Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 20

The next morning Georgia awoke with a story racing around her head. Looking over, she saw Jordan was still fast asleep, face down in the pillows. Running a hand down his bareback she slipped out of bed, dressed, and went down to make coffee. While waiting for her coffee to brew Georgia pulled out her laptop setting it on the dining room table.

“Georgia?” Daisy’s sweet little voice reached her ears. She turned around to see Daisy walking into the kitchen, rubbing her eyes. Her blond hair in disarray around her face.

“Hi Daisy, where is Uncle Jordan?” she asked preparing her coffee the way she liked it.

“Sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him up,” Daisy answered, climbing into a chair at the dining room table.

“Are you hungry? I have cereal or I can make you eggs,” she offered, unsure what to feed Daisy.

“What kind of cereal?”

“Lucky Charms,” she replied, she was a sucker for the cereal and kept it on hand in case she had a craving.

“I love marshmallows!” Daisy bounced in her seat, all sleepiness in her eyes gone.

“Promise to eat all the cereal, not just the marshmallows,” Georgia told her, getting the large box out of the cabinet.

“I promise!” Georgia chuckled at her excitement and went about making her a small bowl with milk. She set it in front of Daisy and handed her a spoon.

“Do you need anything else? I wanted to write a new story, your uncle inspired me.” Georgia sat at the head of the table with her coffee.

“No. Where are you going to write?” Daisy asked, looking around.

“On my computer.”

“In here?”


“But you have a room downstairs.”

“I need to finish painting the room and get the shelves set up,” she explained booting up her laptop.

“Do you always write inside?”

“No, when it is nice outside I like to take my computer or notebook and sit on the porch,” she shared sipping her coffee.

“Oh.” Georgia looked up to see Daisy digging into her cereal. She felt comfortable enough to start up a new word document. Today she would start on her new series about a group of shifter friends and the challenges they go through being shifters. Her primary characters were two boys and two girls, each a different shifter. She’d chosen a jaguar, bear, gorilla, and lion. Drawing on the children in her life, she dove into weaving the tales of this fresh group of friends. The world faded away around her and the shifter kids became her sole focus. The first thing she needed to do was make an outline of what she wanted her story to be.

“Georgia?” Jordan’s voice broke through her concentration. She looked up, blinking away the words on the screen.

“Yes?” she asked, wondering where Daisy had gone.

“Daisy is playing downstairs. How come you didn’t wake me up?” he asked. She noticed he looked upset.

“You were still tired. I didn’t think Daisy would wake up when I did. I fed her cereal and told her I needed to write,” Georgia explained, worried it upset him she didn’t pay attention to Daisy.

“Daisy said as much. Thank you.” He bent down and kissed her lips.

“Daisy also told me we needed to paint your writing room.” Georgia laughed, saving her draft and closing the computer.

“How long have I been typing?” she asked, looking at the clock.

“About an hour if I gauged when Daisy normally wakes up,” he answered, sipping on his own cup of coffee. His pale pink lips beckoned her. She needed to taste them again. Standing, she went over to the coffeepot, pecking Jordan on the lips as she went by. She refilled her cup staring at Jordan, he’d put his clothing back on, even if it was a little wrinkled.

“When do you want to tell Daisy?” he asked, she cocked her head to the side, tell her what?

“From that look I am worried. I wanted to let her know we mated and will be moving in here. That is if you still want us here?” Georgia laughed, putting a hand on his arm.

“Whenever you are ready to tell her. I want to get some writing done today though,” she replied, feeling guilty for wanting to work and not spend more time with them.

“I understand the need to write or create. Roxie is like that. I’ve spent enough time around her to know when the inspiration strikes there is no waiting. I’ll take Daisy home to get her new clothing.”

“You aren’t mad?”

“Not in the least. I love you Georgia, you are my mate.” To prove his point, he bent his head and kissed her hard on the lips. Her mouth opened at its own violation, letting him in. When his tongue rubbed hers she moaned, her core gushed, a fire burned in her veins.

“Come back for dinner. Caroline and Liam are coming to eat and I want them to know the wonderful news first,” she murmured once he let her go.

“Do you want us to spend the night again?”

“I want you to bring whatever you need to feel comfortable here. I know it is Sunday and you need to work tomorrow, Daisy needs to go to daycare. I think we should tell her before you go home, this way she can pack what she wants to keep here. When is your lease up on the apartment?” Georgia had plenty of money saved away from selling books. She would happily help him pay the fee to break his lease early.

“We still have six months on the lease,” he replied running a hand through his already messy hair.

“I can help pay for you ending the lease. I don’t spend my money frivolously, and it is our home you are moving into,” she shared, he frowned, she could see he didn’t know what to say.

“Please let me help.” Georgia wrapped her arms around his waist, rubbing her nose on his sweater. He smelled heavenly, and she didn’t want to let him go.

“Okay. I’ll pull out my lease and look it over. Want to tell Daisy now?” he asked, kissing the top of her head.

“Let’s make a little girl very happy.” Georgia took his hand, leading him into the basement. She frowned, seeing the place needed to be redone for Daisy. She’d left it basic, now she had a reason to make it better. Maybe she could find another set of stencils to decorate the walls, or pictures of her family could go up.

“Daisy,” Jordan called, Daisy had settled herself in front of the dollhouse with her barbies out. The barbies were the adults in her game and the small dolls were the babies.

“It is nap time, little one,” Daisy pretended to play, tucking a small doll into a wooden bed.

“Daisy honey,” Georgia called softly to catch her attention. Daisy turned to look at them with a sad smile.

“It is time we go home?” she asked, Georgia’s heart hurt, she didn’t like to see such a sad expression on Daisy’s face.

“Well actually,” Jordan began sitting on the floor with Daisy. Georgia joined, picking up one barbie and smoothing the hair.

“Georgia and I are mates,” he explained, Georgia watched Daisy’s eyes go wide.

“Like Mrs. Ellie and Mr. Marcus?”

“Exactly like that,” he replied. Daisy jumped up and hugged Georgia around the neck, almost knocking her over. Georgia laughed and hugged the little girl.

“Daisy, how would you feel about you and Uncle Jordan moving into this house? You could have the room you helped me paint, we can turn it into a princess castle.” Georgia looked down at her settling in her lap.

“I wanted a fairy garden,” Daisy remarked, making Georgia laugh harder.

“Excuse me, fairy garden. What do you say? Do you want to live here and become a family?” Georgia held her breath as Daisy digested everything she’d said.

“I get to live here with you and Uncle Jordan?”

“Yes. Ms. Georgia and I are mates, we want to become a family with you at the center. You and I are together forever and I want Georgia to share our lives with us too,” Jordan explained, wrapping his arms around the two of them.

“I want to be a family, when do we move?” Daisy replied, bouncing in her lap.

“Next weekend, but we will come back tonight to stay with Georgia. We will go home and pack a few bags to bring over here,” Jordan told her, making Georgia smile at Daisy’s excitement.

“Can all my toys come here?”

“Every single one of them,” Georgia promised, rubbing her back.

“That is the best!” Daisy wrapped her arms around her neck, kissing Georgia on the cheek. Georgia returned the hug. Her heart full of love for the two most important people in her life.

“We need to head home now so Georgia can get some writing done. We will come back for dinner with Ms. Caroline and Liam,” Jordan explained, pulling Daisy off of Georgia.

“When you get back, we will make plans on what you want your room to look like. I can get it done this week while you are at daycare and Uncle Jordan is at work.”

“Will you pick me up from daycare? Uncle Jordan works late,” Daisy inquired taking her hand helping her off the floor.

“I don’t know if I am allowed to. I know I am an emergency contact for Liam if Caroline can’t get him,” Georgia replied following her upstairs.

“I’ll add you to her emergency contact tomorrow,” Jordan promised, making Daisy whoop with excitement.

“What time do you usually pick her up?” Georgia asked curious why Daisy would ask her to pick her up.

“Depends on if I am swamped with cases. I try to pick her up around five,” he answered, Georgia sensed he felt guilty about how late he picked her up.

“I can pick up if you drop off?” she suggested, Daisy became her responsibility the minute she let Jordan mate her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’ll pick her up at four, that gives me time to write during the day and work on any projects around the house,” she replied smiling down at Daisy.

“Okay, that works for me. Come on Daisy, let’s go home and pack,” Jordan announced drawing another cheer from Daisy. Georgia laughed and walked them out of the house. Once Jordan and Daisy were on the road Georgia went back to her computer. Before opening her book again, she ordered a child seat, the same one Jordan had in his car. Her brain went a mile a minute as she made stock of what she had in her house for children. Jordan would bring her things over with his, but did she need more? She’d have to ask Jordan if they needed more for both of them. Writing a list of questions, she let them sit on paper while going back to work on her new novel. Daisy and Liam inspiring two of her primary characters.

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