Defended by a Jaguar (Mate Me book 4)

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Chapter 34

Jordan was livid that Scott got anywhere close to his family. Daisy was his daughter, damn it, and no drugged up brother would ruin that for him. The fifteen minutes he had to wait for Greyson and Troy to show up felt like an eternity.

“What happened?” Greyson asked, walking up to a waiting Jordan.

“Scott showed up at the Clover Leaf Inn. Daisy saw him. She doesn’t know he is her biological father and we will keep it that way,” Jordan explained. Greyson nodded and the two men stripped out of their clothes on the porch. Georgia told them to be careful, and they dove into the woods. Jordan led the way, letting his jaguar take the lead. He crashed through the bushes behind the inn, instantly finding Scott’s scent. It was relatively fresh enough for him to follow it. Running through the trees, he came out to a back road where the scent stopped. He took a moment sitting on his haunches, debating on what to do. Greyson’s lion shook his mane and motioned with his nose to head south. Jordan nodded, and they followed the scent of leaking oil down the road. Taking care not to be seen, even though shifters were normal, being seen as your animal in broad daylight still scared the crap out of people.

They followed the scent through town and out again. Jordan let his jaguar show their displeasure with a growl. Greyson followed suit letting out a massive roar. They hurried back to his house shifting back on the porch. Both men dressed in silence then went inside to find Troy playing with a boy Barbie and Daisy pretending to be the mommy.

“Where is Georgia?” he asked Troy. Troy pointed to the basement stairs. Jordan went down to find Georgia in her office typing away on her computer.

“You okay?” he asked seeing the look of distress on her face.

“No. I am so angry at myself that Scott got so close to Daisy. He could have grabbed her had Liam not growled at him making Daisy scream for me.” Jordan dropped to his knee taking her hands off the keyboard making her turn in her chair to look at him.

“It is not your fault. Scott is sneaky, he always has been. Greyson and I followed the trail of his car out of town. He is gone for now. I am going to ask Marcus to help us track him down. He has contacts all over. I will also get in touch with the parole officer and speak with him about Scott’s movements. I want everyone to know he is not following through with the terms of his release.” Jordan pressed a kiss to each of her hands giving her some of his calm.

“Is Daisy still playing with Troy?” she asked, he knew the change of subject was her way of shifting things to something she could control.

“He had a boy doll in his hands.” She let out a chuckle that warmed his heart.

“He is great with her.”

“He is a natural with kids. That is why I asked for him to be the one to watch Daisy. Whenever we have big barbecues he is out there playing with the kids making them laugh. He and Marcus’ nephew Adam have struck up a friendship.”

“Aww. I can’t wait to see him find a mate,” she replied standing, he nodded and walked her back up to where Daisy had been playing. To his surprise, Greyson was laying on his side holding up a doll playing along. He couldn’t hold in his laughter and caught the eye of both men.

“Thank you for playing with Daisy while I got some work done,” Georgia told Troy. He handed Daisy back the doll and stood with a smile on his face.

“She is very creative. We’ve been playing family,” Troy explained. Greyson stood silently handing the doll back to Daisy.

“I want you to come back and play again,” Daisy announced, Jordan could see there was no worry in her eyes. The incident from before gone from her mind.

“Next time,” Troy promised, he shook Jordan’s hand, gave Georgia a kiss on her cheek and left with Greyson.

“I’ll call everyone if you and Daisy want to get started on dinner,” he said kissing Georgia’s temple.

“Sure. Daisy, what should we make?”

“Nuggets and fries!” Daisy shouted, Georgia let out a laugh and took her into the kitchen. Jordan went back down to her office and dialed the parole officer first.


“Hi Officer Colburn, this is Jordan Howard. I wanted to let you know Scott appeared in town stalking my daughter,” he explained.

“Your daughter?”

“Daisy. I am her legal guardian. Scott has no right to her.”

“I see. I’ve been trying to track him down. He answers his phone calls, but every time I can get coordinates on where he is, he is gone.”

“I tracked him out of town. He is in a truck with an oil leak.”

“Thanks. That helps a little. I will try and track him down and set him straight.”

“I filed a restraining order last week on him. He is not allowed within five hundred feet of me or my family,” Jordan explained pacing around the small office.

“I will look into it, sir. Thank you for calling me. Is there anything else?”

“Yes. If Scott gets close to my family and attacks I won’t be held responsible for my actions,” Jordan warned.

“Understood. Have a pleasant evening.” Jordan hung up and made a call to Cody Ling, the local sheriff. He helped Marcus with Ellie’s talker, Jordan wanted him to be aware of Scott.


“Sheriff Ling. I want to let you know my brother Scott was released a few weeks ago from jail. He spent three years for drug possession. He has threatened to come after Daisy, my niece.”

“I know Daisy. What happened to warrant this call?”

“Scott showed up in the garden of the Clover Leaf Inn. He was stalking Daisy.”

“I see. I can send a police officer to parole around your home,” Cody offered.

“Thanks. I also have Troy and Greyson as our bodyguards until something is done about Scott.”

“Good. I will send Officer Munch out to meet with you and them.”

“Thank you.”

“Let me know if anything more happens.”

“I will. Thanks again, Cody.”

“Anytime. I don’t like it when people come into my community with sinister intentions. Keep safe.”

“Thanks. See you at the next barbecue.”

“See you then.” Jordan hung up and made one last call to Judge Huntly explaining what happened. That phone call was the fastest. The judge put out an order for Scott’s arrest for violating the restraining order. By the time he was done his stomach was growling for food. He went up to see Georgia on the phone while Daisy stared at the oven.

“Who is Aunt Georgia on the phone with?” he asked Daisy, scooping her up and hugging her close to him.


“Oh?” Jordan turned his shifter hearing to Georgia’s phone call.

“No Bert I won’t be dropping the lawsuit. You sold my ideas to Shelley. I want compensation.”

“Then I’ll see you in court!” Bert shouted into the phone. Jordan frowned, he’d hoped Bert would settle outside of court.

“See you then Bert.” Georgia hung up and turned around, her eyes were blazing with anger.

“What part did I miss?” Jordan asked setting Daisy back down to watch the nuggets cook in the oven.

“Bert called me telling me he would be willing to pay me a fourth of what we demanded as compensation. I told him that was an insult to my hard work and that White Valley Press was ready to help me expand my writing. He got angry and yelled. I told him, no, then he threatened to send one of his goons down to convince me to drop the lawsuit. I told him no again. Then he said he’d see me in court. Do we have a court date set?” she asked, wrapping her arms around his waist. He pulled her in close and rested his chin on her head.

“Two weeks from now. I asked for the lawsuit to be prioritized so we could get it done. I had hoped he would settle and not want to go to court. If he loses his name as an agent is destroyed. I wonder why he wouldn’t?” Jordan mused and Georgia shrugged her shoulders.

“Bert has always been hard-headed. It was one of the reasons I wanted him as my agent. He wouldn’t take no as an answer helping me make my money,” she replied leaning into his embrace. They both needed the touch of their mate to help calm them after their trying day.

“Can we eat yet?” Daisy whined, drawing them both out of their own thoughts. Jordan laughed and Georgia smiled.

“Has the timer gone off yet?” Georgia asked, pointing to the clock still counting down.

“We have ten minutes. Let’s go play outside until it goes off,” Jordan suggested. He felt Georgia tense, but he didn’t want Daisy afraid of being outside.

“Yes, can you push me on the swings?” she asked when they moved in with Georgia, she ordered a playset for outside. He’d spent a weekend building it with Peter and Troy.

“Sure.” The three walked outside to play and try to have a semblance of a normal life without worrying about Scott.

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