think you can get in with it,” Georgia suggested and Daisy dropped her towel to climb in staring intently at the fizzing cupcake. He watched Georgia smile softly. This was what he needed. Georgia was right, the three of them were the perfect beginnings of a family. Now he needed to deal with Scott and put a restraining order on him if he tries to go after Daisy.

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