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Chapter 21

Georgia opened her door, staring at her sister and Liam.

“Why do you look disappointed to see us?” Caroline asked, a knowing smile on her face.

“I have some news I want to share with you two,” she replied ignoring her sister’s question. Ushering them inside she took their coats hanging them up. Liam and Caroline both took off their boots so as not to track ice around the house.

“What news?” Caroline asked, handing off the dessert she’d made for them to enjoy.

“Liam will you go play in the playroom for a bit?” she asked her nephew, he nodded taking his backpack with him he went down to her playroom.

“Okay, now I have to know your news. It must be fantastic, or awful, and you don’t want to worry him.” Caroline opened her fridge, pulling out a bottle of wine then moving to her cabinet with the wine glasses.

“I mated Jordan last night,” Georgia spit out, Caroline stopped her movements and turned to stare at her sister.

“You did what?”

“I mated Jordan,” she answered in a softer tone, it worried her that her sister was staring at her like she was crazy.

“You did? You, the one who analyzes everything for days or months before coming to a conclusion? You, the non-impulsive one of the three of us?” Caroline poured them both a glass of wine and sat at the table, still staring at her like she had two heads.

“I love Jordan and Daisy. Jordan spent all day with me yesterday helping me finish the half bathroom. Then we painted one bedroom upstairs, I let Daisy pick the color. Everything felt right, like they are supposed to be here with me. I went against what I normally do and because I overanalyze everything. I asked Jordan and Daisy to move in with me,” she explained, taking the glass of wine Caroline offered, gulping half before she looked at her sister. Caroline still had a bewildered expression on her face.

“I am so proud of you!” She finally shouted, hugging Georgia tight around the neck.

“Caroline, let go,” Georgia whined when her sister cut off her air supply.

“Now do you understand why Ginny and I were so quick to run off with our men?” Caroline gave her a smirk and Georgia sighed.

“I will say this once. You and Ginny were right about shifter men.”

“Music to my ears. What did you make for dinner?” Caroline asked, opening the oven on her roasted chicken.

“Roasted chicken, carrots, and mashed potatoes,” Georgia answered, closing the oven door to keep the heat from escaping.

“When is Jordan and Daisy moving in?” Caroline settled on a stool while Georgia moved to make the mashed potatoes.

“Next weekend, they are coming back to spend the night and I’m helping Jordan pay for breaking his lease early,” she replied, turning on her stand mixer, after putting the boiled potatoes, milk, and butter in the bowl.

“So soon. How did Daisy take it?”

“She jumped for joy. Then asked when she would move in. I will work on making her room ready. We painted it yesterday.” Georgia moved around the kitchen to get out the plates needed for dinner. She took down three ceramic plates and two children’s plates. Caroline raised an eyebrow but took the plates to set out the table. Georgia handed her glasses, forks, and knives.

“How are you going to keep writing?” Caroline asked once they finished setting the table.

“Jordan and Daisy will still go to work and daycare during the week. I will write while they are at work and daycare. This morning Daisy came down for breakfast, I fed her and went to write. Daisy played in the playroom without fuss. Jordan didn’t seem to mind either when he came down,” Georgia shared pouring water in the glasses.

“Georgia we are back!” Daisy cried flying through the door into the kitchen. Georgia braced herself as Daisy launched into her arms to hug her. She hugged her back. She loved this little girl more and more.

“Liam is playing downstairs,” she told her, Daisy’s eyes lit up, and she ran off to play.

“Hi Caroline,” Jordan said after kissing Georgia on the lips. Georgia watched Caroline give Jordan the once over. She now looked at him as her sister’s mate, Georgia knew the look because she’d given it to Owen and Jonas when they’d come over.

“Hello, Jordan. I hear you mated my sister,” Caroline replied, Georgia laughed at the look on Jordan’s face. He looked like he didn’t know how to respond to her comment.

“She isn’t mad. She had a mate of her own once,” Georgia assured him, wrapping an arm around his waist.

“I love your sister Caroline. She is my mate and has been amazing with Daisy. I am lucky no one else snatched her up,” Jordan shared, Georgia felt her cheeks flush with a blush.

“Jordan, how old are you?” Caroline asked and Georgia gaped at her.

“I’m thirty-four.”

“Do you want more kids?”

“Caroline, leave him alone.” Georgia felt her cheeks flush even hotter with embarrassment.

“I do.”

“How many?”

“As many as Georgia will give me.”

“What about Daisy?”

“She is my daughter, I have full legal rights over her.”

“And her dad?”

“Is my brother, who is in jail.”

“Are you going to protect my sister?”

“With my life.”

“Good. Now come to eat dinner.” Caroline clapped him on the arm and went to call the children up for dinner. Georgia couldn’t believe what she’d just watched between the two of them.

“Liam, Daisy, time to wash up for dinner,” Caroline yelled into the basement. Two sets of feet pounded up the stairs. Georgia stared in amazement at the giggle coming from Liam’s mouth as he chased Daisy into the bathroom.

“I’ve never heard that sound from him,” she commented and Caroline gave a bright smile.

“I only hear it when Daisy is around. They have a brilliant relationship and are best friends.”

“Do you think mates later in life?” Georgia asked, and Caroline laughed.

“Who knows? They are cousins now but not biologically related,” Caroline replied helping set the food on the table. Georgia noticed Jordan went quiet. She turned to see him giving her a sweet smile.


“You two,” he replied, bringing over the roasted chicken.

“What do you mean?” Caroline asked, taking her seat. Liam and Daisy settled next to each other, giggling still.

“All Georgia had to do was tell you we mated, and you accepted us into your family. I know we’ve known each other, but not well.”

“She did the same with Jonas and Owen. I think you gave our brothers a harder time with their wives, but they aren’t shifters,” Caroline explained, looking over at Georgia.

“They also married their wives when we were in our teens,” Georgia pointed out, she wasn’t proud of how she’d acted when her oldest brother Patrick brought his now wife Lily over for dinner.

“I sense a story there,” Jordan asked, cutting the chicken without being asked and placing it on each plate.

“Liam, do you want a drumstick or a cut up breast?” Jordan asked he didn’t expect Liam to answer.

“Drumstick,” he whispered, both women looked at Jordan in surprise.

“Drumstick it is my man,” he replied, placing a large drumstick on his plate. Liam’s eyes lit up, Georgia didn’t think her heart could handle anymore. Jordan continued to impress her.

“So what happened with your brother?” Jordan asked once everyone had food and started eating.

“Patrick is our oldest brother and brought Lily to our house when he came home from college. I’d say they were about twenty?” Georgia turned toward Caroline to confirm the age. Caroline nodded and Georgia continued.

“That put us around fourteen. I don’t do change well, I’ve never been one to go with the flow. Letting you mate me has been the most impulsive thing I’ve ever done. Well, I refused to speak to Lily or Patrick for about seven months.” Jordan let out a full laugh, and she chuckled. Looking back she saw how stupid she’d been, but at fourteen watching her older brother grow up and leave hurt.

“Did you do the same with your other brothers?” Jordan asked, Georgia noticed he’d polished off his food and gave him seconds.

“No. I had left for college by the time Ben and Micah found their wives,” she answered, sipping her wine. The rest of the dinner passed with them sharing stories about being children.

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