Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 22

By the time Caroline and Liam left for the night, Jordan could see Daisy’s eyes drooping.

“Ready for bed, kiddo?” he asked, picking her up. Daisy laid her head on his shoulder and nodded.

“Let’s get you in your pajamas,” he replied, carrying her upstairs. Georgia stood in the kitchen finishing up the dishes. This is the family he wanted. The questions Caroline threw at him earlier didn’t phase him. He knew with all his heart he would protect Georgia and Daisy from anyone. The conversation he had with Scott came to mind. He needed to talk to Georgia about Scott.

“Uncle Jordan?” Daisy asked as he set her down.


“Is Georgia my new mom?”

“No, she will be your aunt like I am your uncle,” he answered, unsure what Daisy wanted.

“But you are like my daddy, right?”

“Yes. I take care of you as a daddy would. Georgia will take care of you like a mommy,” he explained, pulling out a pair of princess pajamas from the suitcase they’d brought over.

“Okay.” Daisy let the matter drop and climbed into bed.

“I want Georgia to read,” she announced when he went to grab the book from where they’d left it last night.

“I’ll go get her.” He kissed her forehead and went down to get Georgia. Georgia stood at the sink scrubbing the roasting pan used for the chicken.

“Daisy is requesting you read to her,” he announced when she looked up hearing him enter the kitchen.

“I can as soon as I get this pan clean. It is the last one,” she replied. Jordan walked over and took the scrub brush from her hand.

“I’ll do the pan, you read. When I am done, I can come join you,” he answered gently moving her out of the way.

“Are you sure?” she asked, hesitating to go up.

“I promise. Once she is asleep I want to start on making babies,” he joked giving her a wink. Georgia laughed, kissed his cheek and went up to read to Daisy. He used his shifter hearing to listen to her read while scrubbing the pan. It took him the better part of five minutes to get the pan sparkling clean.

“Okay Daisy, we’ve made it through two more chapters. You need to get a good night sleep because you have another day at daycare tomorrow,” Georgia told her, he walked in to see Georgia finishing up. Walking over, he kissed Daisy on the forehead along with Georgia.

“Good night, sleep well,” he bid her goodnight and took Georgia down the hall to their room. Looking at the clock, it read almost ten.

“This is pretty late for her to be up. I hope she gets up in the morning with little struggle,” he worried aloud as they closed their bedroom door.

“I’ll help as much as I can,” Georgia offered, stripping off her clothing. He watched, fascinated with her curvy body.

“Mmm, you are beautiful,” he murmured, stripping his clothing. Jordan slept in boxers, usually in case Daisy needed him in the middle of the night. Tonight he didn’t want to wear clothing, he wanted to be pressed skin to skin with Georgia.

“Were you serious about making babies?” Georgia asked him, he gauged her reaction.

“Only when you are ready. We have Daisy and can wait until you are ready to have a baby,” he promised, he never wanted her to feel pressured into having a baby.

“I want to spend time as a family of three before we add a baby. I’m nervous enough about being a good caretaker for Daisy, I don’t want to add an infant in just yet. I think Daisy needs to feel secure in her place in our family,” she explained. How could he not love her? She continued to become more amazing.

“You are amazing, wonderful, sexy, and all mine. Babies can wait,” he assured her, picking her up to drop her onto the bed. Not giving her a chance to sit up he crawled on top of her capturing her mouth with his. Georgia opened her body to him instantly, his hands running along her thighs to dip into the apex of her legs. He found her ready for him, his fingers slick with her need.

“I love how much you want me,” he mumbled, capturing a nipple between his teeth. Her moans spurred him on. He needed her to feel amazing.

“Jordan. I want you inside of me,” she begged. He smiled and sucked her nipple, making it pucker.

“Patience my love.” Jordan pushed his fingers into her core, she moaned opening her legs to allow him further inside her. Her walls contracted around him, making it hard for him to have patience himself. He wanted to feel her contracting around his erection, pulling his orgasm from his body. Switching to her other breast, he pumped in and out, curling his fingers to press on her G spot. Georgia arched her back, pushing them both up from the bed when he touched her spot again.

“Holy fuck,” she groaned, grinding her hips on his hand. Jordan smirked, he knew his mate and knew what she liked. Moving to capture her mouth in a heated kiss, he pushed faster and harder until he felt her tense. Her orgasm had to be close, Jordan pressed on kissing down her body to capture her clit in his mouth. He wanted to make her sing and scream his name. Using his tongue, he pushed on her bundle of nerves.

“Jordan!” she shouted, clamping her thighs around his head. He didn’t let her stop him, he pushed his fingers inside her, pumping hard. Then her body shattered in his arms, her pussy clamping down on his fingers.

“Mmm, that is one,” he mused, pulling her into his arms, flipping her onto her hands and knees. He reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a condom, he wanted to honor her decision. Once he had the condom Jordan pushed into her tight sheath. Her body shivered, convulsing around him. The aftershocks of her orgasm had worn off. Bending over them, he placed a hand on either side of her bottoming out. His cock slammed in, drawing a moan from her lips.

“Baby, I can’t be gentle,” he warned, he needed to let loose or he would die.

“Go, baby, go,” she demanded, bending down to push her bottom into him. Jordan slapped her ass and plunged in a second time. Her pussy felt like a glove made just for him. Holding onto her hips, he slammed into her mercilessly, unable to control his need for her. Her mews and moans pushed him on, giving him the encouragement to take her how he wanted.

“I am so close,” she moaned.

“Good baby, go,” he urged, pressing on his own release rushed upon him, he couldn’t hold back any longer. Reaching around her creamy thigh, he pressed on her clit. Georgia screamed out his name and her pussy clamped down on him again. This time it pulled his release out, he snarled dropping onto all fours pumping into her until he spent his seed. Georgia collapsed onto the bed pulling him out of her core. Jordan discarded the condom before wrapping himself around her. He needed to curl up with her and love on her.

“I love you,” he whispered into her damp hair.

“I love you more,” she murmured, rubbing her nose against his chest hair.

“I want to talk to you about Scott,” he began twenty minutes after they’d made love. He didn’t want her to go to bed before telling her about his brother.

“Can we have this conversation in the shower?” she asked, making him laugh.

“I suppose, but I might want to taste you again,” he warned, this time she laughed smacking his thigh gently.

“Come on, I am sweaty and need a shower. I know you have to be up early tomorrow for work too,” she replied, sliding out of the bed. He followed, watching her turn on the shower, waiting for the water to get warm. Her body had red marks from where his hands gripped her hips. He enjoyed seeing his touch on her, making being mates more real.

“The water is ready. Come in and tell me what is bothering you,” she ordered, stepping into the tall standing shower. He followed placing his hands on her hips kissing her neck. He needed to gather his thoughts to tell her about the potential danger Scott could be to their happily ever after.

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