Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 27

Jordan fidgeted through lunch. Ginny and Caroline spent the lunch talking with Georgia about her new house and recent book release. Jordan talked with Owen, turned out the gorilla shifter loved his wife, and they often divided and conquered with the four children they had. Jordan noticed Daisy blended right in with her cousins. She chatted and laughed throughout the entire meal.

“So Jordan, you are a lawyer?” Owen asked, polishing off his second beer. Jordan nodded and knew there had to be a question for him.

“I own an accounting firm and wanted to know how to legally go after someone stealing my clients,” he explained, Jordan smiled and launched into an explanation of how Owen could legally go after someone deliberately taking clients.

“Thanks, are you helping Georgia with her Bert problem?” Owen asked, and Jordan nodded again.

“Yes. We sent a lawsuit claiming he sold her new book idea to Shelley Mansfield. We are waiting for his reply. Then if possible we will go to mediation and settle this without a judge needed. If we cannot come to an agreement, then we will bring a judge into the mix,” he shared seeing the other women at the table had turned to listen.

“When will you hear?” Ginny asked Jordan shrugged.

“He has two weeks from when he receives the papers to respond. If I hear nothing back, we will escalate this to a judge,” he answered seeing Georgia give him a sweet smile.

“I am glad she has you and Daisy in her life. She needed a family and you two provide the perfect one for her,” Ginny told him, he relaxed.

“Thank you, but she has been a blessing to us. Daisy and I were stuck in a pattern, then Georgia appeared. I knew the minute I met her in the grocery store, she was my mate. Daisy pointed it out several times when my jaguar purred,” he explained all the adults laughed.

“I didn’t know what to make of your purring and Daisy pointing it out,” Georgia admitted, making him laugh this time.

“I have to ask, has Georgia showed you her musical collection yet?” Ginny asked, and he looked at her in surprise. He had noticed nothing on their shelves with all the movies.

“Collection?” he asked, and Georgia blushed.

“I mixed them into the movies you and Daisy brought. I used to organize by genre but you alphabetize,” she explained and he chuckled.

“How many do you own?”

“I went to New York to see several Broadway plays while writing and fell in love. I have all my favorites,” she replied, he sensed she wanted to downplay her sizable collection.

“If you like musicals we can watch one tonight, it is your birthday,” he offered. She laughed and his heart warmed. He loved the sound of her laugh.

“Okay, tonight I will show you my favorite I have on DVD,” she answered, he saw the looks Ginny and Caroline exchanged and worried he’d signed up for something he didn’t expect.

“Don’t scare him off, Georgia,” Caroline warned.

“I will not,” Georgia shot back with a wink his way.

“Okay, I think it is time for you two to head off. I have Daisy and her overnight bag in my car,” Caroline finally stated, motioning for them to leave. Jordan stood and walked down to the end of the table to say goodbye to Daisy.

“Daisy, Georgia, and I are leaving. We will pick you up from Aunt Caroline’s place tomorrow morning. Please be polite and listen,” he told her. Daisy looked up and smiled, giving him a wink.

“See you in the morning Daisy.” Georgia bent down and placed a kiss on her head. Jordan followed and took her hand. He walked Georgia out to their car and took her on the second half of their day for her birthday. His hands were sweaty as he gripped the steering wheel. He drove them out to the national park to go on a hike.

An hour into their hike, Jordan stopped at a scenic lookout. This was it, he would propose to Georgia. Even though they were mates, he still worried she’d say no. The ring he and Daisy picked out burned a hole in his pocket.

“Georgia,” he started. She turned away from the view to pin him with her green eyes. She’d put her hair in a ponytail to keep the wind from blowing it in her face. Her creamy skin beckoned for his kisses.


“I love you. Thank you for being the missing piece in mine and Daisy’s lives. We have loved living with you and how you accepted us into your life. Will you do me the pleasure of becoming my wife?” he asked, getting down on one knee and holding out the box with the ring in it. Georgia’s eyes filled with tears and she jumped into his arms.

“Yes! Yes, I would love to marry you.” Her lips collided with his, he wrapped his arms around her body kissing her back. He slipped his tongue in to dance with hers, heating their embrace. He needed to get her home instantly.

“Georgia, we have to get home,” he murmured against her neck.

“Yes, take me home, Jordan,” she gasped, leaning her head back. He took one last nip at her neck before stepping back to put the ring on her finger.

“This is beautiful,” she gushed, he smiled and kissed her once more.

“Daisy helped me pick it out before work one day,” he explained, walking her to their car.

“You two did a wonderful job,” she replied, buckling into her seat. Jordan started the car and drove them home in record time. Once he parked the car in their driveway, he grabbed Georgia and brought her into the house carrying her bridal style. He carried her up to their bedroom and placed her gently on the bed. Tonight he would worship her, he needed her to know how much he loved her. Making quick work of her clothing, he stripped her naked, standing at the edge of the bed fully dressed as he admired his naked mate. Her curves called to him, he craved her.

“You are wearing too much,” she complained, pointing to his clothing. He smirked and slowly stripped, giving her a small show. Her eyes dilated with desire for him when his boxers dropped to the floor. His erection straining for her touch. He watched her crawl to the edge of the bed and reach out for him. Her hand wrapped around him and he moaned. Her petite hand pumped him, twisting to add a touch of friction.

“Georgia,” he groaned, her mouth wrapped around the tip of his cock sending fire through his veins. He needed to be inside of her. He needed to feel her walls contracting around him. He kept his eyes on her as she dipped further down his cock, sucking him deep into her mouth.

“Baby!” he moaned, bending his knees, trying not to thrust into the warmth of her mouth. She massaged his balls, and he almost spilled himself. He jerked out of her mouth, grabbed a condom, slipped it on, and crawled up the bed, pushing her down onto her back.

“I love you,” he whispered, capturing her mouth in his. She opened to let him in, her thighs cradling him between her legs. He felt the heat of her core rubbing against his need, begging for him to sink into her hip deep.

“Jordan,” she begged, rubbing against him, he groaned and plunged into her. Her back arched and she let out a moan. Pumping in and out of her, he watched her face. Slowly, she let her desire consume her. Her nails raked his arms, spurring him on. Pushing her legs until they were on his shoulders, Jordan slammed in, pushing her closer to her orgasm. Flipping her so she was on her hands and knees, he gripped her hips, pumping in and out. His own orgasm began rushing upon him and he needed her to reach her own climax first. Reaching around he pressed on her clit peeking out. She jerked in his arms, he pushed again, making her scream with delight. Her pussy contracted around him, squeezing him tightly. He moaned, letting his own orgasm drag him under. He lost control of the rhythm he was moving his hips at, letting pleasure infuse his body. Groaning, he laid next to her breathing deeply. Georgia collapses into his arms, kissing him gently before closing her eyes.

“I love you Jordan,” she whispered nuzzling into his arms.

“I love you Georgia,” he murmured back, wrapping her up in his arms.

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