Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 30

After dinner, Georgia helped Daisy with her bath and tucked her into bed. She noticed Jordan was quiet all throughout dinner. Daisy spent the time chatting away about her baby dolls and what adventures she would take them on tomorrow. Georgia had plans to go dress shopping with Caroline and Ginny.

“Jordan?” she called once Daisy was asleep, he came up from doing the dishes in the kitchen a haunted look in his eyes.

“Who were you yelling at on the phone when you got home?” she asked watching him drop onto the bed exhausted.


“Your brother?” He nodded, and she sat next to him, taking his hands in her hers. She felt he needed her touch.

“What happened?”

“I told you when we first mated about him, about the phone call I received from him in jail. Well, today his parole officer came by my work to talk about him. He gave my old apartment as his address for the officer to check on him. The officer met the family who moved in. I asked the officer for his information to yell at Scott. Well, Scott called me, that is who I was yelling at. He wants Daisy back, even though he’s never met her.” Georgia’s heart sunk, could Scott take Daisy?

“Can he?”

“No. I proved him unfit to care for Daisy, and he lost all parental rights to her. I told him if he managed to stay clean from drinking and drugs for a year, I would let him meet Daisy. He got angry at me telling me I stole her from him. I corrected him, he never helped with Daisy and didn’t want her when he was out of jail. Then he told me he was coming for her. I am worried about yours and Daisy’s safety. I know I can fight him off, I am bigger than him, but you and Daisy are vulnerable.”

“Jordan I am so sorry, baby. What do we do?”

“I think we should talk to Marcus. He can give us two men. One to stay here while you work and one to keep an eye on the daycare where Daisy is. I can ask for Troy and Peter, you met them at the hardware store,” he suggested, he must be scared if he wanted Marcus involved. Georgia nodded her agreement. If this gave him peace of mind, then she would let two men keep her and Daisy safe while Jordan worked.

“Okay, call Marcus tomorrow and get someone to come with me while I dress shop. I am not canceling my dress shopping trip. It took forever to get Caroline and Ginny on the same page for dates. I have an appointment at a famous dress salon.”

“I’ll call him tonight, knowing Ellie she will have him send someone to us tonight,” he replied pulling out his phone. She stayed by his side as he dialed Marcus.

“Hey, Jordan, what’s up?” Marcus asked through the phone, he’d put it on speaker for her to hear.

“Scott, my estranged brother, is out of jail. He is angry at me for taking custody of Daisy. I am worried he will come here and go after Georgia or try to steal Daisy,” Jordan explained. They heard the sigh from the other end.

“Ellie mentioned something about that to me. She thought your brother might do something when he got out. I can give you two guys, anyone you want in particular?”

“Can we have Troy and Peter? Daisy knows them and they met Georgia the weekend we moved in together.”

“Let me look at their schedules. Don’t worry Ellie, it is Jordan and yes you were right.” Georgia smiled.

“It looks like Troy is free and Grayson. I sent Peter out for a movie star coming to D.C.,” Marcus replied a few minutes later.

“Grayson can be at the house and Troy can watch the daycare. I want someone around Daisy who knows her,” Jordan replied, Georgia agreed with his choice. She wouldn’t mind having someone she didn’t know too well in their home.

“Perfect, is Grayson able to come with Georgia for her dress appointment?”

“I’ll send Troy on that one. Grayson isn’t the best to take dress shopping,” Marcus replied, making Georgia laugh.

“Troy it is then. Tell him to meet Georgia here at seven,” Jordan answered with a smile.

“He will be at your house at seven,” Marcus agreed, Jordan thanked him and hung up. Georgia smiled at her mate.

“Thank you for taking our safety seriously. I know you know your brother and if you are worried about him I want to take all the steps necessary to keep us safe.” She kissed him, pushing him back onto the bed to shower him with affection.

“I cannot let you or Daisy be hurt by Scott. I hope that he does something stupid and is put back in jail again,” he replied, slipping his fingers under the edge of her shirt. She let him touch, he needed her.

“Let’s hope he tries to stay clean,” she countered kissing him. She wanted to take his attention away from Scott and onto her.

The next morning Georgia woke before her alarm, ready to hunt for her wedding dress. Looking over to Jordan, he remained fast asleep, his blond hair sticky up in multiple directions. It was her favorite time of the day, watching Jordan before he combed his hair, put on his suit, and turned into his lawyer self. She loved his sleepy, disheveled state. Climbing out of bed she took a shower, the quiet in the morning gave her time to think through her ideas for her books. Spending extra time to make sure she smelled clean, Georgia thought about Scott and the need for protection from him. It was a sad story to hear from Jordan, Georgia could tell he wanted Scott to get better. Jordan wanted a relationship with his brother, but at some point, he needed to let go and protect the family he had.

She wrapped a towel around her body and walked out to see Jordan still fast asleep. What made her smile was Daisy had snuck into their bed. Daisy slept snuggled into Jordan’s back where Georgia had been sleeping. Leaning down, she kissed Daisy’s head and dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a pun on it. Caroline would pick her up in ten minutes. They were grabbing breakfast on their way up to D.C. Ginny would meet them at the bridal salon. She placed a gentle hand on Jordan’s shoulder and she whispered.

“I have to leave. I’ll be home by dinner.”

“Okay, bye,” Jordan mumbled, opening one eye to look at her. She smiled, kissed him, and went downstairs. Her phone buzzed with a text.

Roxie can’t take Liam, she said the twins are sick.

Let me wake Jordan, he will keep Liam. She went back upstairs, this time shaking Jordan awake.

“I hate to do this to you on your day off. But Roxie can’t watch Liam, Sophia and Bentley are sick.” Jordan sat up and gave her a soft smile.

“Tell her to leave him here. I’ll feed him breakfast. She doesn’t even have to get him dressed,” he replied. Georgia hugged him tight and sent a text to Caroline letting her know Jordan would watch Liam.

“You are the best. Thank you.”

“I like Liam and he will be my nephew soon.” Jordan stood and dressed in a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

“I love you.” She kissed his cheek and went down to wait for Caroline and Liam. She didn’t wait long before Caroline’s car pulled into the driveway. Georgia opened the door and waited for them to come up the walkway.

“Uncle Jordan will watch you. Daisy is still asleep,” Georgia told Liam as he came into the house. Liam nodded and hung up his coat on the rack along with his backpack. Georgia noted he wore shorts and a t-shirt like Jordan.

“Liam, my man!” Jordan called coming down the stairs, his hair combed, Daisy still in her nightgown but in his arms.

“Thank you for taking him on such short notice. I know you were supposed to get to sleep in,” Caroline told Jordan.

“No worries, Caroline. You are family. Have fun ladies, we will make dinner and we can have a family game night,” he offered.

“I love it, sweetheart. I will see you when I get back. Daisy, please don’t drive Uncle Jordan too crazy,” Georgia teased, Daisy giggled and replied.

“I have Liam, I won’t.” Georgia gave each of them a kiss and left with Caroline. When they closed the door standing next to a large SUV stood Troy. Georgia had forgotten about him.

“I am here to escort some beautiful women to pick out a wedding dress,” Troy announced, giving a slight bow. Georgia laughed and pulled Caroline with her.

“I’ll explain in the car,” she told her sister, pulling her into the backseat.

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