Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 32

While Georgia was off getting her dress Jordan spent the day playing with Daisy and Liam.

“I want to play construction site,” Liam announced, surprising Jordan with his words.

“I have some tools you can use,” he replied, bringing the two four-year-olds into the garage and helping them each pick a hammer and screwdriver. They spent most of their day outside in the backyard hammering away on extra wood. He sat on his computer drafting the restraining order for Scott. It hurt him to know he would have to do this, but he needed to keep his family safe. Georgia and Daisy were more important to him than anything. He’d sent an email to his parents letting them know about the engagement. They were delighted and couldn’t wait to meet her at the wedding. They wouldn’t be able to leave their store before then to meet Georgia. He was disappointed but knew this is what his family was like. He knew Scott went into drugs for attention from their parents, but they were both too busy with their jobs to pay sufficient attention to their sons. Jordan vowed that would never be the case with Daisy and any other children that came along.

“Uncle Jordan we are hungry!” Daisy announced jumping into his lap and wrapping her arms around his neck. He chuckled and closed his laptop. Daisy didn’t know about Scott and if Jordan had any say, it would stay that way.

“I am not as good a cook as Georgia but I think we can find something,” he remarked, setting Daisy on the ground he stood and ushered the two into the kitchen.

“I want a bologna sandwich,” Daisy shared climbing into a chair at the kitchen table. Liam settled next to her, Jordan noticed he still had a hand on his hammer. He chuckled and set about making Daisy her sandwich.

“Liam are you okay with a bologna sandwich?” he asked. Liam nodded and watched Daisy mess around.

“You two go wash your hands please.” Jordan pointed to the half bath Georgia had redone. Daisy jumped from the table racing into the bathroom. Liam followed her at a slower pace.

His phone dinged, he saw a text from Georgia.

We are on our way home. We will be back around two-thirty, threeish.

Glad to hear you are coming home soon. Did you find your dress?

I did and no I won’t tell you what it looks like.

Darn! I am feeding Daisy and Liam lunch right now and then nap time or quiet time will start at one-thirty.

Sounds good. Love you!

Love you too. He put his phone away and finished making their sandwiches. He placed a sliced apple and some potato chips on their plates and set them on the table.

“Liam, Daisy! Come eat lunch,” he called, the two came running out of the bathroom giggling all the way to their seats. He smiled, it was nice to see the friendship the two of them had.

“Your mom is on her way home,” he told Liam, Daisy looked up and asked,

“My mom too right?” Jordan paused unsure how to answer her.

“Who?” Liam asked Jordan breathed a sigh of relief that he didn’t have to ask.

“Georgia. She is my new mommy right?”

“I suppose, but yes she is on her way home too. She picked out her wedding dress.”

“I want to see it!” Daisy bounced in her seat putting an apple slice in her mouth.

“She told me she wouldn’t let us see it until the wedding day. She wants it to be a surprise. I think she is taking you shopping for your flower girl dress,” he replied diverting her attention away from Georgia’s dress.

“I want it pink!” Daisy demanded, Jordan laughed and nodded his agreement.

“I am sure it can be any color you want.” He sat at the table and listened to Daisy prattle away about her dress. Liam sat to his left holding tightly to the hammer and eating with his other hand.

At one-thirty Jordan settled Daisy in her room and Liam in the spare room telling both they needed to rest. They didn’t have to nap, but quiet time had started. Liam settled on the bed and within minutes he was fast asleep. Daisy on the other hand kept fighting him on quiet time. She wanted to be where he was. Jordan finally coaxed her into bed with the promise he would read to her for ten minutes. They read her favorite The Forgotten Fairy Tales book, she fell asleep quickly after that. Extracting himself from next to Daisy Jordan almost fell over one of her dress-up shoes. Catching himself on her dresser he let out a breath. Tiptoeing out of the room he checked his phone. Georgia should be home soon.

Taking the quiet in the house he settled at his computer and worked through the restraining order and sent it to a judge to get it approved. He’d accessed the recording of his phone call with Scott and sent it along as proof. It would take twenty-four to forty-eight hours for him to hear back from the judge. He knew Judge Huntly, but not well. He’d heard him to be fair and look at all the evidence placed before him before making a decision. Jordan hoped Judge Huntly would see his side of the concern and grant the restraining order. He wanted to know every legal method for keeping Scott away from his family had been used. This would protect him if something went down between him and Scott. The last time the two of them got into a fight, Jordan’s jaguar beat Scott to a bloody pulp. Jordan had to reign in his temper to keep from killing his brother. He remembered it vividly.

Scott came home from college high as a kite spouting off about the school expelling him.

“Fuck this place! I am too good for it anyway. Jordan never go to college!” Scott fumed throwing down a ceramic plate shattering it into pieces.

“Scott, what happened?” Jordan asked, he’d been sixteen at the time, Scott twenty-one.

“My fucking college threw me out! They said I’d become a liability and they didn’t want me on campus. Said my jaguar went after a girl. The fucking liar! My jaguar never comes out when I am drunk or high.” Scott slammed his fist into the wall and rounded on Jordan.

“Scott you are high right now. You need to go lay down and let the drugs wear off,” Jordan stepped out of the way.

“I am not high!” Scott growled at him and stalked toward him. Jordan’s heart sped up. This wouldn’t be like the other times. Scott wasn’t going to pass out and leave him alone. He was too far gone with his drug use. Backing his way out of the house and into their backyard Jordan watched his brother.

“Scott, I am sorry but you won’t win. You haven’t been training as I have with my jaguar,” Jordan warned hoping it would make him back off.

“Ha! You are a child still!” Scott laughed, stripping out of his clothing. Jordan sighed and followed suit. He didn’t want to be caught off guard. Scott was high on drugs which made him unpredictable. In their human form, Jordan stood four inches taller than Scott, his jaguar almost one and a half times bigger. Shifting into his jaguar he watched Scott struggle to follow. The drugs must be affecting his ability to shift. Once shifted Jordan watched Scott wobble on all four legs.

We have to kill him! His jaguar urges, Jordan did his best to keep him in control. Scott jumped at his head on, he dove out of the way swiping at his flank. He connected drawing blood and a hiss from Scott. They turned to face off again. Jordan waited for Scott to make a move, he didn’t have to wait long. Scott dove at him again, this time Jordan met him head-on and latched onto his neck. He shook him back and forth until he tasted blood. Scott went imp to show his submission. Jordan let him go which was the wrong thing to do. Scott spun and dug his claws into the soft underbelly. Roaring his anger Jordan let his jaguar take over. Scott tried to disembowel him, there wouldn’t be any mercy. He pinned Scott beneath him and used his claws to scratch at him until Scott went limp a second time. Jordan took a minute to take him in, he was losing a lot of blood and weak. Stepping away he waited for Scott to shift back. He did and lay there bleeding from a ton of places. Jordan turned away and went back inside leaving his brother to deal with his mess.

“Jordan I am home.” Georgia kissed his cheek pulling him out of his thoughts.

“Hi sweetheart,” he replied turning away from his computer to see Caroline standing behind her with Troy.

“Where are the kids?” she asked.

“Asleep. Liam is in our spare room,” he answered, rubbing at his eyes.

“What have you been doing?” Georgia wanted to know, pointing to his laptop.

“Finishing the restraining order for Scott.” Jordan shut his laptop and turned around to wrap his arms around Georgia’s waist.

“How was dress shopping?”

“We found my dress. They are able to rush order it. I think we can set our date for the first weekend in May.”

“The first weekend of May it is,” he replied nodding at Troy.

“She is in your hands now. Let us know when you need us next,” Troy told him.

“I’ll give Marcus the schedule,” he answered, Troy, nodded and left them.

“I’ll get Liam and you two can spend some quality time alone,” Caroline announced, heading upstairs to get Liam. Jordan pressed his nose against Georgia’s neck taking in her scent. After his bad memory, he needed something to chase it away.

“You okay?”

“As I was writing the restraining order I remember a time when Scott and I went toe to toe as jaguars. He came home from college telling me they’d expelled him because of his drug use. He took his anger out on me.”

“Oh no, what happened?”

“I beat him. That was the last time he ever challenged me. We avoided each other ever since,” he explained. Georgia sat in his lap and rubbed his neck.

“I am sorry. This is stressful and I wish I could take away your stress,” she offered, leaning down to kiss him. He held her close and kissed her back.

“This is helping I promise.”

“See you all later. Georgia we are having your bridal shower next weekend,” Caroline reminded them before taking a sleeping Liam home.

“Is Daisy coming with you to the bridal shower?” he asked, Georgia nodded.

“I invited everyone to bring their own kids. They can play behind the inn and the ladies and I can enjoy some time together. My friend Myra from the library is coming. I want to introduce her to all the girls,” Georgia explained, her thinking of Daisy made him smile.

“She asked if her mommy was coming home when I told Liam Caroline was on her way back.”

“She did?”

“She was asking about you.”

“Me?” she asked a shocked expression on her face.

“Yes, you. She thinks of you like her new mommy.” Georgia’s eyes filled with tears, he knew the news made her feel special.

“Then I am happy to be her new mommy,” she answered hugging him around the neck.

“Uncle Jordan?” Daisy’s sweet voice called from upstairs.

“I’ll get her,” Georgia offered, standing to get Daisy from upstairs. He watched her walk away with a smile on his face. This was his family and he would do everything to keep Scott away.

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