Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 18

Georgia helped Daisy through her bath, she kept looking over at Jordan to make sure she wasn’t overstepping her position as his girlfriend. Were they dating? Did two dates mean they were in a relationship? Daisy stepped out of the bath and she wrapped her in a large fluffy towel.

“I have a pile of t-shirts you can pick out to sleep in. Hopefully, the snow will be done in the morning and you can get your regular clothing,” Georgia told her, opening a drawer of t-shirts from her time in college. Daisy pulled out a purple one and smiled.

“I like the cat.”

“Haha, I like the cat too.” Georgia slipped the shirt over her head and it draped like a long dress.

“Perfect. What else do you do before bed?” she asked, this time looking at Jordan.

“We read,” he replied, picking Daisy up and walking her down to the room they’d recently painted.

“What book would you like to read? I have a bunch,” Georgia answered following them to the room.

“Can we read your new one?” Daisy asked and Georgia smiled. She was flattered Daisy enjoyed the story so much.

“I’ll go get it, be right back.” Georgia hurried down the stairs and into her makeshift office. Hers was still in the building stages. Grabbing book fourteen she paused to stare at the envelope Bluemont Press sent her. It reminded her she needed to talk to Jordan about her contract and see about connecting with White Valley Publishers. Her fifteenth book was almost done and she didn’t want to make her readers wait longer than the traditional six to eight months in between publishing.

“I like her Uncle Jordan. Can we live here?” Georgia overheard Daisy asking when she came back up the stairs. Her heart grew hearing Daisy wanted to live here. Jordan was her mate, all the women at girls’ night were happily married to their mates. She knew Virginia loved Owen and Caroline loved Jonas before he died. The women she knew who were married to regular men weren’t always happy. Oh, she knew Jordan and her would disagree, but it wouldn’t be to the point where one of them walked out and never came back.

“I found it!” she announced walking into the room to see Daisy snuggled under the covers with Jordan sitting at the foot of the bed. Georgia made a mental note to purchase a desk, chair, and bookshelf to put in the room. She handed the book to Jordan and settled next to him leaning into his arm. Jordan put one arm around her shoulders and opened the book.

“No, I want Georgia to read,” Daisy protested and Jordan closed his mouth. He held the book and Georgia began.

Bethany couldn’t wait to get home from school. She’d promised Felix she would come to visit for their big campout. Running into her parents’ bookshop leaving her nana behind she raced upstairs to their apartment.

“Bethany Jane Smith come down here and give your mom a hug and a kiss,” her mom ordered. Bethany rolled her eyes but hurried down to kiss her mom hello.

“Hi, Mom. I had a great day at school. I’ll be reading my dragon book in my room,” she said and ran off to her room. Slamming the door shut she locked the door and opened her dragon book. Turning to the page with Felix’s picture she took a deep breath and wished she could see him.

“I wish with all my heart to meet this dragon.” The book shone a bright silver light. Bethany closed her eyes, and the world began to spin around her. Once the world stopped moving she took in the world around her. She was standing in a field of emerald green grass and shiny yellow flowers that looked like gems.

Felix lived in a large cave a five-minute walk from the field where she first met Felix.

Georgia looked up from the book to see Daisy fast asleep, the blanket tucked around her shoulders. Jordan closed the book and kissed her cheek.

“You tell a compelling story, your voice is soothing to listen to,” he whispered, placing the book next to the bed.

“I have so many words floating around in my head I need to put them someplace. I am almost done book fifteen,” she explained in a hushed voice as they left the bedroom.

“That is amazing. You are wonderful with Daisy.” Jordan kissed her cheek making Georgia melt.

“I heard Daisy asking to live here when I came up the steps,” she confessed, he went stiff in her arms.

“She is four and loves you. All four-year-olds want to live in places they think are fun.” She sensed he was trying to downplay how much he wanted to live here too.

“I have a serious question to ask you,” she said once they were in her room and the door was closed. Jordan sat on the bench at the end of her bed, his hands clasped tightly in his lap.

“Are we mates?” she asked, needing to hear him say yes before she did something she’d never thought she’d do.

“Yes.” His answer was short and direct. She looked into his green eyes and saw nothing but the truth there.

“I need you to know that every relationship I have ever been in, I have over-analyzed. I have looked at the man I was dating and asked if he made my life better. Jordan you make my life better. Daisy makes my life better. I want the two of you to move in with me and live here. I want to be your mate.” Georgia watched Jordan’s eyes go from worried to surprised to delighted.

“For sure?” he asked, reaching for her and stopping.

“One hundred percent. I didn’t want you or Daisy to leave tonight. I want her to turn that room at the end of the hall into her room. I want you to bring all your things here and help me make this house a home. I have done the big renovations, the only thing left is the basement. The play area is done, but my office needs to be completed. If you are okay with me doing home improvement and spending a lot of time in my room writing I want you and Daisy to move in.” Georgia straddled his legs cradling his head in her hands.

“Jordan Howard, will you and Daisy move in with me?” she asked, kissing him softly on the lips.

“Only if you let me make you my mate tonight. I will not move Daisy just to have you ask us to leave later,” he replied and she nodded her understanding.

“Are you asking me to be your mate?” she teased giving him a sweet smile. Jordan straightened his back and put his hands on her hips.

“Georgia Stevens, will you be my mate?”

“Yes.” She kissed him to drive her point home. He moved so fast she barely felt him lift her before he was laying her back onto her bed. Jordan hovered over her body and she moaned when his hands grabbed at her pants. He pulled them and her underwear down with swift movements. Not wanting to be the only one naked Georgia sat up and pulled Jordan’s shirt over his head. She gasped when she caught sight of his muscular body. He made her feel too soft, too round. Her usual reservations about being naked in front of her lover slammed down making her freeze.

“Baby you are beautiful, I need to see all of you,” Jordan murmured in her ear, how he knew she needed to hear that, she didn’t know.

“I love you,” Jordan whispered and soon her body relaxed into her soft mattress.

“I love you too. It is hard to believe it, but I love you and Daisy.” She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and nipped at his ear lobe. Her touch drew out a moan and purr from him. Encouraged by his reaction she bit his shoulder. He jumped and growled his eyes glowing with his animal.

“Mmm, you are so sexy,” she murmured, sliding her hands down to undo his pants shoving them along with his boxers down his legs. Their naked skin pressed together sending tingles across her body. Georgia couldn’t hold back, her hands found his thick shaft. He was massive in her petite hands. Jordan thrust his hips making his erection slide through her fingers. Georgia tightened her grip enough to give him more pleasure. Jordan kissed her shoulder. A fire erupted in her core making her ache for his cock. Liquid gushed between her legs, telling her how much she needed his shaft deep within her. The orgasm he gave her earlier in the day flared in her mind, she wanted to feel like that again.

“Jordan,” she begged, needing more for him. Jordan nipped to her breasts, his large hands grabbed them rolling one nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Her other breast went into his mouth. Georgia moaned, pressing her chest up into his mouth demanding more from him.

“You are perfect,” he moaned, his free hand slipped between her legs, his slim fingers pushed into her heat. Georgia moaned pumping her hips, he was moving too slow to alleviate the ache.

“Are you ready?” he asked, positioning his cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy.

“More than ready,” she answered, wrapping her legs around his hips. Jordan thrust in and she let out a shout of pure pleasure. He was thick and long and perfectly fit inside her.

“Jordan,” she groaned, he caught her eye and stopped moving.

“What?” Was he having second thoughts?

“To mate, I need to take you from behind and leave my mark on your shoulder,” he explained and she smirked at him.

“I like it from behind,” she purred, making him laugh. Making love was fun, she liked making him laugh.

“Who am I to object?” she asked, winking at him. His laugh became louder and he caught her lips with his own.

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