Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 25

Jordan came home one afternoon to find Georgia carrying a sleeping Daisy to her bedroom. She’d called him earlier to let him know Daisy had to be picked up early.

“Jordan she has a fever, the daycare called me to pick her up. I gave her some Tylenol, and she fell asleep,” Georgia explained, he followed her watching as she placed Daisy in her bed. Looking around the room, he noticed Georgia placed the finishing touches on the room by placing bookshelves and a special stuffed animal bucket around the edges of the room. Reaching down, he placed a hand on Daisy’s forehead. She felt warm.

“Did they say how high the fever was?” he whispered, smoothing her wayward curls from her face.

“One hundred two point six. I think she has the bug Liam caught last week,” Georgia replied, beckoning him out of the room.

“Do you want me to take tomorrow off?” he asked, worried she wouldn’t want to take care of a sick Daisy.

“No. I can handle this. You go to work.” Georgia pressed a kiss to his lips, making him smile. His mate made him feel like the luckiest man in the world. Normally when Daisy got sick he had to work from home.

“Thank you. I’ll make dinner so you can work on your writing. I know picking up Daisy cut into your work time,” he offered, he didn’t want her work to suffer.

“Speaking of work. Have you heard from Bert? I want the man to pay for giving away my ideas. If the books became successful I would have made millions off sales,” she replied. Jordan stared at her in shock, millions? How much did she have exactly?

“Millions?” he asked, he needed to know.

“Jordan I don’t think we really spoke about finances. We jumped the gun and you and Daisy moved in. Would you like to see my portfolio?” she asked, he nodded if they were to be partners they needed to be transparent with each other.

“Sure and you can see mine.” They went into the basement to her finished office, Georgia sat at her desk, Jordan settling in a chair next to her. He wouldn’t rush her into sharing her finances with him.

“Here,” she announced, turning the monitor screen for him to look. Her money had been separated into risky stocks, safe investments, and a savings account. Looking at the bottom of the screen he saw the total. It took him aback, Georgia Stevens the author was worth six point eight million dollars.

“Holy crap,” he whispered, feeling slightly inadequate.

“Please don’t freak out,” she begged and Jordan knew he couldn’t let her success make him feel inferior. She’d worked her ass off to become successful, he felt proud to be her mate.

“I am proud to be your mate.” Jordan leaned over and kissed her hard on the mouth. He needed to show her how much he loved her. She opened her mouth letting him in, he swept into to taste the ambrosia he’d become addicted to. Releasing her mouth he pulled up his own bank account.

“This is me,” he explained letting her look it over.

“You are doing very well for yourself Jordan. I can see you’ve been saving up,” she replied, closing out the web page.

“Daycare takes a large portion of my funds these days.” She smiled at him.

“I can help with that,” she offered and he kissed her gently.

“We can talk about all of that later. You stay down here and write, I’ll go make dinner for us. I don’t think Daisy will be up to eating if she’s running a fever,” he told her.

“Thanks, Jordan.”

“Anything for you,” he whispered, heading upstairs to start their dinner.

He couldn’t wait for her ring to be finished, he and Daisy had been planning his proposal for Georgia. One morning on his way to dropping Daisy at daycare he took a detour to a local jewelry store. He knew the owner well, he helped him with a lawsuit against an unhappy customer.

“Where are we going?” Daisy asked in the backseat, in her hands she held her backpack that Georgia bought her when her old one broke.

“We are getting Georgia a present,” he replied, checking the time. Chris offered to open the store early for him. He didn’t want Georgia to have any idea this would be coming.

“There is one thing you have to promise me, Daisy,” he said, turning to look at his niece.


“We are not telling Georgia about our trip or her present. I want it to be a surprise.”

“What are we getting her? Is it for her birthday?” Jordan paused and wondered if he’d missed something.

“Is her birthday soon?”

“She said it was coming up,” Daisy answered and Jordan panicked. He shot a text to Caroline asking when their birthday was.

March twenty-third. He read the text and realized her birthday was next week.

“Daisy if we can pull this off we’ll make this Georgia’s best birthday yet,” he announced parking the car and helping her out.

“Hooray!” Daisy shouted, taking his hand, he walked her into the store. Daisy let out a gasp.

“This place is beautiful,” she gushed.

“Glad you approve. We need to pick out a ring for Georgia,” he replied showing her the ring case. Daisy pressed her hands and face against the glass.

“She needs a big ring,” Daisy declared, Jordan chuckled.

“I think she needs something unique, something that says she is a creative woman,” Jordan explained looking up at Chris coming from the back room.

“I think I have several that fit both those needs,” he replied, pulling out a row of rings. One shaped like a flower caught his eyes, it had a large diamond in the center with sapphires around it.

“What do you think Daisy?” he asked, picking up the ring.

“No. Georgia won’t be able to do her projects with that one. I like this one,” Daisy replied pointing to a simpler large diamond with tiny diamonds on the band.

“Okay, that one it is,” he agreed.

“Do you know her ring size?” Chris asked, Jordan smiled and pulled out a ring he took from her jewelry box.

“Is this one that fits her?” Chris asked Jordan nodded, he’d seen her wear it the day of the Mate Me event.

“I’ll get my measuring stick and we can figure out how big or small I need to make the ring,” Chris explained, pulling out a metal stick, he slid the ring on and checked off the space where the ring settled.

“She is a seven. The ring I have is a six. It will take a week to get sized properly.”

“I’ll be back next week to pick it up. Make sure to call my cell, I don’t want Georgia to find out or suspect,” he explained, filling out the paperwork and handing over his credit card.

“I will call you personally. I won’t leave a voicemail in case she thinks to listen,” Chris promised. Daisy bounced up and down excited over picking the ring.

“Now Daisy, you can’t tell anyone about the ring.”

“Can I tell Liam?”

“No, he might tell Aunt Caroline,” he replied and Daisy laughed.

“He doesn’t talk, Uncle Jordan.”

“He does too but chooses when to speak. I don’t want Georgia to get a hint of what we are planning. I want to have a big birthday party for her, inviting all the ladies from her groups of friends. You can help me pick out her birthday cake,” he replied, gaining a huge smile from her.

“Yes!” Daisy danced in a circle, Jordan laughed taking his credit card back. Now all he had to do was wait for the ring and plan the party.

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