Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 19

Jordan loved the woman beneath him. She was too much, and he loved how she made him laugh. Pumping his hips in and out of her, he drew out a low moan. His jaguar was pushing for him to mate her instantly, but he wanted to enjoy being with his mate. Tonight was the first time he would make love to his mate, and he wanted to savor the feeling. Bending his head he nipped at her skin leaving small blooming marks across her pale skin. She writhed underneath him, her eyes closed, her pale hair splayed on the pillows. Jordan watched Georgia moan as he pushed his cock deep within her. Her body fit him like a glove, she was made for him.

Jordan sucked one plump nipple into his mouth, marveling at how perfect she was. He would not let her go. Reaching between their bodies he pinched her nub sending her over the edge. Her core wrapped around him, squeezing in time with his pumps. Using considerable willpower, Jordan kept himself from coming.

“Jordan.” Her moan felt like music to his ears, he needed to hear more. Flipping her so she was on her hands and knees Jordan bent over her body fondling her breasts. He pushed his erection deep within her, this new angle made her squeeze him tighter, making him almost spill himself.

“When I orgasm inside you and leave my mark on your shoulder, you will be my mate,” he whispered into her ear. He watched as goosebumps erupted down her spine. Kissing down her spine until he reached the curve of her bottom he nipped causing her to jerk forward and look over her shoulder at him. He winked and kissed back up to her shoulder.

“Stop teasing,” she demanded, making him chuckle. Not one to make his mate wait he plunged deep within her driving a pleasurable scream from her lips. Jordan gripped her hips and slammed into her, bottoming out in her heat. Closing his eyes, he let his jaguar take over. A deep connection opened between the two, he felt her emotions wash over him. Her body was ready. He reached down and squeezed her breasts, pumping in and out. Her heart sped up and her hips bounced into him on each thrust. Letting his canines come down, he bit into her shoulder. Warmth filled his veins as she hit her orgasm. Her contracting pussy pulled his release out. He hadn’t realized how intense his orgasm would be with his mate. He let go of her, licking the spot to close it. Once spent in her pussy he collapsed onto the bed next to her. His heartbeat slammed in his chest. He had a mate! Georgia was his forever. Turning his head, he caught her dove gray gaze.

“You okay?” he asked, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

“When you bit me, I felt your emotions wash over me. Is that what it is like with mating?”

“I wouldn’t know. You are the only one I’ve mated,” he answered, and she gave a soft laugh.

“True. It is official, you, Daisy, and I are a family. I want you to move in as soon as possible,” she told him, snuggling into his arms. Her skin damp with sweat from their lovemaking. Jordan kissed her temple.

“I’m all sweaty,” she protested when he slid a hand around her waist.

“Want to shower? I was jealous of Daisy getting to use your bathtub,” he shared and smiled when she gave me a shocked look.

“Come on, let’s take a bath.” He didn’t give her a chance to object and carried her into the bathroom. He deposited her onto the edge of the tub while he started the water. He wanted to soak in a tub with her in his arms.

“I have adult bath bombs too,” she said pointing to her sink cabinet. Jordan gave her a curious glance and opened the cabinet. Inside, it surprised him to see several battery-operated toys and sexual bath bombs.

“What do they do?” he asked, pulling out one in the shape of a heart.

“The scents and oils they release in the bathtub are supposed to enhance foreplay,” she explained, and he grinned.

“I like how you think.” Taking the heart, he handed it to her to place in the tub. Watching her, he admired her curves, her skin was several shades lighter than his. Her light blond hair fascinated him, he only ever saw that color on little ones. He put a hand in the tub and deemed the water perfect.

“Hop in,” he encouraged her, she dropped the bath bomb and climbed in. Jordan slipped in behind her, cuddling her between his legs.

“Jordan?” He slid a hand around her stomach to cradle her.

“Hmm?” he asked, he’d closed his eyes to enjoy the feel of their skin pressed against each other.

“Were you able to find anything in my contract?”

“True, we haven’t talked about that. Daisy took up much of our time today. I hope you know that our days will have a large dose of Daisy.

“I love Daisy. I loved painting the room in her vision. I went online while dinner was cooking and found stencils we can use to make her room the princess castle she wanted,” Georgia replied and Jordan couldn’t resist. He leaned around and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“What was that for?”

“Loving me and Daisy. I looked over your contract and I think we have a way to get you out of it and your books. If you kept your email trail between you and Bert, then we can prove he knew your idea well before the other author shared hers. How close were the two ideas?” His hands rubbed her arms, the water made her skin silky smooth.

“Identical, except they changed the names.”

“Tomorrow I want copies of all emails. Your books are easier to get, you just have to file for your rights from the publishing company you used before. They might have a fee or paperwork saying you won’t reproduce the books for a certain amount of time with your new publisher,” he explained, digging in his brain back to college. He had done little with publishers before.

“I can get you everything tomorrow. I think it would be best to have you write a letter to the publisher as my lawyer. Bert will be harder, he is angry that I dumped him as my agent and I decided to go agentless.”

“I’ll draft a letter on Monday when I go back to work in my office. I try not to work on the weekends so Daisy has time with me,” he shared and she turned around in the water to straddle his lap. Instantly his cock hardened, wanting to be inside her again.

“You are such an amazing uncle.” She kissed him and all words were gone. They needed none between the two of them as they made love slow and sweet in the bath.

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