Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 28

Georgia basked in the glow of their lovemaking, admiring the ring Daisy and Jordan picked out. It was perfect for her, they had done an amazing job at picking one out that fit her personality. Her thirty-first birthday turned out to be the best one yet, she couldn’t wait to start planning her wedding to Jordan.

“When do you want to get married?” she asked sitting up to look into his eyes. The green fascinated her, there were flecks of gold throughout them.

“When do you want?” he asked, she smiled and thought about it.

“I was thinking maybe the end of April? I don’t want to wait to officially become your wife,” she answered thinking about the logistics of getting a wedding dress.

“Why don’t you take Caroline and Ginny to go pick out a dress? Then once you have the date for the dress to be ready with alterations then we set the date. What type of venue would you like?” Jordan rubbed her back she sighed, his touch comforted her.

“Okay, I’ll tell Caroline tomorrow when we pick up Daisy,” she agreed, kissing his chest gently.

“What kind of wedding do you want?” She thought about his question and decided she wanted something simple.

“Maybe something in the woods, we could have an arch of flowers. Using Caroline’s inn for the reception, her property backs into the woods. We can set up benches behind the inn and use Daisy as the flower girl and Liam can be our ring bearer. I’d want Caroline, Ginny, and Roxie as my bridesmaids,” she answered sitting up listening to her stomach growl.

“All of that sounds perfect, I think we need dinner and I promised you a musical,” Jordan announced helping her out of bed. He grabbed his boxers and Georgia took his shirt to slip it over her head. She didn’t want her underwear and bras had always been uncomfortable.

“What are we doing for dinner?” she asked, thinking through everything they had in the fridge to put something together.

“Don’t worry about dinner, I have it taken care of.” Jordan kissed her pushing her against the wall, his hands finding her breasts. She moaned into his mouth, her fingers digging into his muscular biceps.

“What did you do for dinner?” she asked, taking deep breaths to calm her racing heart. Her blood boiled in her veins begging for more from her fiance.

“Caroline put your favorite dinner in the oven. All I have to do is heat it up,” he explained opening the oven to show her. Caroline spotted lasagna roll-ups and garlic bread. Georgia was a sucker for pasta, anything pasta she loved.

“That looks awesome! Do I get dessert too?” she asked tiptoeing her fingers down his broad chest.

“You can have me, but I have an ice cream cake with your name on it in the freezer,” he answered turning on the oven.

“While these cook, you go get your favorite movie and set it up. I’ll be in with a glass of wine for you.” Jordan gave her a push toward the living room they’d combined to create their own style as a couple. Georgia moved the child-sized armchair with a princess character on it out of the way. Going to the bookshelf she pulled Into The Woods off the shelf. Placing it in the DVD player she settled on the couch with her favorite lap blanket. Her mother made it for her when she moved away after college. The blanket was a mix of blues, purples, and white quilt squares.

“Here you go my sweet.” Jordan handed her a glass of white wine and sat next to her wrapping an arm around her shoulders. Georgia pressed play and snuggled into his arms.

“I’ve never heard of this one, what happens in it?” he asked when the title showed up.

“Basically it is what happens when multiple fairy tales meet in the woods and what happens after their happily ever after,” she explained in a whisper. The two settled and watched the movie until the first act finished.

“That was a nice movie,” Jordan replied sitting up as the timer went off.

“That was only the first half,” she answered laughing at his look of disbelief.

“There is more?” he asked and she nodded.

“We can eat and finish it, or we don’t have to finish it.” She desperately wanted to finish the movie, she preferred the second act over the first half.

“No. This is your birthday, we will finish the movie. Let me serve up dinner and then we can continue,” he promised kissing her gently. She smiled and let him go, pulling her phone out she saw several texts from Caroline. Three of them were pictures of Daisy and Liam playing. The fourth asked which movie she made him watch.

Into the Woods.

Georgia! You want the man to stay with you. That one is so long!

You should have seen his face when he realized we were only halfway through the movie. He also proposed!

I hope you said yes!

I did, we need to go wedding dress shopping immediately. I’ll text Ginny in the morning with the news and we can pick a day to meet in D.C. to find my dress.

Perfect. See you in the morning when you come to get Daisy.

Georgia tucked away her phone and accepted a plate of steaming food from Jordan.

“Who were you texting?” he asked, sitting next to her.

“Caroline. She sent me some pictures of Daisy playing with Liam. Here.” She handed him her phone so he could scroll through the pictures.

“She loves Liam. He was the first thing she talked to me about.”

“That is so sweet. Caroline says she is the only one Liam will talk to more than a few words.”

“They have been good for each other, just like you have been good for our family. Daisy and I love you and cannot wait to officially be a family. When we get married I want us to make you officially Daisy’s mom.”

“Jordan, that is so sweet! I would be honored to be Daisy’s mom.” Georgia set her food down and kissed him hard to convey her love for him. The kiss turned hot until her stomach growled, ruining the mood. Both laughed and went back to their dinners. They finished their dinners and Jordan brought out the ice cream cake, it literally had her name on it.

“When you said it had my name on it, I thought you meant it had been made specifically for me, not my name,” she laughed taking her fork and diving into the cake. Forget cutting the thing she wanted to enjoy it her way.

“Daisy insisted you have a birthday cake. I am to save her a piece,” he explained cutting a slice from the side she hadn’t dug her fork into.

“I suppose she can have a piece of my cake,” Georgia sighed pretending to be put out that she had to share. Jordan chuckled and placed the piece on a plate. He took it into the kitchen placing it in the freezer. Georgia sat back eating her cake. Jordan joined her feeding her bites from the cake. Soon the cake had been forgotten and they made love on the couch. The movie ended but neither noticed, soon they made their way back to their bedroom to continue their intimacy throughout the night.

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