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Chapter 24

The next few weeks went by in a whirlwind. Over the weekend, after Georgia asked Daisy and Jordan to move in, they spent it packing up Jordan’s apartment and moving into Georgia’s house. She realized Jordan needed a space for his own law books and would most likely need an office all his own. She would contact Caroline about the work Preston did and see about adding on an addition for Jordan in the summer. For the time being his books were placed on bookshelves in the one-bedroom not marked for anything.

“Are you sure I can use this room?” Jordan asked for the hundredth time that weekend.

“Yes. We aren’t having a baby soon and if we get unexpectedly pregnant, we can use the guest room. I want to contact Preston Reese about adding an addition to the house. I have seven acres of land behind the house not being used. We can add on an addition to give you an office. This way you can come home and work late here with Daisy and me,” she explained, gaining an enormous smile from his face. It took Georgia the better part of a week to paint Daisy’s room to look like a fairy garden but worth every hour put in when Daisy came home one day to see it done. She loved looking at the additions Georgia made each day on her one hour break from writing. Two weeks after moving everything over to their new home, Georgia invited the girls over for a night to break in her new living room furniture.

Caroline being her sister showed up an hour early to help her get ready.

“You have enough wine for everyone, no one is pregnant at the moment. Eli turned one a week ago, and they have cleared Evelyn to spend time with everyone.”

“I can’t wait to meet Evelyn, she sounds like a blast,” Georgia replied, putting together a charcuterie platter.

“I have three bottles of white wine and three red. I didn’t know which one they ladies liked more. I know Roxie is coming along with Ellie and Evelyn. Did Josie say she would come?” Georgia knew she and Josie hadn’t gotten along the last girl night she attended. She’d avoided going to the past three since Roxie invited her too. Then Caroline cornered her and told her to grow up and invite everyone over. Georgia liked the women aside from Josie’s overprotectiveness of Jordan.

“No, Josie and Rhett are at her parents’ home. They don’t get to see Eli as often as Koraline and James, they are Rhett’s parents.” Caroline brought out a tray of the spanakopita and samosas from the oven. Georgia didn’t want to run out of food, she had three types of cheesecake in her fridge.

“The girls will love you. You pulled out all the stops tonight.” Caroline placed the hot pastries on a tray and set them in the living room.

“Where are Jordan and Daisy?” she asked, looking up at Georgia.

“They went to Marcus and Ellie’s. Daisy wanted to play with baby Ava and Jordan wanted to hang out with Marcus. If I understood correctly, the other guys would be there with their babies too,” she answered, putting out her painted wine glasses. She had a weakness for decorated wine glasses and owned almost two dozen.

“Makes sense. Liam is home with a babysitter. He has a cough or I would have brought him over to play with Daisy. How is that going with her and Jordan?”

Ding dong. Georgia went to answer the door, overwhelmed when Roxie, Ellie, a woman she didn’t know and Elizabeth were all standing at her door.

“Come on in,” she said once words came back. It surprised her to see everyone on time.

“Funny how we all made it here at the same time,” Roxie commented, handing off her coat and purse. Georgia hung everyone’s coats and purses, then led them into the kitchen.

“Georgia, this is Evvy, you didn’t get to meet her last time,” Roxie introduced her to a beautiful brunette with hazel eyes.

“Nice to meet the woman who captured Jordan’s heart.” Evvy wrapped her in a warm hug and instantly Georgia knew she’d like her.

“Thanks. I have red and white wine along with a bunch of snacks. We can hang out in the living room,” she replied, stepping out of the way so the others could get a glass of wine.

“I heard from Daisy you painted her room to look like a fairy garden, is that true?” Ellie asked, accepting a glass of red wine.

“I did. She asked, and who am I to say no to my niece?” Georgia motioned for them to follow and brought them upstairs to check out the room.

“Whoa, how did you do this?” Evvy asked, stepping in to check out the room.

“It didn’t take long and wasn’t hard. I bought a stencil set online and used craft store paint,” she explained, taking pride in the hard work she put into the room.

“This is cool,” Roxie replied, it gave her ego a boost to hear the artist she admired approved.

“Thanks, it makes it easy for homeowners to add a touch of fun to their rooms. I am not as accomplished as Roxie with painting,” she replied, Caroline, laughed and shook her head.

“You are an excellent artist, you designed a couple of the covers for your books.” Georgia glared at her sister, she didn’t want people knowing. After finding Roxie, she’d felt inadequate to design any other covers.

“Which ones?” Ellie asked and Georgia shook her head.

“Ten, eleven, and twelve,” she answered, leading everyone back down to enjoy snacks and wine.

“I remember those, they were cute,” Ellie replied and Georgia laughed.

“They were cartoon drawings,” she replied, drawing a laugh from Roxie.

“That is one style I never could get a handle on. I prefer landscapes,” she added, making Georgia chuckle this time.

“Okay, so I need to know. You let Jordan mate you after two dates?” Evvy asked, getting into the dirty details of her love life. Georgia smirked and nodded, making all the women gasp.

“How did you know?” Elizabeth asked, sipping her own wine. Georgia looked over at the beautiful blond and smiled.

“It felt right. The weekend Jordan came over to help me put together my half bath and look at my contract felt wonderful. I didn’t want either of them to go home. Their home was here with me,” she answered, seeing all the other women give knowing smiles.

“Brave of you to move so quickly,” Evvy commented with a sweet smile of her own.

“If you knew me, you’d know this was way out of my comfort zone. I am the queen at analyzing everything to death. That ended my last relationship before Jordan.”

“Girl we have all been there. Before we met our mates, we all had terrible relationships. Is the sex good?” Evvy continued making Georgia laugh.

“Better than anything I’ve ever experienced,” she admitted drawing laughs from everyone.

“Shifter men are the best in bed. Even before Anderson came to his senses, I slept with him every chance I got. Nothing compares after you sleep with a shifter,” Evvy replied, and Georgia smiled.

“What happened with Anderson?” She wanted to know more about everyone here. They knew so much about her already and questioned her about her relationship.

“Anderson fought against his tiger for a long time. He had some concerns about childbirth which we have resolved.”

“What Evelyn is leaving out is she got pregnant with his son and a couple of months ago came to his senses they were meant to be together,” Roxie added, making Georgia choke on her wine.

“Anderson is my half brother. I am allowed to say he is an idiot,” Roxie continued, making Georgia laugh harder.

“What about you two? I heard you and Caroline are two of a set of triplets?” Evvy asked, turning the topic to her and her sister.

“We have a sister Virginia,” Caroline answered, Georgia watched Evvy’s eyes widen.

“So they named you after states?” Georgia sighed, there it was, the question they got regularly after being asked about being triplets.

“I’ll tell you what I tell everyone. We didn’t choose our names,” Georgia replied, making all the women laugh.

“What about babies of your own? Are you keeping with the flower theme since you have Daisy?” Roxie asked, a twinkle of mischief in her eyes.

“Jordan and I are waiting to have babies. I want Daisy to know she is a complete part of our family before adding an infant,” Georgia replied, drawing surprised looks from the women.

“That is actually very sweet of you,” Ellie remarked, popping a samosa into her mouth.

“I am trying to do the right thing by Daisy and Jordan,” she answered, sipping the last of her wine.

“You are good for them,” Ellie assured her, pouring more wine into her glass. Georgia smiled and leaned back to enjoy her new friends.

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