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Chapter 26

The day of her thirty-first birthday Georgia awoke to Daisy barging in with an enormous smile on her face.

“Happy birthday!” she yelled, hopping into the bed. Georgia smiled and wrapped an arm around her little one.

“Thank you, sweetie, where is your uncle?” Georgia asked looking around to see Jordan had left the bed a while ago.

“He is bringing up breakfast.” Daisy crawled under the covers, pressing her icy toes to Georgia’s warm legs.

“Ooh you are cold!” she complained, moving her legs away from Daisy’s toes. Daisy giggled and moved her toes against her leg again just to make her jump. Georgia laughed, tickling Daisy drawing loud giggles from her.

“I hear lots of laughter,” Jordan announced walking in carrying a tray of waffles, with strawberries and whipped cream on top.

“That looks delicious.” She picked up the coffee cup off the tray, taking a small sip. It steamed in her hands. She noticed a bowl of fruit next to the waffles with scrambled eggs.

“I hope you are helping me eat all this,” she commented looking at the two of them. Daisy reached over, putting her finger in the whipped cream.

“Mmm, that is yummy.”

“I bet the whipped cream is always the best part,” Georgia replied, picking up her knife and fork. Jordan settled next to her, grabbing a slice of bacon.

“Happy birthday my love,” he whispered in her ear kissing her cheek. Georgia smiled, so far the best birthday ever.

“Thank you, baby.” The three of them settled in the bed, munching their way through breakfast. Daisy became bored waiting for Georgia to be ready and ran off to play in her room.

“What are our plans for the day?” Georgia asked once Jordan set the tray out of the way. She’d kept a hold of her coffee.

“Daisy and I have the entire day planned out. After you get ready for the day, we will take a trip back up to northern Virginia to visit the big outlet mall. Then we have lunch plans with Caroline and Liam. Caroline will take Daisy while you and I get some one on one time. I know we have had little since moving in together,” Jordan shared, Georgia couldn’t believe her ears, he voluntarily would take her shopping.

“That sounds perfect. I need to get a gift for Caroline. I’ve been so busy with you and Daisy being sick I forgot to get her something,” she admitted making him laugh.

“Go take a shower and get dressed. We leave in twenty,” he ordered, kissing her fiercely on the lips. She laughed, getting up to head into the shower.

Twenty minutes later she climbed into the car with Jordan and Daisy. It would take them about an hour to get to the outlet mall. How they knew she loved coming to this one, she had no clue.

“Where do we go first?” Jordan asked once they were on the road.

“I’d like to check out a stationery store I always purchase my notebooks and pens from. They are an independent company, I try to support small businesses as much as possible,” she explained seeing Daisy wiggling in her car seat.

“Have you been to a big mall before?” she asked her little one. Daisy shook her head, giving Georgia an idea of where to go after the stationery store. She couldn’t wait to show them around the place she’d lived for eight years. Thirty-one looked to be an amazing year. It took a little over an hour because they hit traffic on the highway leading to the outlet mall. She sensed Jordan’s aggravation and placed a hand on his leg.

“This is normal around here,” she explained, making him frown.

“I am glad you moved out to us in White Valley,” he replied, taking her hand and placing a kiss on her knuckles.

“We have about five more minutes,” she assured him, pointing to the exit on their right. Finally, Jordan parked the car in the first parking lot he found near the shops.

“Where to?” he asked once they exited the car. Georgia took both their hands and walked them around. She loved the wide stare Daisy had on her face, looking at everything. Jordan went to Harvard for law school, so she knew he’d been in enormous cities before.

“First stop, Bennings,” she replied leading them to the stationery shop she loved. Walking in, she spied Rita Benning standing behind the counter. Rita had bright purple hair, cut at a sharp angle around her face.

“Rita!” she called, Rita’s bright blue eyes connected with hers.

“Georgia! I haven’t seen you here in a long time. Where have you been?” she asked, coming around the counter to hug her.

“I moved. Rita I’d like you to meet my mate Jordan and our niece Daisy,” she introduced the most important people in her life to her friend.

“Mate, huh? Which animal?” Rita asked walking around Jordan assessing him.

“I’m a jaguar,” he replied.

“Nice, I’m an eagle. Welcome to Bennings. Look around. Georgia, we have a new set of journals I think you will like in the back corner. There are some coloring books for your niece too,” Rita explained, pointing to the back wall. Georgia thanked her and brought them to the back of the store. Jordan helped Daisy pick out a coloring book and crayons while Georgia looked at the new notebooks. She wanted something small to keep in her purse. This way she could write while Daisy played at the park. One notebook caught her eye. It had a huge purple gerbera daisy on the front. Immediately picking it up, she flipped it open to judge the paper. Inside the notebook had thick paper her pens wouldn’t bleed through. The binding was spiral bound, meaning it would be easier for her to write in.

“Find one you like?” Jordan asked, wrapping an arm around her waist, kissing her mate mark. She shivered, her skin heating with desire for him.

“I think I’ve found my new journals. I’ll pick up four which should hold me over until I can get back up here,” she replied, showing him the gerbera daisy one.

“Daisy will love it,” he told her, taking the journals along with Daisy’s coloring books. Georgia saw her sitting on the counter telling Rita all about her room.

“That sounds like an awesome room. I’m jealous,” Rita shared making Daisy giggle.

“Ready?” she asked when Jordan and Georgia came to the counter.

“Yep, you were right. I like the new journals,” she replied, reaching in her purse for her wallet. Jordan stayed her hand.

“We are paying, it is your birthday after all,” he explained, handing Rita his debit card. Not one to make a scene, she made a mental note to ask if he wanted to combine their bank accounts.

“I have an idea for our next stop,” she announced, taking them to a store for Daisy to build her very own stuffy. To her delight, Daisy hugged her tightly before running inside to the worker waiting at the door.

“Which one would you like to make?” the worker asked, he had bright green hair, making Jordan murmur in her ear.

“Does everyone up here have colorful hair?” She chuckled and shook her head.

“No. We just happen to find a few. Come on, or Daisy will ask to make every single one of them.” She held his hand as Daisy and the worker made their way through creating her stuffed animal. It made Georgia giggle when Daisy picked a lion cub. They weren’t a hundred percent sure what animal Liam would shift into, but all the men said he smelled like a lion.

“The last thing you need to do is pick his clothing,” the worker explained, pointing to a massive wall of clothing choices.

“Whoa,” Jordan whispered, causing her to laugh.

“Have you never done something like this?” she asked watching Daisy look over all the clothes.

“No. I grew up in an all-boy household. We didn’t have stuffed animals.” She smiled, kissing his cheek before standing back to let Daisy make her choice. It took ten minutes, but she finally made her choice. They paid and left, Georgia brought them to all her favorite stores along with a clothing store for Daisy, She’d noticed Daisy had outgrown her clothes. By the time they needed to meet Caroline and Liam for lunch, they’d worn out Jordan. He had insisted on carrying their bags. She had enjoyed her morning. Now they were headed to see her sister and nephew for lunch. Caroline agreed to meet them halfway between the outlets and home.

When they pulled up to the restaurant, she saw Caroline waiting out front, and to her delight Virginia stood with her.

“I thought you said Caroline would be with us at lunch?” she asked, unbuckling and hopping out of the car.

“Surprise!” Virginia yelled, Georgia ran over and gave her an enormous hug. She hadn’t seen Virginia since she’d moved to White Valley.

“I am so glad to see you!”

“It is our birthday, we should be together. Your mate Jordan called me to ask if Owen and the kids would like to have a big birthday lunch,” Virginia explained, returning the hug.

“Come meet Jordan and Daisy.” She motioned for Jordan and Daisy to come over, Daisy had her backpack on, her lion in her hands.

“Jordan, Daisy, this is my sister Virginia. Her children and Owen are inside, I am assuming,” she introduced them to her sister.

“Nice to meet the man who captured Georgia’s heart and I am happy to meet a new niece.” Virginia shook his hand and knelt to hug Daisy.

“Are you my new aunt?” Daisy asked, Virginia, nodded, smoothing her curls.

“Call me Aunt Ginny, come inside to meet Uncle Owen and my kids. I have one your age her name is Ruby.” Virginia took Daisy’s hand and led her inside. Georgia hugged Jordan for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Her birthday was turning out to be amazing.

“Thank you, Jordan. I’ve missed Ginny.”

“It is your birthday, you three should be together.” He kissed her and pulled her into the restaurant.

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