Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 23

Georgia soaped up a washcloth to clean Jordan. She noticed he became nervous when talking about his brother Scott. All she knew was that he had been put in jail for drugs and had never been part of Daisy’s life. She let him think, not pushing him to tell her his thoughts running through his head. It took ten minutes before he started speaking.

“You know my brother Scott is in jail right?”

“Yes. You said he had drug problems.”

“He called me from jail to let me know he would get out next month. He wants Daisy.” Georgia paused in her movements.

“As in take her and be her dad?” she asked, wanting to make sure she understood what he said.

“Yes. He told me he is coming for her,” he answered, taking the cloth from her and rubbing her down. She let his words sink in, thinking about everything they could do to keep Daisy safe.

“What do we do?”

“We?” he asked looking up at her from his kneeling position.

“Yes, we. You and I are mated, she is as much my responsibility as yours. I won’t let you do this alone, we are a team,” she reminded him, taking his hand making him stand. He stood eight inches taller than her, making her feel petite.

“Are you sure?”

“One hundred percent. I know in the shifter world we are as good as married,” she replied and his eyes brightened.

“Too bad that doesn’t hold up in a court of law these days,” he replied making her laugh.

“Jordan, we will protect Daisy. Scott has lost all rights to her, he doesn’t deserve to be in her life. Did he know about her?”

“No, Christine and he broke up by the time she found out she was pregnant with Daisy. I didn’t know about Daisy until Christine died. She disappeared on all of us, including her family,” he shared. Her heart hurt.

“Daisy was two when you took her in? What could her life have been like with a mom dying from breast cancer?”

“I heard from the social worker that Daisy stayed with one of Christine’s friends as she fought for her life. Unfortunately, Christine didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford the treatments,” he continued. Her heart broke for Daisy and her mom.

“Does Daisy remember her?”

“I don’t know. I think she might have moments when she remembers her mom. Most of her life has been with me as her only parental unit,” he explained, she hugged him close.

“Well, she has me now. I think of her as mine just as you are mine,” she responded kissing him gently on the lips.

“You are wonderful.” They spoke no more words as Jordan showered her with love in the shower.

The next morning Georgia saw Jordan and Daisy off at the door sipping her cup of coffee. Jordan’s prediction came true, Daisy turned into a beast in the morning without enough sleep.

“I don’t want to go to daycare!” Daisy cried when Georgia helped her get dressed.

“I’ll be picking you up at four,” she promised, putting the long-sleeved sweater over top of the shirt they’d argued over for ten minutes.

“Why can’t I stay at home with you?” Daisy whined when she set her at the table for breakfast.

“Because I need to work just like Uncle Jordan. I also need to finish the other two bedrooms in between writing,” she explained, setting a bowl of fruit and yogurt for her to eat. Daisy pouted but ate her breakfast. When Jordan came down her heart stopped, he had put on a pressed suit of navy blue. Her mouth watered staring at his crisp white button-up shirt with a striped light blue tie. Once they left she settled at her table to write, but her brain couldn’t focus. She wanted to prep her writing room, now with Daisy living with her she would need a quiet place to write. Debating on what to do, she walked down to her office. She finished the wood floors at the same time she did the basement floors. Her recessed window completed two weeks ago. Her furniture needed to be assembled. Today she would focus on that.

Several hours later she set the last piece of furniture upright in her small office. She had three bookshelves, a desk, a chair, and a plant Caroline gave her as a housewarming gift. Looking at her phone, she saw Jordan had sent her a text.

Dropped Daisy off. She was mad at me but is anxiously waiting for you to come to get her at four. I told the school not to call either of us because she was mad. She laughed at the text and sent one back.

I am glad she went in with little trouble. I have an alarm on my phone to leave at three-thirty to pick her up. I just finished putting together all the furniture in my writing room. I will eat lunch then work on my book. Walking into her kitchen, she grabbed a protein shake to tide her over. Jordan assured her he would make dinner so she could focus on writing. It hit her Jordan said he knew how to deal with Bert and they hadn’t talked about it yet. Sending him a quick text asking him to tell her what he’d discovered, she spent the rest of the afternoon working on her new book.

Her ideas flowed through her, thinking of Liam and Daisy as she used them to push her story forward. When her alarm went off, she had about a third of the story written, still in need of serious editing. Georgia grabbed her phone, keys, and realized she needed to put in the seat she’d purchased for Daisy. Spending ten minutes fighting with the car seat, she felt triumphant when the level marker on the side said she’d put it in correctly. Checking her phone, she realized she would be late if she didn’t hurry. Climbing into the car, she sped down the road to the daycare.

“Hi, I am Georgia Stevens. I am Jordan Howard’s mate,” she told the woman sitting at the front of the daycare.

“Hi Ms. Stevens, Jordan, let us know you would come for Daisy. I just need a copy of your driver’s license to put on file,” the woman replied. Georgia took out her license, handing it over to her. She observed her while waiting. The woman had caramel skin with black hair and deep brown eyes. She reminded Georgia of a woman she’d worked with before becoming a successful author.

“Here you go Ms. Stevens.” She took her license and asked,

“Where is her classroom? Call me Georgia.”

“Down the hall, marked with the polar bear. She is a polar bear this year. I am Yvonne if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Yvonne.” Georgia walked down the hall until she found the polar bear room. She walked into the room to see Liam and Daisy playing.

“Hi, I am here for Daisy,” she told a woman with blond hair.

“Georgia!” Daisy screamed running across the room launching herself into her arms. Georgia caught her laughing.

“Did you miss me?” she asked, returning the hug.

“I waited and waited and waited and you finally show up,” Daisy announced, nuzzling her nose against her face.

“Who are you?”

“Hi, I am Georgia. Jordan’s my mate,” she replied holding out a hand for her to shake. The woman gave her a frown and shook her head.

“I see. Will I be seeing you at pick up from now on?”

“Yes. I will try to pick up Daisy as long as I don’t have any book tours,” she answered, helping Daisy gather her things.

“Oh. Well, Daisy had a superb day with Liam.”


“Bye Miss Hillary, see you tomorrow!” Daisy waved goodbye and they went home.

“I don’t think Miss Hillary likes me,” she commented helping Daisy get out of the car.

“She liked Uncle Jordan. I think she is sad you took him. I am happy you and Uncle Jordan are together. I love being with you,” Daisy replied, taking her bag and skipping into the house. Georgia smiled following her inside.

When Jordan came home from work Georgia couldn’t wait to ask him about dealing with Bert.

“I know you just got home baby, but I wanted to talk about Bert,” she started once he had changed out of his suit and settled with a beer.

“I looked into your contact with Bert. I have good news about your publishers. You have complete control over books one through ten. Your contract with the publishers says they have publishing rights for your books for the first three years. I looked into the publication dates of your books. Only the last four have copyright dates on them still,” he explained. She screamed with delight launching herself into his arms.

“That is amazing news. What about Bert?”

“You can fire Bert whenever you want. He has no control over your next publications. We can sue him for giving away your idea as long as I have all the emails you kept. We have to prove he did not have your best interest and cost you money,” Jordan shared, she frowned worried they wouldn’t succeed.

“That won’t have to go to court will it?”

“Most likely not. I think it can be settled through lawyers. If Bert wants to continue to represent authors he will want this taken care of quietly. Reputation is everything for agents,” he answered making her smile.

“When do we get Bert?” she asked, wanting to make him pay for taking an idea that belonged to her.

“Tomorrow I will write it up and you can look it over when I get home. If you like the way it is worded I’ll serve him the lawsuit Wednesday,” he replied, making her giddy as a schoolgirl.

“Perfect. I have a chicken casserole in the oven, it should be done in ten minutes. Daisy is playing with her toys in the basement.” Georgia climbed into his lap taking his beer, setting it on the table behind her.

“Ooh, I like where this is headed.” Jordan placed his hands on her hips. Georgia wiggled feeling his desire for her rubbing against her apex. She kissed him to show her thanks, making out until the timer went off for dinner. It took her a few minutes more to disentangle herself from Jordan. He pouted making her laugh.

“I promise tonight I will love you.” She went into the kitchen to pull out dinner.

“Daisy come help set the table,” Jordan called into the basement, Georgia watched as Daisy came flying out of the basement hugging Jordan and helping her set the table. Her life felt right, this is what she wanted.

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